Redeeming love

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Chapter 3

[ Glenn Travis - Can you feel my love ]


I am waiting for Willy to fetch me up and go to school together. It's been a while since I and Willy went to school together. I wait for him at my lawn in front of my house and I see a red sports car coming to my way. I smile at it and as soon as the car stop, Willy comes out with a smile on his face. "Good to see you, my girl." He opens the door for me and I get in. He then rushes to his side and gets in the car. "So my girl, are you really want to go to school?" I look at him weirdly.

"What kind of question is that?" I say and chuckle.

"I was thinking we could go somewhere else." He smirks.

"Na-uh don't think about it. Now we don't want to be late to school. So, you better drive now sweetheart" I reply.

"You no fun but I still like you so much." He said and start to drive. I shake my head at his behavior. Just then, I heard my phone ring. I quickly take it out of my pocket and see my dad's on the screen.

"Hey, dad!" I said as soon as I pick it up. I miss him so much. If my mom were here with us, I won't feel so lonely every time my dad out of the town.

"So how's my daughter doing? Is she doing okay?" I giggles and I don't even know why am I giggling.

"I'm totally fine and so happy that you decided to call me." I glance at Willy who is in silence and his eyes totally focus on the road. "When will you come home?" I ask my dad.

"I have piles of cases that I need to settle down and I think it might take a while, honey. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I promise I'll buy you something here." He said and I just sigh looking out the window. Its been like four days.

"I don't want anything dad, I just want you to come home safe and sound. That's it. Take care of yourself there and don't skip your meals also don't work too hard, I mean if you tired just take a rest. Alright?" I said and heard him laugh over the phone. "What's funny?"I ask.

"You sound like your grandma Adrienne. I will do what you said just now. Don't worry. I've got to go now. You take care of yourself and don't let Willy hurt you." He said to me and I smile. After that, my dad hangs up the phone. I look at my screen for a second before close it.

"You miss him don't you," Willy said and I  nodded my head. He parked his car at his spot and we get out from the car together. "Don't worry. I'm here for you. Always." He kissed the side of my head and smile at me.

"Thanks. Let's go." He put his arm around my shoulder and we walk into the school.


"Babe." I turn to look at Willy. "I've got to go now. My boys already calling me over there." He points at the bunch of guys who wear the same jacket as him.

"Fine. Go ahead." I said and he kisses me before walk away from me. I walk to my locker and take my chemistry books. I don't see Piper at all. Usually, she might come to me and we would talk before go to our class but today she's not here. Where is she? I look around and don't see any sign of Piper. I shrug my shoulders and walk to the chemistry lab. Maybe she late today. I thought. Walking into the chemistry lab and take my seat in row two. 

I wait until the teacher walks in. I don't have many friends as you can see. I don't know how to make a friend be honest. I am lucky that Piper is my friend at least I have one than none. I open the textbook and look through what the teacher taught in the class last week.

"Okay, everybody. I'll take the attention first before we start out class today. Rony... Harper... Baker... Dion..." And the name goes. Just then, the door open and show one of the basketball players. I know him but I don't often see him in the popular group. To be honest, I never saw him mingle with the boys just like Willy and his friends. I only often saw him with three guys. I think that's his best friends. "Why are you late Mr. Walton?" The teacher asks and I can see all the girls in this lab are swooning over him. I might admit that he got that good looking face.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Blake. My car broke down on my way to come here." He said and I know he didn't lie because he's not like the other bad boys that always make it up the story to escape from getting the detention. I have never seen him skip this class so far.

"Okay, you can take your seat now. Next time don't be late." Mrs. Blake said and he nodded his head. His seat Is behind me. "Okay class, today I'm going to give you a task that you have to do with your partner." Here we go again. I look around and see everyone already pick their partner. "And I will choose your partner." I heard the students groan and I smile. At least I don't have to find it myself. Even though there's someone sitting next to me, but still she's a nerd. So I think she didn't even want to be my partner.

"Okay class, I have this papers contain a number one until ten. So, two people who get the same number will be a partner for the rest of the year. Now come and take it." I stand up and walk to the teacher's desk to take that small paper. I'm nervous to know who is my partner.

