Redeeming love

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Chapter 9

[ James Bay - Wild Love]


When I woke up this morning, I felt weak and I don't know what is wrong with my body. It's been three days I feel like this. Now, I'm in the girl changing room because I have gym class now. I change my clothes to sports attire and after a few minutes, I'm done. Usually, I always look forward to the gym class because of me and Piper always ran away from the activity and sit under the tree. We never got detention by doing it which is fun to do it. Now, everything change. I have to play whatever the teacher asks the whole class to do. I don't like to play volleyball and today, the teacher tells that we're going to play it.

"Looks like someone is alone here." I turn my head to see Betty and Piper stand next to me. I didn't say anything because it just useless to talk to people like them. For the past few months, since me and Piper were no longer friends, she and Betty seems so inseparable. I always saw they both together and I think Betty dumps her two minions because they didn't stick with her since she has Piper with her.

"Why don't you talk back? Cat got your tongue?" I sighed and still stay in silent.

"Piper, I think she's mute now. So let's just go away from here because I don't like to be with girl like this." Betty said.

"Yeah me too. Especially when she's a whore's daughter." They laugh abd walk away. Then, what Piper said just now got my attention. Whore's daughter? How dare she said like that! She didn't even know my mom! I feel so mad at her but I just keep quiet because I don't want to deal with some stupid stuff like that.

"Okay every body! Gather up. So today we're going to play volleyball and I'm going to divide you into group." The teacher said. I'm okay as long as I don't get the same team as Betty and Piper.

Just when the teacher said one by one the students name, she was distracted by the doctor that work at our school clinic. I look at my shoes because I'm so bored no one to talk too. "Ms. Nelson." I put my head up and look at the teacher. "You need to be in the clinic now." I raised my eyebrows and look at the doctor.

"O-okay then." I said and follow the doctor to the clinic. I'm so relieved because at least I can skip this class and don't have to play that stupid volleyball. "Why you want to meet me?" I ask as soon as we're arrive at the school clinic. When she open the door, I see my dad.

"Dad? What are you doing here?" I hug him and this getting real weird now. I take my next to my dad and just wait until the doctor open her mouth to speak.
"I know this is all out of sudden. I'm sorry Mr. Nelson but I think Adrienne going to need you after she heard what I'm going to say." She said.

"What it is about doctor?" My dad ask.

"I did some check up on Adrienne yesterday due of her sickness yesterday. When I took her blood and bring it to the hospital, I got something. Here... "She hands my dad a file and my dad open it immediately. I take a look at it. What's wrong with me?? Is there any problem with my health? I feel scared out of the sudden.

"Pancreatic cancer?" That's all my dad said. I was shocked when my dad said like that. "You mean, my daughter here have a c-cancer?" What? No way!

"Yes Mr. Nelson. You daughter have pancreatic cancer stage two. Its still in an early stage. We still can prevent it. I'll give your appointment for your next appointment at the hospital." She said and I still in awe. Me? Have a cancer? No...

"Adrienne? Are you okay?" My dad ask.

"Dad..." I said and then burst into tears. I can't help it but cry because I don't want to die and leave my dad alone in thia world.

"Shhh... Honey, you're going to be fine. I'm going to find you the best doctor to treat your illness. Don't cry. You need to be strong." I hug my dad tighter.

"What if I die? You will be alone and I don't want to leave you like this." I said and wipe my tears.

"You won't go anywhere Adrienne. I promise you I will be with you until you recover and be like before." My dad said.

"Alright Mr. Nelson this is your appointment for tomorrow. I hope you both can stay strong for each other." The doctor said and I hug my dad tightly.


Me? Have a cancer? Pancreatic cancer? Stage 2? I still can't believe this. I didn't tell Joel, Isaac, Zach nor Hayes yet. I decided to keep this thing secret because I don't want to make them worried.

Now, I'm at home because my dad ask the teacher if I can go home early and yeah I got the permission. I don't have nothing to talk to my dad nor to Ray. My mind is thinking about my illness. I feel like it's a bad dream. I look at Ray who sleeping soundly on his cushion.

Just then, my phone ring. I take my phone and look at the screen blankly. Its Hayes. I pick it up. "Hey." I make like a normal sound.

"Where are you?" He asks.

"Me? Umm well I have some personal issue so I need to go home." I lied.

"I see. Want us to come over and cheer you up?" I love them so much. Every time they knew that I'm not in a great mood, they wil come over or maybe bring me to get some food. "Adrienne? Hello? You still there?"

"Oh yeah yeah."

"So take it or leave it?"

"If you guys want to come over sure then. Bring some food." I said and I think my mood changes from bad to normal now.

"That's not a problem girl. Okay need to go now. See you later." He said and I hang up.

"Who's that?" My dad ask as he walk into the living room and take a seat next to me.

"My friends. They want to come after school. You okay with it right?"

"As long as you okay, I will be more than okay then. Besides, I need to go to my office now because I have urgent case. I don't have to be worry about you too muc because at least you got a company. Who it is? Willy?" My dad ask.

"Umm dad, actually me and Willy are no longer together." I said to him and he raised his eyebrows to me.

"What's wrong? He hurts you? Let's bring him to the court." I giggles.

"Dad, you don't have to do that. It just we think that we need a new partner in life. That's it. Just an ordinary teenage love." I said.

"I see. Well I really want to talk with you until late night but I need to go now honey. Love you." He kiss my forehead and hug me before walk away.


"Zach enough! You can't eat it anymore. Eat something else." Isaac said. I chuckled when I watch both of them fighting over food. They brought so much food from McDonalds, Pizzas, and even the fried chicken. Zach almost eat the fried chicken all by himself that's why Isaac mad at him.

"Adrienne, are you okay? Why you just eat fries?" Joel ask me.

"I'm okay. Don't worry about me. You eat too." I reply and smile at him. My heart always beating so fast when Joel is near me. I think my heart start to fall for him but thinking about my illness, I feel my feeling just useless. I'm going to die soon.

"Oh Adrienne, I almost forgot. We have a basketball tournament on friday, I think it's two weeks from now. Yeah I think so. Come and watch us play then. It's not every day you can see how sexy and hot I am playing basketball." Zach said and Hayes smack his shoulder. "What??" He ask.

"Stop it. It's so gross." I laughed at them.

"So will you come?" Joel ask me wriggle his eyebrows.

"Hmm sure but if you win, treat me the best food then." I said.

"That's not a problem. Anything for you cotton candy. You're one of us now." Zach said and continue to eat.

You're one of us.. I don't know why I feel sad out of sudden when he said that but I just show my smile at them because I don't want to cry in front of them.

"Ray!" Isaac pick up Ray when he sees Ray already awake. "How you doing buddy?" He play with him.

We continue to eat and hear Zach's stupid jokes make all of us crack into laughter. Zach is so hyper active among all of us. He didn't stop talking even though his mouth full with food. Gosh that's so gross.


How's chapter 9?

So Adrienne has a Cancer. It such a bad news for her and her dad but at least she got her friends by her side.

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