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Chapter 13

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I'm sorry for the late update. I've been so busy due to my examination date is coming and also my phone broke down.


Its been nine days since Adrienne was absence to school. I wonder what is wrong with her? Is she have serious problems with her family? Or maybe she sick? I try to call her many times but it always go to voicemail. I went to her house but there's no one at home. I don't know what to do any more. "Dude, what's wrong?" Isaac ask me.

"Adrienne didn't even call me or text me. Did she text you guys?" I ask three of them but they just shake their head no. I sighed.

"Relax, maybe she have some personal problems that she need to settle it. That's why she didn't tell us." Hayes said.

"Or maybe she sick. My instinct saying that she is sick but she doesn't want to tell us about it because she didn't want us to worry about her condition and just focus on our study. Who knows?" Zach said and I look at my phone again but still there's no sigh of Adrienne will call me back. I put my phone in my pocket and walk to the class. I have Chemistry right now and seems like I'm going to be alone today. I don't know why am I feel like this towards her or maybe I start to like her so much now. I think so.

I walk into the class and sit at my seat. I wish Adrienne will come but there's no sigh of her until the teacher walk in. I take my phone out and look at the notification box and it's still empty. I silent my phone when the class is starting.


Finally after one hour of class, the bell rang. I have like fifteen minutes gaps before the next class. I walk out from the class while look at my phone. Just then, I saw message from Adrienne. I can feel my face light up when I see her name on it and I quickly open it.

From: Adrienne
To: Joel


I didn't reply her message and decided to cal her instead. I wait for a few seconds until she finally pick it up my call after I tried so many times before. "Adrienne, where are you? Are you okay? Why you didn't tell me or the boys where you going? Do you have any problems? Are you sick?" I ask her so many questions after she pick it up. I can hear her laugh which is makes me smile. "Stop laughing and answer all my damn questions." I said.

"Okay okay. Don't be too serious Joel." She said and continue. "I followed my dad to Boston because I don't want to stay at home alone. I'm fine don't be so worry about me. I will go to school tomorrow." I feel so relief when she said that she is fine.

"That's good. I thought something is wrong with you. Don't be like this again." I said to her.

"I miss you Joel." She said and I turn into silence for a few seconds until I my mind realise what did she said just now.

"Really?" I ask and I can feel that I am smiling  widely knowing I'm not the only one who miss her. At least it's not only one side.

"Yeah. I don't know how this thing happened but it just happened. I mean I miss Isaac,Zach and Hayes to but when it comes to you it just feel different." She said.

"Miss someone is heavy and you it sometimes going to hurt you. So let me be the one who miss you." I said. "Adrienne, hello?" She didn't say anything then I look at my phone screen and it's still connected then I put it back to my ear. "Are you still there?" I ask and then I hear she clear her throat and take a breath. "Are you okay? Is there anything wrong?" I ask in worry tone.

"Yeah, yea I'm absolutely fine. I need to take care of something earlier." She answers.

"Oh okay. Ummm Adrienne do you want to meet up after school?" I asks.

"Hmm let's see..." It takes a few second before she continue. "Sure why not." I feel myself smiling when she agree to it. Some students who walk pass me looking at me in weird way. I don't even know why though. It's because I sit on the stairs or because I keep smiling? "Ummm Joel?"


"Don't you have class right now?" She asks.

"I do have but its going to start in five minutes. That's fine." I said.

"Na-uh it's not fine. Go to your class now and I will meet you later then. Bye Joel." She said and ended the call before I could say anything to her. I still smiling looking at the blank screen and standing up from the stairs and walk to my class. While I walk, I suddenly remember the first time I fell in love when I was 16 years old. That's when the time I met my first love and since we broke up, I never thought I can meet with any suitable girl to replace her but then after I meet Adrienne, I think I found one. I get into class, I take my seat which is in the middle of the class. I don't know why this class have so many girls in it and my place is surrounded by them. I just ignore all their stares because I hate it.


After my last class , I rushed out from the class and feel so excited to meet Adrienne, but my excitement disappear when Hayes, Isaac and Zach block my way out. I sighed and look at three of them with blank face. "What do you guys want?" I asks them.

"What we wants? Are you serious? We always meet up after school especially when we don't have any basketball practices and go to your house to play video games or maybe find some food. That's like our tradition bro." Hayes said and done just remember about it. Oh god how can I forget about it.

"Do you hit your head somewhere?" Zach asks and look at my head.

"My head completely find. Don't look at my head like that." I said to Zach and adjust my hair a bit. "But guys, I think I can't today because I have something to do and this is kind of important."

"Wow, is there's anything more important than your own best buddy? Family things?" Isaac asks.

"It just something. You know sometimes, I need my time alone too. So can we just hang out tomorrow?"

"Nope we can't. Tell us where are you going and we will let you go. So?" Zach answer and I sigh. Just before can tell the boys, our basketball coach come to us.

