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Chapter 16

[ Ariana Grande - No tears left to cry]


After the basketball game last night, me, Joel, Isaac, Hayes, Zach, Hillary and Cherry went to the funfair to celebrate the boy's victory. We had so much fun and also Hillary and Cherry also can adapt with the boys attitude so easily which is so good. Then, they decided to go to the party but I refused to go due to my sickness. My lower back was so hurt last night but I just kept acting like it's nothing. After I got home, I just straight go to bed because I can't do anything about this

Today is Saturday and when I woke up this morning, I still feel hurt but not too hurt like yesterday. It's much better, thank god. I finish my morning routine before go downstairs to have some breakfast. "Good morning captain." I said when I see my dad reading something in his Ipad.

"Good morning my crew. How you feeling today?"

"I'm feeling so fine. So what's for breakfast?" I asks because I don't see anything on the table except my dad's coffee and his toast. That's it.

"Oh yeah your breakfast. I will go and get it for you. Just take a seat my crew." He saids and I take my seat and waiting for my dad. "Here you go." He put a plate of pancakes in front of me. "Your mom send it this morning and apologies because she can't accompany you today. She has to work." He said while take his seat.

"Work on Saturday?" I asks.

"Only half day she said but yeah work." I just nodded my head and start to eat. "How's the game yesterday? You didn't told me about it." My dad said.

"It's turned out to be sooooo great and my school won the game. After the game, me and all my friends went to fair and had fun there. That's it. Long story to be short." I smile at my dad.

"Wow sounds sooooo great." He said in tease tone.

"What you mean?" I asks because I know he have something in his mind right now.

"Nothing honey."


"Well I talked with your mom and she told me about a boy name Joel. I know him and I think I don't have any problems if you like him. He's a great guy." I look at my dad. Oh just great. My mom surely can keep the secret. Yeah yeah. Thanks mom.

"Dad, I don't want to talk about this please." I said.

"Awe Adrienne, I'm your dad and I just want you to be happy that's it. Find your happiness because you deserve it. Everyone deserves to be happy. So why not?"

"I think be friend with him is much better." I finished my pancakes and excuses myself to go to my room. I take my phone and sit at the edge of my bed. I look at the pictures that we took yesterday. Just then, Hillary's name appears on the screen. I pick it up.

"Hey boo. What's up?" She asks me.

"Nothing's up. I just finished my breakfast." I answers.

"That's great because I'm going to your house in a few minutes."

"What? Wait, for what?" I asks.

"Just want to talk about something." She reply.

"Only you? What about Cherry?"

"Oh she has a date with her mother every Saturday. So just me. Can I?" Before I can answer, she cut me off. "You have to say yes because I'm in front of your house now. Wait I'm going to press the bell." She said and my eyes widen.

"Are you se-"I heard the doorbell.

"Let me dad!" I said and walk downstairs when I saw my dad walking towards the door to open it.

"Who it is?" He asks.

"Its Hillary." I said and he nodded his head. I open the door to see Hillary. She's not wearing clothes so reveal since she left Betty and be friend with me. She dress like how a high school girl should dress which is good for her then. "I can't believe you girl." I said to her.

"What? I got nothing to do at home and decided to come here so that my Saturday not going to be wasted just like that." I step aside and let her in. I close the door and she greet my dad before we walk to my room.

"So what are we going to do?" I asks.

"Well I want to tell you something. No no I want to ask you something yes." I look at her confused.

"What are you trying to say actually?" We both sit on the bed.

"Okay okay. Promise me you're not going to laugh when I tell you this." She said and gives me serious face. I nodded my head. "But first can I ask ypu questions?"

"Questions? So many questions okay what it is?"  

"What do you think of Zach?" She asks and I can see her face a bit embarrassed.

"Zach? You mean Zach, Zach?" She nodded her head. "Zach Charles?" I asks again and she look at me with her bored face. "Oh okay okay. I just need a confirmation that's it." I said and grin at her.

"Whatever. So what do you think of him?" I think for a few second before telling her.

"Well for me, he is a funny, sweet, cocky, hot and good looking too." I tell her.

"Do you think he's a good guy?" She asks and I think there's something going on with this two.

"Yeah of course. He's caring and kind." I said. "Now enough with the questions and tell me." I raised my eyebrow.

"Well you know umm... I think I like him." I'm speechless. It just so surprising. "Adrienne? Why?"

"Huh? Oh nah wait you like him and did he know about this?" She shakes her head.

"During the party yesterday me and Zach well had some moment together." I gasped. "No! We're not having sex. We just make out and that's it but I can feel something when I kiss him. This feeling is good. What should I do now?" She asks.

"I see. You better tell him then. I don't know what to say about that because it's your life and I never been in any relationship before. I mean I had but it didn't go well. So I think you just do whatever you think its right." I smile at her and she smiles back.

"I'm scared. I want to tell him but what if he reject me? I will be so embarrass."

"You will never know if you don't try." I said.

"Well you right. I will tell him. Pray for me,  Adrienne." She said and take a deep breath.

"You want anything? I will go and get it for you." I asks her.

"Umm water is fine." I nodded my head and stand up but then my back hurt so bad makes me fall on the floor. "Adrienne!" Hillary come to me and help me up. "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay. Don't worry." I said and try to stand but then I fall again. "Ow!" I let out scream because my back hurts so bad. Just then, my dad open the door and run towards me.

"Hey honey are you okay? No you're not let's go to the hospital now." I'm just let my dad bring me to the hospital because this is so much pain.

I went to see my doctor with extreme backache in my lower back left side. The pills I had been taking for acid reflux for about more than one week were no longer working and I had lost a lot of weight even though not too much but I start to look like a sick person and it's all because I have no appetite and feeling full after a mouthful of food. I also had pain on eating and excessive indigestion.

I can say I always force myself to eat because I don't want my mom or my dad been so worry about me. As soon as I get to my room, I would went straight to the toilet and throw up because I feel like I ate too much.

After we arrive at the hospital, my dad quickly call the nurse there and ask for help. Hillary is here too and she looks so worry. "I will be okay Hillary."I said to her before they help me to get on the wheelchair. I just hope one thing, that is, I hope don't have to be hospitalize.


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