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Chapter 14

[ Carlie Hanson - Only One ]

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When I was helping my mom wash the dishes, my phone ring. I wash my hand and wipe my hands with tissue and quickly take my phone. I look at the caller and smile when Joel's name is on the screen. I pick it up.  "Adrienne, where are you? Are you okay? Why you didn't tell me or the boys where you going? Do you have any problems? Are you sick?" He asks me with lots of questions after I accept his call and I can't help myself but just laugh at it. "Stop laughing and answer all my damn questions." He said.

"Okay okay. Don't be too serious Joel." I said to him and thinking a good and logical reason to give him. "I followed my dad to Boston because I don't want to stay at home alone. I'm fine don't be so worry about me. I will go to school tomorrow." I said to him and I think that's a very good reason because he didn't ask me more further details about it.

"That's good. I thought something is wrong with you. Don't be like this again." I walk out from the kitchen and sit in the living room where my mom is. I sit a bit far from her don't want her to hear what me and Joel talking about.

"I miss you Joel." I said while my mom is busy with her things. He didn't give any response for a few seconds so I just wait.

"Really?" He ask and I nodded my head but then I realized that he can't see me through this phone.

"Yeah. I don't know how this thing happened but it just happened. I mean I miss Isaac,Zach and Hayes to but when it comes to you it just feel different." I said and that's so true but the thing is I don't want him to get hurt when he knows that I'm going to die soon.

"Miss someone is heavy and you it sometimes going to hurt you. So let me be the one who miss you." He said. "Adrienne, hello?" I didn't say anything because I don't know how response to him. I am so happy that he said that he miss me too. I jump in excitement and go hug my mom. She looks so confused but then I take my phone which is I left it on the sofa and out it to my ear again. "Are you still there?" He ask and I take a very deep breath. "Are you okay? Is there anything wrong?" He asks and I can sense he sounds worry.

"Yeah, yea I'm absolutely fine. I need to take care of something earlier." I answers.

"Oh okay. Ummm Adrienne do you want to meet up after school?" He asks.

"Hmm let's see..." I looks at my mom then said - "Sure why not." After I agree to him, he fall into silence. "Ummm Joel?"

"Yea?" He answers.

"Don't you have class right now?" I asks.

"I do have but its going to start in five minutes. That's fine." He said.

"Na-uh it's not fine. Go to your class now and I will meet you later then. Bye Joel." I said and ended the call before he could say anything.

"Who's that huh? Boyfriend of yours?" My mom asks as soon as I ended up the call.

"No it's not. Just one of my guy friends." I said and she come and sit next to me.

"Then why you jumping like that earlier? Stop lying Adrienne. I can sense that there's something about him you like. So tell me." My mom said and I smile. This is what I really want, having some mother daughter time and I can tell her anything about a guy that I like and all. "So?" She asks again.

"It's just complicated mom. I like him and I really do but knowing that I'm going to die soon, making me feel so bad if I likes him. At the same time, I want him and act like a very normal couples out there. You know going out on a date, and having fun with their boyfriend. I really want it but that's just going to hurt him. I don't want him to be sad or hurt because I'm going to leave him." I said.

"Honey, look at me. All you need now is just to stay strong and don't ever think about dead or whatever. Just live your life when you have a chance. You can't let your sickness be a obstacles for you to be happy. Me and your dad will always support you no matter what if that makes you happy." I can feel my tears coming out from my eyes. "Oh honey, don't cry." She wipes my tears but it won't stop.

"Mom, I like him very much. I can feel this feeling is going stronger day by day. What should I do?" I asks her.

"As I said, you can't let this all stop you to be with the guy you like. Be strong and go for it. Chase what you want." I hug her. "I just want to see you happy Adrienne. Oh and why don't you tell me who is that guy you like?" I look at her and start to smile again. I tell her everything I know about Joel and how we met at the first place.

"And he want to meet me after school today." I said to her.

"Really? Just go then? Wait you didn't rejected it don't you?" I shake my head no. "Thank god. So what are you waiting? Go and change this." She point at my pajamas. Yeah I still in my pyjamas though but don't blame because this pyjamas is so comfortable. I get up and walk upstairs to take a shower.