"Boys, I'm so glad you didn't go home yet. I need to gather our team up to tell you guys about our games tomorrow. Let's go to the gym room. The boys already there I guess." Another obstacle. Four of us follow behind our coach.

"I think he's going to tell that the game is postponing or something like that. I can predict that because the cheerleaders didn't do their dance yet and seem so relax about it." Isaac said.

"Whatever." I answer shortly. When we arrived, I can see the whole team is here. We take our seat and listen to what coach have to say.

"Alright boys, I'm not going to take your time too long. I just gonna say one thing to you about tomorrow. So, as all we knew, that the game going to be tomorrow but due to some technical problems, we need to postpone it to next Friday. I hope with this time you got, you all can sharpen your skills. So tomorrow, we gonna have our practice like usual. That's it. Is there any questions you want to ask?" The coach asks us and no one want response. Means no further questions about it. "Okay then, I'll see you all tomorrow and you can go home now." With that we walk out from the room and I take out my phone from my pocket and text Adrienne telling her I'm going to be a bit late,

Me, Hayes, Zach and Isaac along the hall and walk out from the school. "Let's go and get some food then. I'm hungry." I heard Zach said but I keep my gaze on the phone. "Joel!" I'm a bit surprised when Isaac call my name like that.

"What?" I asks.

"You act weird what is wrong with you bro?" Zach asks.

"I'm fine, but I really need to go now. I can't join you guys today. I said to them and they look at me weirdly until Hayes open his mouth to say something.

"Of course he won't be able to join us today because he's going to meet Adrienne." Hayes said and smirks at me.

"W-what?" I suddenly stutter. Stupid!

"It's okay Joel, don't need to act like you're so clueless about what I said. It's not like we're going to kill you if you said this from the beginning. Don't have to say that you have something to do. I saw you text Adrienne when we walk at the hallway." He said to me and I don't know what to respond.

"It's not fair! I miss her too. Bring me to meet my candy too. I want to go.." Zach whining like a kids who doesn't get his ice cream.

"Zach, they're going to have some romantic date. Don't be a third wheel." Isaac said and high five with Hayes.

"It's not a date though." I said.

"Then why don't you bring Zach with you?"

"No." I answers.

"See. Okay whatever Joel, we already knew you have a feeling for her. I notice it since the first day you introduced us to her at the library." Isaac said.

"Don't worry bro we got your back. If you really like her, why don't you ask her out and be your girlfriend?" Zach said and put his arm around my shoulder.

"He's right. If you got rejected, we're here for you. We will support you no matter what. Now, just go and have some ball to ask her to be your girl. Also bring her to our game next week. You got this brother." I smile at three of them and nodded my head. We do our bro hugs before I walk to my car. I am happy and relieved my boys support me. I start the engine and drive to her house.

After a few minutes, I arrive in front of her house. I take my breath before get out from my car and walk to the door. I press the bell and wait fir a few seconds. Then, I hear the footsteps coming near the door and then, the door open shows a woman I never seen before. She have a same face with Adrienne but she's just a bit old and have some wrinkles around her eyes. "Hello. You must be Joel. The guy that Adrienne been talking about earlier." I smile and nodded my head. "Oh I'm sorry. You must be confused who I am. I am her mother, Laila." I become more confused but just keep to myself.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Nelson." I said.

"I'm not Mrs. Nelson anymore. Just call me Laila is enough." She said.

"Oh okay... Laila." Oh gosh this is so awkward. Then, Adrienne appear which is good because I can't stand this awkwardness anymore.

"Hey Joel." She greet me and she seems so happy. I smile at her. "See you later mom. We will get going now. Bye." She said and kiss her mom's cheek before walk with me to my car. She looks so cute with her beige sweater.

"So... Where are we going?" She asks after we both already in the car.

"I don't know actually. Maybe park near here?" I asks her and she nodded her head.

"That's sounds good." She said after that. I drive to the nearest park at her neighborhood. It only takes like ten minutes and after that, I park my car then we both get out from it. "It's so nice to get some fresh air." She said and I chuckle look at her.

"I know right. Let's take a walk." We both walk side to side. "Adrienne, you look pale and also you become thinner. Are you sure you okay?" I asks while we're both walking.

"Don't worry about it Joel. I'm completely fine."

"Okay then." We talk about everything that she missed out at school and some random things. Then, I suddenly remembered what I talked with my boys at school earlier. I want to do it but I just scared. I look at her and my heart beating so fast.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Suddenly the question coming out from my mouth. I cover my mouth with my hands and mentally curse at myself. Oh shit! What did you just done, Joel?

"Pardon?" She look at me shocked. Then, I gather all my courage and ask her again.

"Umm will you be my girlfriend?" I said and this time I said with normal tone even though my heart are beating so fast.

"Joel, are you for real?" She asks me after a moment of silence.

"Yes I am Adrienne." I said and she fall into silence again.


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