Redeeming love

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Chapter 15

[ Shawn Mendes - Where are you in the morning. ]


It's Thursday also the fifth day I come back to school. Since the last Friday, Zach been so clingy to me and the reason was because he miss me. Today, I wear baby blue jeans with white tee and pair it with my black converse. I put my hair into a high bun. Speaking of my hair, every time I comb it, I always feel like I'm going to be bald because so many hairs fall. I feel like I wanna cry but I think that's one of the symptom if you have a cancer. Like usual, I will lean back to my locker waiting for the bell ring. I used to be in class early but no anymore because I have to wait for the other students to get in their class and then I can walk. My body is getting weaker day by day and I think if people push me ab bit, I will fall. So the best decision is to wait the hallway empty first.

"Hola my candy." Zach said happily.

"Good morning Zach." I said to him and also for the others. "You will come to our game tomorrow night right?" Zach asks.

"Of course I will. Don't worry and also stop asking me the same question."

"Are you okay Adrienne because you look pale." Hayes look at my face.

"Yeah I'm okay just having some back ache a bit but it's fine." I reply and he nodded his head.

Just when five of us in the middle of talking about tomorrow night, I hear someone clear their throat. I turn around and see Cherry and Hillary standing not too far from us. "What do you guys want?" Isaac asks.

"We actually wants to talk to Adrienne for a while and also go to class with her. We have Biology class together." Hillary said and smile at me. What's wrong with both of them? I feel confused.

"Nah she will go with us that's fine. You both can go now." Hayes said.

"We won't do anything bad to her we promise. We just want to talk to her and maybe be friends with her. Please..." Cherry plead and that's makes me more confused about their behaviour. They want to be my friends? Wow unbelievable. Isn't they're Betty's minion? I asks myself. "Please..." Cherry said again.

"Guys I think it's fine. I will just go with them." I said and four of them look at me with the same reaction. Like are you for real faces.

"Adrienne but-" I cut Joel off before he could finish his sentence.

"Maybe they really mean when they said they want to be my friends. At least I get myself a girl friends too." I said to them.

"If you friends with them, what about us?" Zach whispers don't want Cherry and Hillary to hear it.

"If I friends with them, they can hang out with us then. The more the merrier. Isn't it?" I look at them.

"Seriously Adrienne? They're Betty's best friends and now you want them to hang out with us?" Isaac said.

"Umm when will your discussion end?" Hillary asks.

"Just a minute." I said and they nodded their heads. "Let's give it a try. I miss having a girl best friends you know. So if his work out, means they can hang out with us okay? Please..." I plead.

"Fine but just today and if this didn't work out, don't even glance at them alright?" Hayes said and I nodded my head and the bell ring too.

"Thanks." I said. "So see you guys at lunch." I bid them goodbye.

"Adrienne, actually before we go to the class, me and Cherry want to apologise to you for all the things we did to you. We're sorry." Hillary said and well this is surprising. "Will you forgive us?"

"I don't understand why and what wrong?" I asks.

"We will explain it later now let's go to the class or else we will get detention because being late." Cherry said and we walk together to the class.


The bell ring and that's mean the class is end. I gather up my things before put it in my bag. "What do you have after this, Adrienne?" I look up to see both of them.

"I think I have Art class but it's another ten minutes." I said.

"Okay great we can just sit here and talk about everything." Both of them take a random chair and sit in front of me. "Well first, me and Cherry were really sorry for being a bitch to you before... Sorry, Adrienne." I look at both of them and they look so sincere when they said they were sorry. I'm not that mean to ignore their apologize so I smile at them.

"I forgive you both. So stop saying sorry because I think you both didn't do so much things to me. I think the person who need to apologize to me is Betty and add another one is Piper. They're did so much things to me and I can't forget about it but what can I do, I just stay silent." I said to them.

"I know right!" Cherry slammed her hands on the table and continue. "Piper is too much. How can she become Betty's best friend just like that. We work so hard to friend with Betty but she just like that. That so not fair and when we talk about this thing with Betty, she just back up her new bestie. I hate Piper and now I'm starting to hate Betty too. Both of them need to learn their lesson soon." She said with anger.

