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Chapter 17

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I had an endoscopy ten days later but this showed only mild oesophagitis so a CT scan was arranged due to the back ache. I feel weak day by day but I feel happy because my mom and my dad are by my side until now. Not to forget, Hillary and Cherry also been a very good friend to me. They accompany me when I was hospitalize. I really didn't like it so I kind of firce my dad to talk to my doctor to let me just go home because I've been in the hospital almost two weeks.

"Are you happy that you can go home Adrienne?" Cherry asks while help to fold my clothes and put it in my bag.

"Of course I am. I miss school even though before this I never miss it but now I think I just want to spend my dad at school because I think I'm gonna miss it so much." I said.

"Joel asks me about you. I feel so bad for him to be honest." Hillary said to me.

"You didn't told him about my condition right?" She shakes her head and I feel so relief. It's not like I'm going to keep this from him but I don't know how to tell him and when the right time to tell him abiut my condition. I can't imagine his response after he knows about this thing. What if he left me after I told him? That's what I was scared of.



"Don't worry I told him that you need to follow your dad to Seattle. It's okay right?" Hillary said and I smile.

"Okay I'm done. Let's go Adrienne, I think your parents already waiting for you outside." Cherry said and they help me to walk because I still feel weak.

"I'm so happy that I can go home. Thank you dad." I hug my dad after I saw my dad.

"As long as you happy, I will do anything Adrienne because you're one and only my daughter." He said. I hug my mom too after that. We all walk out from the hospital and go to my house.

Cherry and Hillary help me walk up the stairs to my room. "I'm so sorry because I keep bothering you guys." I said after I sit on my bed.

"Why you said like that? It's fine Adrienne. We really sincere want to be your friends." Cherry said. I might say that both of them change after they left Betty and Piper. Talking about them, it's been a while since I last time saw them and talj about them.

"How's Betty and Piper? Its been a while now." I asks. They both sit next to me.

"Well I think they just become more worst now. I can say they looks like a real sluts." Hillary said.

"Oh and Piper and Willy are dating." Cherry said and that's got my attention.

"Really?" I asks.

"Yup. It's been two or three weeks now. Looks like Willy got the girl who willing to fill his needs." Chreey said and I smile at her.

"Good then. They suit for each other." I said and they both chuckles. Looks like Willy won't bother me anymore. It is a very good thing because I don't really want to face him when I go to school.


Two weeks later

After two weeks of happiness, I need to go back to the hospital to have the CT scan with Contrast which showed a mass in my pancreas. Its really hurt.  A second endoscopy with fine needle aspiration was booked at other hospital which I don't know where in Leeds but for some reason which has never been fully understood the needle would not go into the pancreas so no tissue could be collected.

During the process, I think my cancer is now at the worst sstage because the doctor keep an eyes on me like twenty four hours on me. I also have to stay in the special room which is a bit far from the other rooms. At least, I can spend my precious time with Joel and the others. That time, I want to tell four of them about my illness but I can't because we just having fun and laughing that time, so I just keep it again.

A PET scan in Leeds was then arranged to next week and that's mean I have to stay st the hospital for how more days I don't know. "Okay Ms. Nelson, I will let you rest now and will come in an hour to make sure you eat your medicine." The doctor said and I nodded my head weakly. Just after the doctor walk out, my parents walk in.

"Adrienne I miss you." My mom said and hug me while I was laying on the bed. I don't have any strength to sit up and the doctor also said I can't sit up for a while due to my pain at my back.

"I miss you too mom and I miss you dad." I said.

"Be strong my daughter. I know you can do this." He said.

"I hope so." That's all I said because I feel so scare of my surgery next week. "What if the surgery didn't go well as plan and I can't be save?" I asks.

"Hey hey Adrienne, don't say like that. The surgery will go smooth and you will live like before and you can be in your graduation soon. You want that right?" My dad said and yeah the graduation. I want too but I don't know if I can survive or not. My sickness is getting worst day by day I think. The graduation is in six month from now. I don't think I can make it to it. "Stop whatever you think right now and rest. Don't think about the surgery yet. All you need to know that you're going to recover. I promise." I can feel my tears coming out my eyes. I can't help myself from crying.

I need to tell Joel, Hayes, Isaac and Zach as soon as possible about this because I might not be able to meet them after this. I need to be in hospital until the surgery finish. I hope I still have time to tell them the truth


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