Redeeming love

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Chapter 8

[ Anne Marie - 2002]


"Good morning dad." I greet him and kiss his cheek as usual. Then I heard my cute little puppy barking at me want my attention. "Awe good morning to you to Ray, the cutest puppy I've ever had." I carry him and walk into the kitchen to give him food.

"I'm going to Boston this evening." My dad said and I put Ray down to let him eat his food and I take my seat at the table.

"Again?" I ask. It's been a few times since he always went to Boston.

"I can't do anything with it. It's my job. My company wants me to settle some issues there. My client is from here but they have to bring this case to Boston for some reason. So yeah I need to go then. It's only for three days." He said and I sigh looking at Ray.

"You just got home like a few weeks and now you have to go again. Can't you just do your work at home?" I ask while eating my toast.

"Honey, I want to do that if I can but the problem is, I can't. I'm sorry Adrienne because I always leave you alone like this. I bet if your mom's here you won't feel so alone when I'm gone." He said and I look at him. To be honest, he never mentions about my mom but today he does mention it which is surprising.

"Dad, can I ask you something?"

"Sure what it is?"

"Is my mom still alive?" He takes several times to answer my question. I know he doesn't want to talk about this but he the one who mentions it first. "Dad?" I call him and he looks at me then smile.

"I guess she is. She must be happy with her new family now or maybe already have children with her new husband." He said.

"You mean, you and mom got a divorce?" I ask and he nodded his head.

"She asked for divorced after giving birth to you. She took care of you until you two months old and then she wants to be divorced." He said to me. That's mean, mom hate me?

"Why she did that?" I ask.

"Because of love honey. She has a boyfriend at that time. She thinks that I don't know but the fact is I know it all but I just kept quiet because thinking that she's your mom. So, after we got divorced, she just gave me full custody to take care of you. Then after a few years, I heard your mom and her partner were getting married. I'm sad but I'm happy for her because at least she finds her true love that's gonna took care of her and make her happy for the rest of her life. I think she left me for because of I always too busy with my work until she felt abandoned. I know I'm wrong but this is what she wants." My dad explains to me and I feel in awe. I'm speechless after my dad explains it. I can't believe that he will open up this story to me.

"I'm sorry dad for making you sad. I know I shouldn't ask you about this." I said.

"It's okay Adrienne, you deserve to know about this. No matter what, you can't hate your mom alright? She's a good woman and all this thing happened because of me. So you can't blame her and hate her if you meet her alright?" He said. Why is my dad so nice? I mean my mom cheated on him but he still backed up her and said that he the one who wrong not her. He must love her so much. I can see that.

"Dad, don't be sad okay? I'm here for you no matter what. Just let bygone be bygone. Don't think about it too much. I have to go now. Don't forget to call me when you arrive in Boston. Love you, dad." I stand up and grab my bag. "Bye Ray." I hug my dad then leave the house.


"Well well well, look who's here." Betty and Piper come to me. "Ohh someone is not in a bad mood." I just ignore them.

"Maybe someone misses her mom." I look at Piper. "Oops." She covers her mouth and laughs with Betty.

"I guess you right. Oh, I wonder where is her mom?" I slammed my locker and look at both of them.

"Can both of you stop being a bitch?" I said and walk away from them. I walk without any direction just walk because I'm so angry with Betty and Piper. They're just too much.

I just walk without looking what's in front and end up bumping into someone until all my books that in my hand fall on the floor. "Oh god, I'm so sorry," I said while bending my knee to pick my book up.

"Let me help you." She said and pick my book too. "Okay done. Are you okay?" I finally look at the woman that I bump.

"I'm okay. Are you okay right? I'm sorry because I walk without a look in front." I said and she just smiles at me. She's so beautiful in her age.

"What's your name girl?" She asks.

"My name is Adrienne. Adrienne Nelson." I said politely. She just keeps quiet and her face seems shocked when I told her my name. Just when I'm about to talk again, the bell ring. "Oh, I need to go now. I'm sorry again and have a nice day." I said and walk to my class.