"Okay I think you need to relax Cherry. You're being over dramatic." Hillary said.

"Am I? Sorry but I feel so good now after let out all the things that I need to talk it out." Cherry grins.

"Okay... So what do you want to do. I mean why you suddenly want to talk to me when there's a lot of other girls who wants to friends with you guys?" I asks.

"It's because we feel so bad seeing you didn't have any girl bestie and always hanging out with Joel and his hot friends. Besides, we actually been watching you for a few days before we approach you today. Sounds like crazy stalker right but yeah it is the fact." Hillary said and chuckles.

"Wow okay. Now what?" I asks. To be honest, I still feel a bit awkward when I'm with them even though they're actually so friendly and out going. Actually Hillary and Cherry are not that bad as I thought they were when they with Betty.

"Okay now, if you want, we can be best friends. Sounds great right? I know girl because I feel so excited about it." Cherry said in excitement and clasp her hands together. "Adrienne it's okay right?" She asks me.

"Yeah why not right. It's going to be so fun. At least my dad didn't have to be worry anymore."

"Why he needs to be worry?" Hillary asks.

"Because, four boys always comes to my house. Even though my dad said it was okay, but actually it's not. I know he wants me to have girl friends too." They nodded their heads in unison.

"You have us now and we won't betrayed you just like that bitch did to you." I smile.

"Just as much as I want to talk to you guys, I think I need to go now. So I think I will meet you guys at lunch then." I stand up and they nodded their head. "Okay see ya." I walk out from the classroom and walk to my next class. Oh gosh I feel so weak. My lower back feel hurt. I stop walking and try to make this pain go away. After a few seconds, it gone which is good because I don't want to look sick at school. Just when I'm in the middle to my class, someone grab my hand to the hallway near the stairs. I want to scream at first but then when I see who it is, I feel no use because this guy will do anything to make me shut my mouth. So the best decision, I just keep my mouth shut.

"What now? You didn't even want to talk to me? Didn't you miss me baby?" I scoffed when he asks me that.

"Me miss you? Oh please I got so many things to do than miss you. What do you want exactly?" I asks.

"I want you Adrienne. Let's get back together and this time, I promise that I will stay loyal to you." Willy said and I raised my eyebrows.

"What now, there's no other girls want to sleep with you again? Poor you then but I will never ever ever be with you again. You broke my trust so just leave me alone." I said to him.

"Because you have four guys to fill your needs. That's why you didn't want me back huh?" I slap him. "It's true right, slut?" I feel so shocked when he call me that.

"Whatever." I walk away but then he stop me by grabbing my hand. "Let me go, Willy." I said and try to take my hand back.

"I will if you agree to be with me back Adrienne. I know you still loves me." I push him and finally I got my hand back.

"Never!" I said and his face so much anger. I never deal with him when he mad like this and now I'm scared. There's no one here because most of them already in the class.

"I asks in a very good way but you're so cocky Adrienne. I can give you the best sex if you want!" He shout at me and I close my eyes.

"I don't want all that. Stop it." Suddenly, he push me until I fall down on the floor and I still lucky because at least he didn't push me down the stairs.

"Do you think you beautiful that I am so desperate to be with you? I think Piper is hotter than you and also she's good in bed." I was so shocked when he said that. I want to reply but my back hurt so bad and also I got a cut on my palm. It quite big and of course it's bleeding. "You must be speechless huh? Of course." He said look at me.

"J-just leave me a-alone." I finally found my voice to speak up.

"Fine. Just remember that your face is so ugly and I think Piper's ass is more beautiful than your face." He said and walk away from me. I cry. There's no other thing I can do other than cry my heart out. I take my time to stand up because my lower back is so hurt. I walk slowly to the clinic but then I saw Cherry and Hillary get out from the toilet. "G-guys..." I call them because I don't think I can walk any further. They turned around and look at me.

"Adrienne?" They both said in unison and run to me when I nearly fall to the ground again. "Oh my god what's wrong with you? And why your palm bleeding?" Cherry asks.

