Redeeming love

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Chapter 19

[ Jonas Blue - Rise Ft. Jack & Jack ]


When I walk in the kitchen to have breakfast, It's empty. No sign of my dad or that woman. I shrugs and just take the energy bar as my breakfast. After that, I walk to school. Since me and Betty become best friends, my popularity seems to boost up. I have more than three offers from the boys at the school to be their girlfriend but I just rejected it all except for one guy, Willy. I thought after what happened between me and him a few weeks ago, he will ignore me but I'm wrong. He asks me to be his GIRLFRIEND! To be honest, I actually have a feeling for him since he still with Adrienne but that time I didn't make it so obvious because thinking about Adrienne's feelings. Also he didn't look at me much but not he only look at me.

It's been a few days for us being a couple. I don't care where Adrienne is because I think it's better if she didn't show up at school at all. So that Wily won't feel bad or something towards her. He's mine and always be mine no one can take him from me now. Finally I arrive at school after walking for a few minutes. Its so tiring. I look at the parking lot but didn't see Willy's car there. I guess he didn't arrive yet. I walk inside and lookibg for Betty.

"Heyya." I said to Betty.

"Hey." She said back and her face looks so pissed.

"What's wrong?" I asks.

"Look at that." She pointed at Hillary and Cherry who are talking with the guys that always be with Adrienne. "They hangout with Zach, Issac and Hayes, you know what that mean?" Shake my head. "Means they're on Adrienne side!" She said angry.

"So?" I asks.

"So? So they're my enemies now. How can they. I thought at first they just talking randomly to then but then looks like they're so close to each other. We need to go somewhere else. I feel so pissed right now." I wonder why she felt like that. I thouggt Betty didn't even care about Cherry and Hillary again. I just follow behind her.

We sit at one of the benches outside the school. "Hey Piper and Hey to you too Betty." I look up and see Willy.

"Willy." I said and stand up smiling. He don't have to make anything to make my day better. He lean in to kiss me. I kiss him back.

"Guys, get a room because you both seems ready to take off each other clothes now." Betty said and we stop kissing. I feel my face heat up and look at her. "What? It's true. Or maybe you guys really want to make a live sex here go ahead. I don't care." She said and Willy chuckles.

"Are you okay Betty? Why you act like this though. You just fine when me and Piper make out the other day." He said.

"Whatever. I'm going now." She said and walk away.

"What's wrong with her?" Willy asks me.

"She pissed about something. Not important." I said and continue to kiss him again.


When the school ended, me and Betty decided to go shopping together. It's been a while since we're went shopping together because I always have to make her believe I got a work to do at home or something like that. She didn't even know I don't have any money to go shopping like a rich girl because I'm not rich. Today, I think I just going to go with her because I don't want her to be suspicious of me. "So, what do you want to buy today?" I Asks when we're both in her car on our way to the shopping mall.

"Everything until my heart feel satisfied." She said and I am so envy with her. "What about you? Oh I heard there's a limited edition hand bag. Let's go and buy it then." She said excitedly.

"Wow haha well can't wait to see it." I said.

When we arrived, she drag me to the first store which is a dresses store. I look around the shop and really want to buy it but looking at the price makes me dead inside. It's so expensive. I only got a few dollars in my pocket. "You didn't buy?" Betty asks me and in her hands there's more than three dresses already.

"Nah nothing suit my taste." I said and she just nodded her head and walk to find more. This is so boring when I only can look and touch it but can't own it at all.

Me and Betty walk around the shopping mall until Betty feels satisfied with her things. She bought lots. While me, nothing but just help her hold some of the bags. After a few hours, she finally decided to stop and go home. "I think this is enough for today right? You sure you don't have anything to buy because all the stores are super fantastic. You gonna miss it." She said while we walk out from the shopping mall.

"Nah I don't think so but I had fun." I answer.

"I know right. I had so much fun too. Let's go home because I can't feel my feet anymore." She said we both get into the car and she sends me back home. That's a good thing that my house is not that ugly so that I won't have to be so embarrassed about it. "Here we go. I will see you tomorrow then. Bye girl." She said when we arrived in front of my house. We hug before I get out from her car. I wave her and watch her car fade away from my sight. I sigh and walk to my front door.

"Babe." I turned around to see Willy in his short pants and grey hoodie looking so good.

"Willy?" I smile and look at him. "What are you doing here?" I asks.

"I miss you. Can I come in? Are you parents home?"

"Only Laila's here because I think my dad do overtime today. Come in." I open the door and let him in. Laila is not home yet and that's so good because I just hope she won't come back at all. We walk to my room. "Do you want anything? I can get for you." I asks putting my bag on the floor.

"I want you." He said and smash his lips on mine. I kiss him with all I had. The next things happen are all of our clothes are on the floor.



"Are you okay, you didn't eat since yesterday. At least drink some water then." Hayes offer me the food and water but I just can't stop myself thinking about Adrienne who is fighting for her life at the hospital. I can't even focus in the class. Yesterday, I slept at the hospital hoping that I can at least see Adrienne but the doctor didn't let anyone visit her for a while. I miss her. I miss her smile , her laugh, her face, I miss everything about her.

"Bro if you don't eat you will get sick and if you get sick you can't do anything and if you can't do anything means you won't be able to practice and when you won't be able to practice you-"

"Okay you can stop now Zach. It's annoying." Isaac cut him off.

"No it's not. Right Joel?" I just keep quiet and look at the empty table. The hospital cafeteria is so quiet and the environment is so empty. Just like my heart right now.

"If you sick, you won't be able to go to the hospital and meet Adrienne. You think if Adrienne see you like this she will be happy?" Hayes said to me. "I think this is why she never told any of us about her illness. She didn't want you to be like this. She didn't want us to be sad. We need to be strong for her. Joel please." I looks at Hayes, Zach and Isaac.

"I know but I can't stop myself from being sad. I love her and I don't want to lose her without makes her happy. At least gives me one chance to be with her and makes her happy. That's all I want." I said. I want to make her happy and having a very good time with me that she won't be able to forget it.  I can't wait until she wake up. I don't know what her condition because I forgot to ask her dad yesterday bit looking at her dad's face, it's not that good which is makes me so worried.

After three of them done eating, we get to the second floor again and sit on the waiting chairs near Adrienne's ward. "Peter, how's Adrienne?" I asks when I see her dad sitting on one of the chairs alone.

"Joel, she... she's in coma." He said and I was speechless for a few seconds.

"W-what? How?" I asks.

"The surgery didn't went well and that's makes her in a coma. Even the doctor can't predict when will she wake up." He said and I heard he sobbing. I know he might be so sad because Adrienne is the one and only his daughter.

"We need to be strong for her." He nodded his head.

Adrienne please don't leave us. I know you strong. There's only a few months before the graduation day and I really hope she will wake up before the graduation day.


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