"Why are you late? Did Willy disturb you again?" Joel asks as soon as I take a seat next to him.

"No no I don't see him this morning. I bump into someone before I came here and when I told her my name, she looks shocked and surprised. I don't know why." I told him.

"You didn't ask what's her name?" I shake my head no. "Maybe you just familiar with her or something else." He said.

"Yea I guess," I said and then the teacher walks in. Today is our first experiment together and it turns out great. I love working together with Joel to be honest because he is understanding and easy to be working together.

The bell ring and that's mean the class finished. "Let's go." He said and I walk with him together. Since I broke up with Willy, Joel seems to be so protective of me. I feel like I got four big brothers who try to protect their sister from any stupid guys like Willy.

"What you have after this?" Joel asks when we on our way to meet Isaac, Zach, and Hayes.

"Physics with Hayes," I reply.

"I see."

"My bestie!" Zach runs to means hug me exactly how the girl do to their best friend. "I miss you candy." He said.

"Umm yeah." That's all I said.

"Zach can you stop acting like a girl. That's annoying." Hayes said.

"I have to act like one when candy is here so that she won't feel awkward. Right candy?" He looks at me.

"Nah I'm fine. Just be yourself because I don't feel awkward at all. With you is acting like this, makes me cringe and uncomfortable." I said truthfully and he pouts. "Stop," I said laughing. He stops doing that and laughs too.

"Okay guys, the bell ring already. I swear I'm gonna crush that bell because it always keeps ringing." Isaac said and I chuckles.

"See you guys at lunch." Isaac, Zach, and Joel wave at me and Hayes before walking away.

"Alright let's get going too then." Hayes put his arm around my shoulder and we walk together. I can feel eyes looking at me but I just ignore it because I already get used to it. After a few minutes, we finally arrive at our class. We take our seat which is me is in front of the class and Hayes is near the corner.


When five of us take our seat at our usual table, suddenly I feel the side of my waist hurt so bad. I try to resist the hurt but I can't it just so hurt. The hurt hit me just like that. I close my eyes and calm down then try to breathe normally.

"Hey, are you okay?" Joel ask. I open my eyes and smile at him without saying anything. "Adrienne, you look pale. Are okay or not?" He asks again but this time his voice contains more worry in it.

"I-I'm okay. Just you know girls problem." I said and try to control the pain. I don't know why it's hurt so bad. I'm not even on my period yet but why it is so hurt like someone been stabbing me.

"Ahhh so you're on your period," Zach said and nodded his head.

"You want some painkiller or something? I can go to the clinic and give it to you." Isaac said but I shake my head no. "Okay but just tell us if you can't resist the pain alright?" I nodded and still holding the same place where it hurt. Oh my god it's so hurt.

"If you still hurt, you don't have to go to class then. Just rest at the clinic or ask permission to go home so that you can rest. We can company you." Hayes said.

"Guys, I'm fine. Don't get to worry much. Eat your lunch." I take my food and eat it with like normal.

After the bell ring, I decided to go to the school clinic because this pain is not usual. I think there's something wrong with me but I don't know what it is. I walk slowly along the hall. I told them that I need to go to the toilet because I don't want them to worry about me. I feel like I'm gonna be a burden to them.

I knock on the door before opening it and the doctor looks at me. "Are you okay?" She asks and comes to me to help me walk in.

"I think something is wrong with my kidney or something. I feel so hurt out of the sudden."I told the doctor.

"Come and lay here. I'll give you the painkiller but you have to tell me if this doesn't work alright?" I nodded my head and eat the pill then drink some water. "Take a rest. Call me if you feel hurt again." I lay and close my eyes.

This doesn't work. The painkillers don't work at all. The pain is still there and more hurts. "Doctor!" I shouted and she comes to me immediately. "It's hurt so bad. Help me. " I wanna cry that time.

"I'm gonna inject you with this. You might feel sleepy then I can check what is your problem." As soon as she injects me with some I don't know what it calls, I feel weak and just then dark consume me.


What happened with Adrienne? Is she okay? Read the next chapter if you want to know.

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