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Chapter 10

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"Piper, we need to talk to you for a while before you go to school." I sigh heavily at my dad.

"What?" I ask lazily and rolling my eyes when I see that woman come at us. "I think it's not important. I have to go." I walk but then she stop me.

"Wait Piper. I-I need to ask you something." She said.

"Ask what? Why my mom dead? Or maybe why I hate you?"

"Piper don't talk to your mother like that." My dad warn me.

"She's not my mom. She just a whore who stole my mom's husband." I said and my dad seems so mad.

"Umm Piper, you friends with Adrienne right?" I turn my attention to her when she ask that.

"No we're not. We are nemesis. So that's it? I need to go now."

"Wait! I thought you two were friends because you said that she is your best friend." I scoff.

"After you said that she is you daughter, we became nemesis. Can you just ket me go now? If you want to see her just go and don't even ask me anything about her." I walk pass her and leave the house.


At school

Now, me and others cheerleaders are having a practice for the basketball game this Friday. "One, two, three, four, up... " Betty is the one who conduct us because of course she is the leader.

"Okay girls, we're going to take a break for fifteen minutes then come back here." She said and everyone just go and get some rest.

I take a seat at one of the benches and drink some water. Betty walk to me and sit next to me. Just then, Hillary and Cherry come to us. I look at them but they just roll their eyes at me. "Betty, we need to talk to you for a while. Just three of us." Cherry said and look at me when she said she just want to talk to Betty and not me.

"Can't we just talk here?" Betty ask and drink her water.

"No." Hillary said.

"Ugh fine. Let's go." Three of them walk a bit far from my seat and I look at them. Seems like they're going to talk about me. Maybe Cherry and Hillary are jealous because Betty is always be with me and not them anymore since this few months.

After a few minutes, they finally finish their 'talking' and Betty walk to me then sit next to me again. "Betty, what are you doing?" Cherry ask her and I just keep silent.

"Sitting?" She reply.

"Did you forgot what we're talking about just now?" Cherry said to her.

"Well look here both of you. You girls just act like a total kids. So childish. I don't even care if you guys want to have some other stupid friends. So what's wrong if I be best friend with Piper? Besides, she is more pretty and hot that both of you. If you don't like it then just leave then. I won't care." Betty said and I kind of shocked when she said that. Cherry and Hillary have been with her since they're eleventh grade and now their friendship going to break apart because of me. Wow...

"Okay fine then. You chose her who you just known for a few months than us that you knew for almost two years. Well okay Betty. We don't care either." Hillary said and they both walk away.

"They sure are so annoying. I can't believe I knew them." She said.

"Nah you still have me even though they go away." I said to her.

"I know right. Besides, all this time I'm always with you not them. So yeah I don't want that stupid people in my life. Okay let's continue our practice. Girls!" She call all the cheerleaders and we continue our practice.


I walk to the hallway heading to my class after my morning practice. I don't like walking into this crowd because it so annoying. Students just walk without care about people and even unaccidently hit my shoulder with their shoulder as this hallway is not that big. Oh gosh. As I try to survive in this crowd, I heard my name being call. I turn around and see it's Willy.

I don't talk with him much even though he's my ex- best friend's boyfriend. Thinking about that makes me want to roll my eyes. "Hey Piper." He greet me like both of us are close.

"Hey?" I greet back but it come out like a question.

"Where are you going?" He ask.

"To class of course. Where else I have to go." I said to him and begin to walk together with him through this crowd.

"I see. What do you have now?"

"Umm maths ." I reply.

"With Mr. Yoo?" I nodded my head. "Oh great me too." He said happily.

"Of course. We are in the same class also with Adrienne. You don't have to act like you forgot." I said to him.

"Oh yeah haha." We get into the classroom and I take my seat which is behind Adrienne. Willy also takes his seat next to Adrienne but her seat is empty.

Just then, the teacher walk in and start to take the students attendance. He seems to know where's Adrienne go. I wonder where is she go until she skip this class.

After one and a half in this boring class, the bell finally ring and I sigh in relief. I hate maths but I need to stay in this class because I chose it at first. I gather up my things before walk out from the class. "Want to hang out together?" I look at Willy confused.

"Wait, hold on. You ask me to hang out with you? Are you for real?" Iask him.

"Yes for real. So?"

"Well I think why not. Besides, I don't have a plan after school." I answer.

"So that's a yes?" He ask and I nodded my head. "Awesome! I will see you after school then." I smile at him and we walk out from the class together. I don't even know whh Willy ask me to hang out with him when he has Adrienne to keep him company. All this time, he never ask me if I want to hang out with them.

"Hey gal." I see Betty at my locker and bid goodbye to Willy. "Wow what's going on with you two huh? Didn't he with Adrienne?" She ask.

"That's I don't know but well it seems like he doesn't interest in her anymore and move his interest in me." I flipped my hair dramatically.

"In my opinion, I think you and him are more suit for each other because you are thousand more beautiful than her. So keep it up and I will support you from behind. Now, I actually want to ask you to go shopping with me after school but then you already have a plan so maybe next time. I need to go now because someone is waiting for me at the library." She wink at me and I know what it means. It must be a boy who is waiting for her at the library.

"Have fun." We hug and she walk away. I shake my head thinking that she's going to do something at the library. She really something else.


Now, I'm in front of the school waiting for Willy to meet me here. I open my camera in my phone and open the front camera to see if I look okay. After I adjust my hair a bit and a little touch up for my makeup, I close the camera. "Hey." Willy call me and seems like he been running all the way here because he breathes heavily. "Sorry the couch want to meet the player before going home." He said.

"Nah I'm cool." I said.

"So shall we?"

"We shall." We walk together to his car which I've been dying to ride it. Well who doesn't want to ride an expensive car right? He ooen the door for me like a gentleman and I thanks him for that. Just when he on his way to go to his side, I take a chance to look at the design and all. It so beautiful and smell good. I think he have more than one car because last week he drove a Porsche and today he bring his Mercedes Benz.

"So, I'm so glad you decided to spend your free time with me." He said after start the engine.

"I see why not right? But I wonder why iut of the sudden you want to go out with me? Did Adrienne know about this?" I ask because I've been dying to know if there's something wrong with their relationship.

"Let's just... Not talk about it. Today, I'm going to focus on us so you are alright?" He said and that's sound more suspicious.

"Sure. Where are we going?" I ask.

"Do something fun today like really fun." He smirk while saying that. I raised my eyebrows at him in confusion. "Okay let just get going." He start to drive to I don't know where.

During the drive, I kept thinking about their relationship. Is there something happened and I missdd it? What happened? And why she's not at school today? I'm going to find out about it.


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