Redeeming love

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Chapter 22

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I got a called from my husband telling me that Piper is in trouble. I know she didn't like me but I still love her like my daughter because we've been living in the same house more than ten years. So how much she hate me, I will thought that she love me. Now, I'm driving home and as soon as I arrive, I get put from the car and walk to the front door before unlock it with my keys.

"You such an ungrateful daughter!" I heard my husband yelling and I was shocked when I heard that. I lose the door and walk to the living room quickly.

"Harold, what happened?" I asks and see Piper is crying on the floor.

"Asks her." He said and I look at Piper who is crying and crying. "Stop crying and tell your mom what happened!"

"Harold don't tell at her like that. What's makes you mad like this?" I asks and he take his seat on the sofa and I walk to Piper who keep looking at the blank floor and crying. "Piper, what happened?" I approach her.

"Don't touch me!" She scream and I am really shocked by her sudden outburst. Harold stand up and I think he already achieved his limits now. He take a handful of Piper's hair and I am so confused right now. Why is he so mad at her.

"You still want to be rude to her after what happened?! I don't have a daughter like you get out from my house." I was shocked when he said like that.

"Harold don't do this to her. Things can bet better if we talk in nice way." I said try to calm him down.

"This girl is too much. I give her my love and everything but she just don't know how to be grateful and had sex with someone which I don't even know and now she's pregnant!" What? Pregnant?

"What? How did you finds out about this? Piper?" I asks.

"I'm so sorry dad. I didn't mean to." She said and hug his leg. "I'm sorry...."

"I don't need that apologize. You go and apologize to your mom now." It takes a second for me to realize what did he said. Piper hates me so much how can she want to apology to me but then she come to me and hug me so tight. I freeze.

"Laila I'm sorry. Im sorry for being rude to you and said that you were a whore. I'm sorry. Forgive me please. I know I done so much things makes you feel sad. Im sorry." She said and I can feel my tears coming out from my eyes.

"I forgive you Piper and I never hold any grudges on you. I just want you to accept me as your mom that's it. And I'm sorry to for making your life feels like hell." I said.

"No no don't say that. I know I should accept the fact about my mom. Please accept me as your daughter, mom." I kiss her forehead and hug her.

"Piper, I am so thankful that now you finally accepting me in this family." I said.

"Piper, enough don't cry sweetheart. I was just to mad when you said you pregnant. You're just to young to be a mother that's why I was so mad. I am sorry too honey." She looks at her dad and hug him too.


My feelings are mixed up. The moment I knew I am pregnant, I was so scared and feel so angry at myself. I told my dad and he was so mad at me and even said that he want to kick me put from this house. I try to persuade him that I didn't mean to make myself pregnant. I didn't tell Willy about this because I know he won't believe me and he will leave me.

I am ready for any consequences because getting pregnant makes me feel different. I know people at school will look weirdly at me because of my drastic changes. Adrienne. 

Suddenly Adrienne comes to my mind. I know I have done so much things to her and I need to meet her to apologise but I didn't know where is she. How am I going to meet her and seek for forgiveness. Then, I heard my door open. I look up and see Laila. "May I?" I just nodded my head because I don't know what to say. "Are you okay?" she asks.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for said mean things to you and insults Adrienne. I-I don't know how to apologise but I am sorry."

"Don't worry Piper. I know you didn't mean all the things you said before. So as I said earlier, let just forget about all this and build a new chapter of life." I smile at her. "Now don't be like this. It's not good for the baby." She rub my belly.

"Do you know where Adrienne is? I want to meet her and apologise to her."

"She's at her home of course. I will bring you to her tomorrow after school. Alright?" I nod my head. 

The next day

I woke up with a bit nauseous today. Maybe it's because of the pregnancy thing. I get myself ready for school which I don't feel like I want to go anymore after what had happened to me. I don't know how I should act in front of the bunch of teenagers there even though they didn't know that I'm pregnant. It's still feel weird no matter what.

I take my bag and books then walk downstairs with my heavy steps. "Good morning Piper. Come sit and eat breakfast with us." Laila greet me as soon as I enter the kitchen while my dad just read his newspaper without looking at me. I know he still mad at me and I know I am guilty in this. I take my seat and Laila give me some cereal with milk. I take the spoon and start to eat it out.

"Gerald, are giving a silent treatment for your own daughter?" Laila asks my dad but my dad didn't answer it. "Gerald stop acting like a child will you." Suddenly my dad stand up and leave me and Laila in the kitchen. I stop eating and look at him walk away.

"Umm I feel so full right now. I think I'm going to school now. I'll just see you this evening." I stand up but she stop me.

"No you're not full and I know that. You need to eat for the sake of your baby. The baby need to be take care with so much love so that it will be a healthy baby when it's come out. So sit down and finish your breakfast. Don't worry I'll talk to him." I take a sit back as she said.



"She already went to school?" My husband asks me as soon as I enter the living room.

"Gerald, stop doing this to your daughter. She needs your support to keep her strong. You're his dad and you are the only person that she has in this world while me I'm just a step mom and even though I'm supporting her, she still need you to be by her side." I said to him.

"If she loves me, she won't did all this."

"You can't say that. Accident happened, Gerald. Piper is still young and just like other teenagers, they just want to be happy. I know she also didn't want this to happen in her life but as I said accident happened. We can't blame anyone in this situation. So please can't you go and make her feel better. If she keep crying and sad, it won't be good for the baby. Remember the baby's gonna be your grandchild. Our first grandchild." He look at me and think of what I just said to him.

"I think you're right. I shouldn't act like this. When I knew it, I feel so mad. Of course I feel mad at her but I feel more mad at me because I'm fail, I'm failed to be a great father to my daughter."

"Let's go and meet her. She might be waiting for you. Come." We walk together back to the kitchen where Piper is.



"Dad, please don't be mad at me." I went to him and hug him.

"Piper, I'm so sorry because I can't be a good father to you."

"No no, you've been the best father I could ever asked for. I love you dad.."

"I love you more princess. Now stop crying and let's go I'll send you today." I look at him and smile.

"Thanks dad and you too Laila." I said and hug her before walk out from the house. I am so glad that my dad finally accept all this thing even if it hard.


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