Redeeming love

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Chapter 2

[ Zedd, Grey - The middle ft. Marren Morris]


"Adrienne! Wake up!" I wake up from my beautiful dream and sit up straight because my dad's voice.

"Ughh! Dad, I told you to not shout like that!" I really don't like how my dad wakes me up every morning. It's like I'm in a military.

"If I don't shout like that, you're not going to wake up. Now get up and go take a shower or whatever." I spare a glare at my dad and roll my eyes at him. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad and I did that to him every time he wakes me up. So that's like our morning routine if he's not out for some case.

"Do you want me to crouch your eyeballs?" I close my eyes and shake my head more than ten times. "So go and take a shower young lady. I have to be at the airport in one hour. So come and give me hug before I go." I get up and walk to my dad to hug him. "You stink. Go and take a shower now. Bye... I love you, Adrienne." With that, he leaves my room.

I walk lazily to the bathroom with my eyes closed because I am too sleepy and take a shower. I turn on the shower and my eyes wide open because the water is the way to cold. I quickly change it to warm water but still, my whole body is shivering now. It takes me like fifteen minutes to finish the shower. After I'm done, I grab the towel from the counter and look at myself in the mirror before walk out from the bathroom.

I pick the black jeans and white crop top and pair it with my black converse. I sit at my vanity table and comb my hair a bit and put some lip gloss to prevent my lips to dry. I take my phone and my bags also the books.

People said when you're alone like this, you'll realize how important love and family to you. I feel like this every time my dad not here. I miss my mom even though I never meet her. I wonder how my life now if I have a mom. I'm sure it is gonna be happier than now. I take a deep breath and smile to prevent my tears coming out.

I walk downstairs and go to the kitchen. I  put my bag on the island then open the refrigerator to see what for breakfast today. I take out the milk and then take the cereal. I take a sit and eat my cereal. I look at my phone and just eat slowly because I have like twenty-five minutes before the bell ring. It takes like five minutes for me to finish eating. I wash the bowl and put the milk in the refrigerator back.

I put my books in my bag before leaving the house. Then get in my car. I start the engine and drive off to school.

I parked my car in the empty space. Looking my face in the rear mirror before getting out from the car. "You look great today, Adrienne." Piper comes to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Only today? That's mean the other day I look like shit." I said to her and act like I am sulking.

"I didn't mean that. You know you're beautiful. " I smile at her. "Let's go in." She said. The first time I step my foot in this school, I was amazed by the students. I know that's weird but yeah I am amazed because they didn't even care about anyone else other except their groups.

Like the other school, this school also have that popular group which contains those cheerleaders, soccer players and the basketball player and  most of the athlete are in that group and of course most of them are rich by family, the next one is the middle group which contains students like us and the last one is that nerds.

"I'll go to my locker now and will see you at lunch then. See ya bestie." With that Piper leave me alone in the middle of the hall and I just decided to walk to my locker too.

When I arrive at my locker, I see Willy lean at my locker and smile at me. Willy also one of the popular boys in this school because he played soccer. Oh gosh, why is he so handsome? I thought and smile back at him. "Looks like someone in a good mood today." He teases.

"I am always happy." He moves aside so that I can open my locker.

"Yes you are but girl today is Monday and smiling in the morning. You always look gloomy especially this morning. So tell me what it is?" He asks me. I slammed my locker close and look at him.

"Well, one I just in a good mood today and second it's nothing. Don't look at me like that. It is really nothing." He kisses my forehead and hugs me.

"I miss you." I hug back and he moves to side and side.

"I miss you too." He pecks my lips.

"You're so cute Adrienne. I can't get enough of you." He said and I chuckles. Just when both of us talking and laughing, the bell ring. We don't have class together this morning. So, we bid our goodbye and walk to our class. I just have one class with Willy which is Mathematics. I walk quickly to the class because the hallway seems gonna be empty in any second.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have the same class with Betty and her two 'best friends'. She's the school Queen bee and also the captain of the cheerleader team. She has light brown hair and brown eyes also she taller than me but not that much.

Her best friends a.k.a minions, name Cherry and the other one is Hillary. Both of them have blond hair. Three of them are every boy wants to be with but not Willy of course because yeah he's mine.

"Hey, Adrienne." Betty greet me and I look at her then smiled awkwardly at her. what's wrong with her? And how did she knew my name? That's weird and creepy. This is the first time Betty greet me in forever. She never talks to me like never and today she just whatever. That just okay... I take a sit in my seat and the teacher walk in just a second after I sit down.

"Hello, guys. Okay let's start with our lesson, shall we? Open your textbook on page 102." He teacher gives some explanation to the questions and lets us do on our own for the rest of it.

After one and a half hour, the bell finally rings and I put the books in my bag and just when I busied myself Betty and her Hillary also with Cherry stand in front of my desk. I look up and raise my eyebrows at three of them. "Yes?" I ask them. Since when they talk to a student like me? I mean they don't have anything to talk with me.

"So I just know that you're dating Willy." She starts it and I finally know why she talks to me. It's because of Willy.

"And?" I ask again.

"We're just thought that we should hang out together later?" Oh hell no! I don't like to hang out with them because one I'm not even close to them and two I don't like it.

"No thanks, I just want to stay at home. By the way thanks for the invite." I said and stand up to get out of the class.

"It's fine but just remember you can tell me if you change your mind." I look at her.

"I won't change my mind. So excuse me."
"Don't be cocky Adrienne, you're dating one of the popular boys in this school. So you should hang out with us, not with anyone else."

"Just stop. I don't know why out of sudden you talk to me and invite me to hang out with you guys. I don't like it. So I hope you didn't disturb me again." I walk past them and go to my next class.

"We'll see about that." She said and I just ignore her because three of them just wasting my time.



"Hey, bestie!" Piper comes to me and sits across me with her tray full of food. "What with that face?" She asks me and eat her burger.

"I talk to Betty this morning.." I replied to her.

"You what?!" She kind of shout makes some students staring at us.

"Shut it, Piper." I put my hand to her mouth.

"What did you talk to her? That's weird how can she talk to a student who didn't even popular? Tell me everything." Piper said. For her, Betty and her best friends are pretty and gorgeous. I can't stop her from admiring them because yeah they're pretty.

"They want me to hang out with them because I date Willy. Of course, I said no to it because I have you as my best friend." I said and Piper didn't reply anything but just nodded her head then continue to eat. I eat my food too.

"If I were you, I would agree. Well you know, I think it's one of the opportunities for me to hang out with them. Don't you think so? " She said and I look at her. I don't expect her to say that actually.

"I don't know. I never think it would be a good idea. It is ridiculous and totally... whatever forget about it. "I turn to look at the popular table and see Willy is laughing and talking to his friends and didn't glance at me here.

"I have lots of homework to do. Don't you?" Piper suddenly changes the topic.

"Yeah me too and I am too lazy to do," I say taking the last bite of my food.  I don't why but this is awkward silence really bothering me. Usually, Piper will lighten up the mood but today she's not.

"Adrienne? Are you okay?" Piper looks at me and I didn't realize that I was zoned out.

"Yup I'm okay. Just usually Willy would come here and have a lunch with us but I guess not today."

"Maybe he wants to hang out with the boys. Don't think about it, let's go the bell already rang." I nodded my head and take my tray to put it away then walk out from the cafeteria.

"I have to go to the loo. You carry on okay? See ya." Before I could reply her, she rushes to the toilet. I realize that Piper act kind of strange today. She's not herself.

I shrug and continue to walk. I'm not shocked when I see Betty making out with some guy. Well, this is it.

Lakewood High.


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