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Chapter 11

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So I was thinking that I need to make another Piper's point of view in this chapter to continue the previous one but this only for half of this chapter and we will go back with Adrienne's point of view. Enjoy and. Thanks! Xoxo



Yesterday was so much fun with Willy. I don't even know he can sing and play guitar. The sweetest thing that a guy did to a girl and I really like it no I love it. We went to the fair and got some ice cream also we went to his mansion. His house is so damn big and I think I'm going to be lost in his house if he's not there. I never been to a mansion before and this is my first time ever. I'm sure he made my day was the best day ever yesterday. I won't let that memories faded just like that. His family are sure rich. Well lucky him because he have a happy family with a loving parents also the best siblings and all. While me, are just the opposite even though I do have a cute younger sister but it's been a while since I met her because she's not living in the same house as me. When I think about that, I feel envy for Willy and even Betty sometime because all the things they needed,they will got just like that.

Whatever it is, Willy makes me the happiest girl on the planet yesterday and I am looking forward to hang out with him more soon who knows. "Piper!" I finally back in the present. I am at the cafeteria with Betty because we have some free time before going for the next class. "Oh gosh, stop zoning out. What are you thinking off?" She ask me.

"Nothing. It just I still can't help but think about yesterday." I tell her.

"Oh yeah! You and Willy have some kind of 'date' together yesterday. So how's it going?" She ask while wriggle her eyebrows. I can't help but feel embarrassed to tell her. I don't know why though. "Hurry up." She said shaking my body.

"Okay okay relax Betty." I said to her and continue. "He brought me to fair and we have so much fun there. We got in all the rides and play all the mini games there. He even got me a cute dinosaur and it's so fluffy. After that, we went to the ice cream shop and he treat me the most special ice cream. We shared it together and you know what, I feel like we're a couple because we ate like a couple always did and he act so sweet, romantic and funny at the same time. He even brought me to his house and his house is incredibly gorgeous house. He played guitar for me, and sang a song. A sweet song." I cannot stop myself from smiling when I told her the story.

"Awe you should date him then. Go and make some move just like I always did. Don't be shy." She persuade me.

"You crazy? Of course he will reject me because he has Adrienne and they just love each other so much. How can I take him from her?" I ask.

"Are you really sure that he still with her? Because If they're still together, he won't make out with another girl behind the school." Betty said while looking at her blue nails.

"He what?" I ask and she nodded her head to make the confirmation. Suddenly, I feel my heart been stabbing with a sharp knife a few times.

"Are you okay, Piper?"

"Yeah ... No I'm not I think." I reply her.

"You have not tell me the whole story aren't you?" I look at her and feel so scared to tell her. "You don't believe me? Hey I make Cherry and Hillary pissed by backing you up. That's not even enough for you to trust me as your friend?" She said and yeah I think she's right. She left her friends because of me.

"I-I had sex with him." I finally told her after I got my courage. I look at her and she look shocked. "I know that's wrong but it just feels right and I know Willy feel the same way too. Promise me you won't tell anyone like no one can know about this. Promise?" I hold her hands hoping that she would keep this huge secret. Even though this is not my first time, but I still need to make sure no ones know.

"Piper! OMG! Okay okay I promise I won't tell anyone." She said excitedly. "You know what it means?" I raised my eyebrows. "Means, he will ask you to be his girlfriend next time you guys go out together and that's what I like. I like him with you rather than that stupid Adrienne." She sequel excited and I feel relieved that she happy for me. Well Adrienne, your mom takes my mom's live from her. So, now I take from yours and makes you suffer just like I feel it.



"Are you feeling okay now honey?" My dad ask me after my appointment with my doctor. I kept going back to the hospital and feel like this is my new home now. I miss Joel so much but I can't tell him that I'm in the hospital and have a cancer because it's not the right time to tell him yet.

"Dad, I need to go to school tomorrow. I don't want my friends searching for me and feel worried bout me. Besides, it's been four days since I meet the doctor. My cancer is not in the dangerous stage yet so can you please let me live my life when I still alive? We don't know when will I die maybe tomorrow or next week or whatever." I said at my dad.

"Don't say like that Adrienne. You promised me that you won't leave me alone." He said and I just keep quiet. I wait at the chair there and wait for my dad to take my medicine. Now, I feel like a really sick person because I need to take those stupid medicine to make my pain go away. I might have to do some operations soon which I'm scared of it. "Okay here's your medicine. Let's go home and rest." I nodded my head and we walk to the lift. Just then, Someone just bump me and I stumble but luckily I don't fall on the floor.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry miss. I'm in the hurry just now. I'm sorry." A woman's voice said to me. "Are you okay?" She ask me.

"She's okay ma'am. Next time please be careful even if you're in hurry or whatever." My dad said and I take my medicine which is fall on the floor and stand up again.

"P-Peter?" I look at the woman who bump onto me. She looks kind of familiar but I don't remember where did I met her. "It that you?" She ask and I look at my dad who look so intense. I keep quiet because I think they both need some time to talk.

"Laila." My dad said in cold voice.

"Oh gosh. I can't believe I will meet you again after all this time." She begin to cry. I wonder why.

"Yeah seems like you happy now. Good then. I need to go, let's go Adrienne." My dad hold my hand and walk away until she call my dad's name making him stop.

"Wait! Wait... This is, my d-daughter?" She ask and this is so confusing.

"Since when you have a daughter? This is my daughter not yours. You're the one who leave us you didn't remember?" My dad ask in angry tone when she assumed me as her daughter.

"I'm so sorry Peter. I know I was so stupid that time but please let me talk to her for a while please." She plead and my dad sigh before turn his attention to me.

"Adrienne, I know you might be so confused right now but if you wanted to know, this is your mother. Your mother who you really want to meet all this time." My eyes widen and look at her and then my dad.

"No way." All I said. "M-mom?" The very first time I call my mom. I feel my tears coming out from my eyes. She hug me very tight and I cry even harder.

"My daughter. Finally god let me meet you after 18 years. I'm so sorry Adrienne. I just want you to know even though I left you and your dad at the first place, I still love you so much and that's will never disappear from my heart. Every day I kept thinking about you and hoping that I would meet you." She said and kiss both of my cheeks. "Why are you here?" She ask and I look at my dad.

"She's sick Laila." My dad said and I look at her.

"Sick? You have a fever?" She ask me and I shake my head no. "Then?"

"She has a cancer. Pancreatic cancer stage 2."

"No..." She hug me and cry. "Oh god why..." She look at me. "Peter, can you let me take care of her too? Please..." She ask.

"Sure. I am not that mean to make you feel guilty for what you did. After all, I need to finish my work and file some cases. So, you can take care of her. You know where we live right?" My dad said and she nodded her head and wipe her tears.

"Thanks Peter. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it."

I can't believe I meet my mom today in the hospital. After a long time, finally I met my mother. Thank god for letting me meet with my mom before I die. I won't hate my mom because I know she did all this not because she didn't love me. Whatever it is, I feel I need to be strong for her because seems like she still shocked when my dad told her about my illness. Poor her.


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Piper had a sex with Willy and Adrienne finally meet her mother. What about her feelings with Joel?will she be able to tell him about it and told her friends about her illness? Read the next chapter to know all this.

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