"Let's bring her to the clinic." I don't have any energy left and just let them bring me. After we arrived, they doctor there help them to lay me down on the bed.

"Adrienne? Are you okay?" The doctor said and I shake my head no. "Oh god if your dad know this he might be so worry. Do you want me to call your dad?" She asks and I stop her.

"No please." She looks at me and then nodded her head.

"Let me treat your palm and then you just rest here alright?" I nodded my head. After my palm being treat, the doctor leave me with Hillary and Cherry.

"Somethings is not right with you Adrienne. Tell us what it is." Hillary looks at me serious. "You can tell us and we promise you that we will keep your secret. We're friends right?" I look at them and Even though me a s them only be friends like a few minutes ago, I think they should know about my illness because at least if this thing happened, I can asks them to help me. "Adrienne?"

"I-I ... have pancreatic c-cancer." I tell them and both of them silence.

"No way. Are you for real?" Cherry asks and I nodded my head weakly. "Oh my god, Adrienne. We're sorry because we couldn't do anything to help you with this but we're promise to take care of you and make sure you won't be like this again. Did Joel and his friends know about this?" I shake my head.

"Please don't tell anyone about this. Just three of us. Promise me."

"Promise." They said in unison. I feel so relieved.


Lunch time

It's lunch time and I am so thankful to Cherry and Hillary who are keep me company in the clinic and try to comfort me with their words and somethings I even forgot I'm sick. Thank to them I feel much better than earlier. Three of us walk into the cafeteria and take a seat on the empty table. "What do you want to eat? We will go and take it for you." Cherry asks.

"It's fine, I didn't have any appetite." I said.

"No no no. You need to eat. You will get more thinner than now. You didn't want anyone to know right?"

"Okay just get me apple and water." Cherry smiles and walk to buy their food too. Just then, Joel, Isaac, Zach and Hayes comes to me and take their seat.

"Yo Adrienne. Where's your girl bestie ?" Hayes asks me.

"They go and buy their food." I answer.

"So we become the seven now?" Zach asks.

"Ew that's gross. Sounds like a seven dwarf. I don't like it." Isaac said.

"You didn't deserve to be a dwarf because dwarf is cute and you're not." I chuckles and then Cherry and Hillary comes to us. "Oh hey girls. Come and take your seat." Zach said and moves a bit so that there gonna be a space for both of them.

"Thanks." Hillary said and give me my apple and water

"What's wrong with your hand?" Joel asks and I look at him. He looks so serious while looking at my hand.

"It's nothing. Let it be." I said and put my hand on my lap.

"Who did it?" He asks again but I didn't answer him. "Adrienne tell me who did it?"

"Joel, it's not-"

"Willy?" He cut me off and said. I didn't say anything to him because I don't want him to make this thing bigger but then he stands up and walk to the table where's Willy is. Oh no.

"Guys I think you need to stop Joel now." I said to them.

"I never see him like that. Like never." Hayes said and just look from his seat.

"You guys need to stop him." I said and then I heard someone being punch. Joel punch Willy in the face a few times. "Oh god! Stop him!" I shout to three of them and they run to Joel to stop him.

Joel didn't stop but keep punching Willy and sometimes Willy punch him. I don't like this thing happened. Then, our principal walk into the cafeteria. "What's going on here?" He asks but no one answers his question. "Both of you my office now!" He said and walk away. I look at Joel and feel so bad towards him.

After lunch, I wait for Joel in front of the principal office. The door open and Willy is the first one who walk out and he didn't even glance at me. Then, Joel walk out too. "Joel, are you okay?" I asks.

"Yeah I'm okay. Don't worry about me." He reply.

"Why did you do that?"

"I told you before Adrienne. If someone hurts you that person will disappear from this world. I almost kill that bastard but then the principal stop me from doing that." I look at him.

"Don't do that again. This is not the Joel I know." I hug him and he hug me back.

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't helped myself when I know Willy hurts you." He said and hug me again. I don't know what to say and decided to stay quiet.


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