I open the paper and see what number I got. Three.  I look around to see everyone already have their partners. "Looks like you're my chemistry partner. " I turn around to see who's talking and see Joel Walton looking at me. Well...  It's fine then. "Are you okay? "He asks me and I just nodded my head like stupid.

"You're Adrienne Nelson right? The girl who date Willy River." He asks me and I smile at him. He's so handsome. Adrienne gets to your sense. 

"That me," I replied awkwardly.

"I assume you already knew my name?" He said.

"Of course. Joel Walton." I said his name and he nodded his head. I don't know that he has so beautiful eyes. His eyes are brown but not the dull brown. It looks like.. I don't know how to explain but it is gorgeous. Also, his face looks more like a model, not a basketball player. Hah!

"Alright students, this is your new partner for the rest of the year. I hope you guys already get to know your partner. Okay, let's start our class today." The teacher starts to explain about the new subtopic and I just pay attention to the board even though I can't.

After the bell ring, he stands up and put his things in his bag before walk out from the class. I'm a bit disappointed because he just left and didn't say anything like 'goodbye' or maybe 'I'll see you around'. I quickly take my things and leave the lab.

"Hey Piper, I don't see you this morning. Where are you?" I greet my best friend when I saw her sitting on the stairs near the lab looking at her phone. She didn't response me and keep looking at her phone. What is she staring at actually? I wonder. "Hey what are you looking for your phone?" I try to peek but then she stands up and put her phone in her pocket.

"None of your business." She said coldly. I raised my eyebrow and look at her. Did I do anything wrong? I look at her long but she just walks away without a look at me. What is wrong with her? I sigh and walk to the library because I don't have any class until lunch break.

I take a seat at one of the empty seats and luckily the library is empty. Well not so empty but yeah no so many students are here. I open my book and start to do my notes. Just when I focus on what I do, the chair beside me being pull. I look up from my book and see Joel and his three best friends, I think. I don't know their name except for Joel. I look at four of them and clear my throat awkwardly. Joel seat next to me making me my heart beat like crazy. I don't know why am I act like this around Joel.

While I'm trying to be normal, one of his friends said - "Hey." He said to me and give me a friendly smile to me.

"Umm hi?" I greet back but it turns out to be like a question.

"We have one hour free because of our art teacher absence," Joel tells me. I think he knows that I'm going to ask that.

"I see." That's all I said. Why this is so awkward.

"Okay let me introduce you to my idiot friends. This is Zach..." He pointed at the guy sitting at left first. He has black hair and pointed nose which is so beautiful and some freckles on his cheeks like mine. Overall he has that 'bad boy vibes' when I look at him. Still got nice jawline and straight white teeth when he grinning at me. I just nodded my head.

"This is Isaac... " the guy that sits in the middle smile at me and wave hi at me. I wave back shyly. He has tan skin tone. His hair is blond and has a very cute dimple on his right cheek. "And the last one is Hayes." This guy I think I can stare at his eyes because his eyes are so grey I mean how can he got that kind of eyes. I really envy his eyes. As my conclusion, these four guys are so beautiful, gorgeous and hot and handsome. Bless how can God make the beautiful creature on the planet.

"Nice to meet you guys. I'm-." Before I could finish it Isaac finish it.

"Adrienne. Well, we know already because Joel told us earlier. We can be a buddy you know. Seems like you and Joel will be busy with your Chemistry things. So maybe we can hang out sometime. We might be a really good friend." He said.


That sounds great. I mean yeah we can hang out sometime." I can't write the notes anymore because these four guys make me can't focus even for a second.

"Yeah maybe, because she has a boyfriend and of course her boyfriend didn't let us hang out with her," Zach said and I suddenly remember that I still in a relationship with Willy.

To be honest, they are so fun to talk with. All of them are so outgoing and hilarious. That's a good thing that we're at the library or else I already laugh my ass off. I got to know them just because of the Chemistry class and I'm so thankful for that actually. At least they can make my gloomy day become brighter again with their stupid jokes.


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