I take about fifteen minutes of shower before walk out from the bathroom. I'm shivering when I open the door and the air in my room is so cold. I walk quickly to my wardrobe and open it to see what am I going to wear to meet Joel. "It's not a date so I'm just gonna wear something comfortable yet bit casual then." I mumble to myself. After a moment, I finally decided to wear a black jeans with beige sweater and also with my sandals. I let my hair fall and just comb it a bit to make neat.


"Adrienne eat your medicine now honey." My mom call me from the kitchen. I groan because I hate medicine but now I need to eat it. I don't know why they gave me those pills when at the end I will die too like there's no use right? I walk to the kitchen to see my mom already put my medicine on the kitchen counter. I take a seat and look my mom. "What's wrong honey?" She asks.

"I don't want to eat it. It's so bitter." I make a cringe face.

"Adrienne, the doctor want you to recover from all this that's why she gave you this. Not only the doctor but me, your dad and also your friends."

"But my friends doesn't know about my illness. How can they want me to recover." I said.

"They will know soon and you're the one who's going to tell them. Now eat before Joel come." I sighed and then I hear the doorbell. "He's here." I smile.

"I will go and get it. You eat your medicine first then you can go out with him." I pout and my mom walk to the door. I look at those pills and take it to eat. I put it my mouth and drink some water before swallow it. I really hate the taste of this thing. I finish my water and wash the glass before walk to the door.

"Hey Joel." I greet him and make a happy face. He smile at me. "See you later mom. We will get going now. Bye." I bid goodbye to my mom and kiss her cheek before walk with Joel to his car.

"So... Where are we going?" I asks after we both already in the car.

"I don't know actually. Maybe park near here?" He asks her and I nodded her head because it's been a while since I went to the park and take a fresh air.

"That's sounds good." I reply. He start to drive to the nearest park at my neighborhood. It only takes like ten minutes and after that, then he park my car then we both get out from it. "It's so nice to get some fresh air." I said and I hear him chuckle at me.

"I know right. Let's take a walk." We both walk side to side. "Adrienne, you look pale and also you become thinner. Are you sure you okay?" He asks while we're both walking. Yeah I might lose weight because I have a freaking pancreatic cancer. I want to tell him like that but I have no courage at all.

"Don't worry about it Joel. I'm completely fine." I said to him.

"Okay then." We talk about what I missed at the school and sort of the things. I miss school to be honest. I tell him about my puppy and then what's coming out from his mouth is unbelievable.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I am speechless.

"Pardon?" I look at him shocked...

"Umm will you be my girlfriend?" He said and I still can't believe. It is a dream? It must be a sweet dream.

"Joel, are you for real?" I asks him again after a moment of silence.

"Yes I am Adrienne." He said and I fall into silence again. What should I do? I like him but I don't want to give hope at him. Then I finally have my answer.

"Ummm Joel, I like you too but I don't think we can do this. I mean of course we can but I think it's better if we just stay as friends like now. Can we?" I said and he smile at me.

"That's fine then. I understand that and respect your decision. I'm sorry if I surprised you with that question." He said.

"So let's just be like we used to then. I don't like this down Joel. Where's the happy one?" He didn't say anything and I know he was hurt because I just rejected him. "I'm sorry." I said.

"No no don't be. I'm going to be okay." He said and we just sit there in silence. "Oh yeah I almost forgot." He said breaking the silence.

"What?" I asks.

"You will come to our basketball game right?" I look at him. "It's going to be tomorrow but then it postponed to the next Friday. So you will come. Right?" He asks.

"Of course I will. I never watch four of you play basketball before. Don't worry I will come." I said to him.

"Great because you know Zach really wants you to come."

"Only Zach?" I look at him and smile.

"Well me too but Zach will nag at me if you didn't come. Okay now stop looking at me like that. You makes me embarrassed though." I laugh at him.

"It's hilarious." I laugh again.

"Stop it Adrienne. How could you." He said and I pat his shoulder.

"Okay okay I will stop." That's a good thing that we still can be friends after an awkward moment earlier.


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