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Chapter 18

[ Twenty-one Pilot - Cancer]


"Are you sure Adrienne is okay because I don't think she is. How can she skip school just to follow her dad? It just doesn't make any sense at all. It's all nonsense." I said to Cherry and Hillary  frustrating. Adrienne keep absent to school and the reason always be the same. I can accept if she only gone for once but this is more than once in one month. I am wonder where did she go and not even telling me or the others but I think Hillary and Cherry might know where is she because three of them became so close and I know they might keep a secret from us.

"Joel please be patient." Hillary said and I let out a sigh instead of saying anything. I just don't know what to think anymore. "She will be back in a fee days." She said again.

"How did you know?" I asks.

"Umm because I think she will because she won't skip school to long right?" She looks suspicious but I just nodded my head.

"Don't make that face Joel. I know your love life is gone but she will be back to you. You makes Hillary scared of you." Zach said and I look at Hillary and Zach. There's something going on with these two too. Hillary seems a bit It shy  when Zach said like that and Zach looks weird too.

"Are you guys dating or what?" Hayes asks out of my curiosity. I thought I'm the only one who have thought like that. "What? Can't talk now?" He asks.

"What are you talking about duh, me and Hillary just friends. I did this to Adrienne too every time you guys makes her scared or something. So?" Zach answer and I can see Hillary's face turn when Zach said like that.

"Umm I think me and Cherry needs to go now. See you later then. Bye guys." She said and drag Cherry away from four of us. I just look at her until she disappear from my sight.

"Looks like you need to coax someone Zach." Hayes said.

"What?" He asks confused.

"Oh Zach didn't you realise that she has a feeling for you bro. It's so obvious that she likes you. God Zach." Isaac and shake his head. 

"Guys, we're just friends that's it."He said and walk away from us.

"He's so naive." Hayes said and we laugh. Just then, the bell ring and three of us walk to our own class.

Now, I'm in the lab because I have Chemistry class right now and Adrienne supposed to be here next to me but she's not. When I'm alone like this, I always wonder where exactly she's going. She can't follow her dad all the time because she once told me that she already get us when her dad have work out from town. So the things that Hillary told me this earlier was a lie and I know it.


As the time pass by, the school finally ended. Also today the coach have some emergency meeting so the practice is cancel for today. I walk down the hall to my locker to put my book that I think I don't need to bring it home. After that, I walk to get out from here. I then saw Hillary and Cherry walking so fast like there's something important they need to do or maybe there's a emergency. Should I follow them? Or maybe not? I think. I walk out to see Hayes, Isaac and Zach already there waiting for me.

"You late." Hayes said.

"Guys I need to go mow. I'll see guys later." I said rushing to my car.

"Joel! Wait up where are you going?" I heard Zach call my name.

"I have to go now.."

"Where? Let us go with you" Zach said and I don't have time to think because Hillary and Cherry already in their car and will drive away anytime and I might lose them.

"Fine. Come on hurry up." I said and three of them get into my car. I start the engine and then see the car finally moving. I follow them but make sure they didn't notice me.

"Joel where are we going though?" Isaac asks.

"I need to know where Hillary and Cherry going. I think they knew what happened to Adrienne. I need to find out myself if they resist to tell me." I said.

"Ohhh okay but what if they just go out shopping and there's no sign of Adrienne?"

"I'm positive that they're going to see Adrienne." I continue to follow them and make sure my car is a bit further from theirs. They already past the shopping mall so that's mean my guessing was right that they're going to meet Adrienne. I miss you Adrienne, so much.

"Where are they going though? It's so far." Hayes let out a sigh.

"I know right. I think I'm going to sleep first and don't forget to wake me up when it's arrive." Zach said and I just keep my mouth shut because I just want to focus on the road. After a few minutes of driving, I think we're already arrived but when I look at it again, it is a hospital?

"Is this a hospital?" Isaac asks and I try to look at it again and yes it is. "Who's sick?"

"I don't know and now we're about to find out. Let's go guys." I parked my car and wait Cherry and Hillary to walk first before I decided to get out from the car. "Oh yeah Zach wake up." I call him but he just fast asleep. "Oh gosh. Help me wake him up." I said and Isaac slap Zach's face to wake him up and it's work.

"Oh f-" Before Zach could finish his sentence, Isaac cut him out.

"Are you going to curse now? Keep it and let's go now." I chuckle at him and he get out from the car. I walk quickly because Hillary and Cherry already get into tho hospital. Four of us walk into the hospital and look around to find them.

"Oh there." Hayes said and we rush to where both of them are going. They took the lift but four of us can't get inside with them or else we might be caught. So we have to wait for another lift. I look at it and the lift stop at second floor. After a few seconds, the lift open and we all get in and press the second floor.

I feel so stress because the lift is just too slow. "Joel you looks like you're going to explode. Chill man." Isaac said to me.

"I can't. We might lose them." I said.

"We can find them again then. Don't worry." He said and finally the lift arrived at the second floor and I immediately get off it.

"Guys, why is this floor look so empty and creepy." Zach said and stand close to me. "I'm scared." He whispers.

"Don't be a cry baby Zach. Let's go find them. We walk together and find Hillary and Cherry. We search and search but still didn't find them. "Are you sure they're here because I don't think so. Let's just go home and play Fortnite at your home."

"Quiet Zach." I said and look around.

"What are guys doing here?" I turn around quickly when I heard a girl voice. It's them.

"What are you both doing here?" I asks back.

"Ummm we have something to do here." Cherry said.

"And what it is? In the hospital?" I asks.

"Did you guys followed us here?" Hillary asks and I nodded my head. "Why?" She asks.

"Because I know you both will meet Adrienne. So tell me why are you here." They look scared? Nervous? Speechless? Yeah their faces show lots of emotions. "So?" I look at both of them.

"Boys?" I look behind them and see Adrienne's dad. "You here to visit Adrienne?" He asks and my mind is blank.

"What's wrong with Adrienne?" I asks him.

"You didn't know?" I shake my head no.

"I thought she already told you and that's why you guys here." He said and I look at him confused.

"Okay look, Adrienne didn't want any of you guys know about this because she didn't want you guys to be worry about her. Me and Cherry got to know about it was because we help her back then. She wants to tell you guys personally but I think it's not anymore because she can't talk right now." Hillary said.

"Can you please straight to the point?" I said.

"She sick." I look at her.

"W-what? When?" I asks.

"Joel, Adrienne likes you so much and she thought if she didn't tell you about her illness you will be live in your life normally like you used too." Adrienne's dad start to talk after Hillary keep quiet. "I know how it's feel when someone we love leave us. I know. I think you need to know about this now because we don't even know if Adrienne will be make it through the surgery or not." He said.

"Please tell me what happened?"

"She has a pancreatic cancer stage 2 at first but then the doctor said that the bacteria spread so fast cause her condition become worst and now the doctor told me that it's not in stage 2 anymore but stage 3. She keep this secret and told me not to tell you but I just told you about it. Please pray for my daughter. I need to go now." He said and walk away.

Cancer? She has a cancer? This can't be true. Oh god why out of many people in this world why you chose her to suffer with that illness. "Are you okay Joel?" Hillary asks.

"I think so. Can I wait here too?" She nods her head and lead the way to the waiting place.

I can't bare to watch Adrienne suffer. I love her and I will always love her even though she's not here. No wonder she rejected me when I asks her to be my girlfriend. I think this is the reason why she did that. I didn't care if we only have few times to be a couple as long as I know she also have the same feeling like me.

Adrienne, please be strong in there. I will wait for you here.


He found out now. What will happened in the next chapter? Wait for it.

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