Redeeming love

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Chapter 12

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  Today is my ninth days I didn't go to school. My doctor gives me one week leave to let me get enough rest for my next treatment. For me, I think I don't need all that because I feel more sick when I'm staying in this house and can't eat the food I usually eat. I need to take care of my food and all things that I do to make sure I'm alright. Sometimes I feel my back hurt so bad like really bad than period cramp and that's so much to take. I take my phone and see lots of missed calls and messages from Joel, Isaac, Zach and Hayes. They must be looking for me everywhere. I feel so sorry for them and I know I shouldn't do all this to them. "Good morning sweetie. How are you feeling today?" My dad walk into my room and sit and the edge of my bed.

"Same as before. Nothing different." I reply.

"I need to be in office today because I have lots of works to settle down. So, as me and... your mom have been discussed yesterday, she will comes over and take care of you. Are you okay with it?" Mom. I still can't believe I met my mom yesterday because it's just felt like a dream. Even though we didn't get to spend much time together, but I already felt the love that she gave to me that time.

"I'm okay dad. I am happy that I finally meet my mom after long time. I just hope that you didn't feel uncomfortable with her here too often." I said.

"Oh Adrienne, I'm the one who should be worry about that because you just met her and might be awkward when she's here to take care of you."

"Nah I'm cool with it." I smile and he kissed my forehead.

"That's good. She will come at 8:30 and I need to go now. You just wait for her here alright? I gave her the spare keys so she can open the door by herself. Love you my daughter." My dad said and even though I didn't like to be treat like this, I just respond it with a smile.

He walk out from my room and leave me alone. I open my phone and search for Joel's number. I can't help myself anymore because I miss him and that's the important thing to me now. I call him but he didn't pick it up, maybe he's in the class now. Then, I just deiced to sent him a text.

To : Joel
From : Adrienne

I wait for the reply until my mom's came in. "Good morning Adrienne. I brought you some pancakes. I'm sure you gonna love it." She said showing the paper bag that she's holding. "You didn't eat your breakfast yer right?" She ask.

"Nope. Not yet and I'm hungry now." I said to her.

"That's good because we can eat this pancakes together. I make it special just for you. Let's go." I take my phone with me when I leave my room with my mom because Joel might reply me soon. "You look so thin. You need to eat lots so that you can gain weight bit."

"Mom, I'm okay don't worry. Can you please do me some favour?" I ask her as soon as we arrived at the kitchen.

"What favour?"

"Can you please don't treat me like a sick person? I feel more sick when you and dad treat me like this. I mean I know you guys might be worry about me but treat me like I'm going to die tomorrow, just makes me so uncomfortable. Oh and. Please tell dad about it too. Can you?" I said.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry if you feel uncomfortable with all this. We both do this to you because we scared to lose you especially when I'm just met you like one day ago of course I'm going to be so overprotective for what you doing bit then you said you didn't like it. Well I will try to act like normal then." She said and I hug her. I guess this is the best thing about having a mom by your side because she always the one who understands you and makes you feel better. Just like my dad, she try to understand me too.

"Thank you very much.." I said to her.

"Sure honey. Now let's go and eat this pancakes since it still warm." I release the hug and help her take another plate of pancakes. She sure makes lots of it. We take our seat and start to eat it. While eating, I keep looking at my phone hoping that Joel will reply soon. "Waiting for someone?" My mom suddenly ask.

"What? No no I'm not." I answers.

"Are you sure because you kept looking at your phone while you're eating. You can share with me if you want." She said.

"Maybe later." I said and she just nodded her head. Just then, my mind thinking about her new family. "Umm mom?"

"Yes honey?"

"You will come here like mostly everyday right? So... do your husband didn't going to say anything about it?" I ask and she quiet at first.

"He's okay with this because he the one who told me to spend more time with you." She answers.

"Why did you left me and dad?" I suddenly ask. I know I shouldn't asked that question to her but it just come out from my mouth randomly. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't ask that." I said.

"It's okay. I know that question might be playing in your mind." She said. "I know I made the wring decision that time. I should at least wait for you until you big but I'm not. I left you since you were baby because I love someone else. I'm so sorry." She said.

"When you left me and dad, you went and marry him?" I ask.

"Not that easy. After I left you guys, me and him got lots of problems. His wife didn't know about me yet and he also have a newborn baby that time which is my step daughter now. We got married after his daughter turn eight and that when his wife knew that he been cheated on her all this time. I felt sorry for her for her so bad because that time their second child was only two months but I didn't do anything. I just hiding until he said that his wife died in the accident the night they fighting because of me. Until now, my step daughter didn't like me at all because I'm the one who caused her mother died." She said and I feel so bad to ask her this kind of sensitive question.

"I'm sorry to hear that but you said you have a step daughter. How old is she now?" I ask out of curiosity.

"She's in the same age with you and you know her actually." She said and I raised my eyebrows.


"Piper Thompson." She answers. I freeze when she said Piper.

"Wow what a small world. I just couldn't say anything. She broke our relationship because of this. Now I know. No womder." I said.

"I'm sorry Adrienne. I didn't know you guys ended up like this when I said you're my daughter." My mom said.

"It's fine mom. I moved on from that." I said.

No wonder she didn't want to be friends with me anymore. It's all because of my mom married with her dad. I can't believe this. Means all this time, she knew where's my mom is but never told me. And she called my mom whore because she hates my mom so much. I can't believe all this. How could she do this to me. I don't want to face her anymore. My mom is not a whore.


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