Redeeming love

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Chapter 4

[ Daniel Skye, Baby Ariel - Say it ]


"Morning mom, dad," I said when I saw both of my parents are having their breakfast.

"Morning son." My dad said back to me. I take a seat in front of my mom then start to eat pancakes. 

"Did your sister told you?" I shake my head no. Okay, let me tell you a bit about my life and family. I have an older brother and a sister and I'm the last child in my family. Both of my siblings are married and have their own life now. My brother is 26, he got married three years ago and live in Colorado with his wife also with their two children. While my sister, she is 22 and just got married last year and live in California but for now she still doesn't have any child.

Both of my parents are a doctor but my dad is a surgeon and my mom is a dentist. I might say that they rarely be home early unless having an emergency from home. They spend most of their time at the hospital especially my dad. Even though they're both busy, I still have a happy family and got the full love from them. That's more important. Okay back to back to present.

"Told me what?" I ask my mom.

"That she's pregnant!" My mom said and I look at my dad who smiling like a proud grandpa looking at me then my mom. 

"Really? That's mean more niece or nephew I have to take care of them." I said to them. Don't get me wrong. I love kids very much and this is kind of exciting because this house will be full of laughter and be crying when all of them come home.

"We know you're a good uncle." My mom said and I nodded my head then finish my pancakes.

"Alright mom, dad, I'm going to school now. See you both later or soon or I don't know. Love you." I kiss my mom's cheek and hug my dad before leaving the house. I got into my car which is a Mercedes Benz that my brother gave me as a present for my 18th birthday.

I start the engine and then start to drive away. It just takes like ten minutes for me to arrive at school. I park my car in the empty space and see Zach, Isaac, and Hayes waiting for me. They seem to like having a serious conversation from here because their faces are like they got some stupid story to tell me.

I walk to them. "You won't believe me Joel but you have to believe me alright?" Zach said to me as soon as I arrive there.

"What it is?" I ask him with the bored face because I know he will tell me a dumb story. I know Zach since the third grade and I know him more than he knows himself, I guess.

"Okay listen, I told Hayes and Isaac this thing but they just laugh at me... I saw your doppelganger earlier. I'm serious." He said and I shake my head. I don't know what to say to him he just keeps saying the same thing over and over again every time we arrive here.

"Stop it, Zach, that's not his doppelganger. It just you still in your sleep when you arrive here." Isaac to him. Well, it is true because this is not the first time Zach told me that he saw my doppelganger. He even told me, Isaac and Hayes, that he saw his grandma wearing a bikini at the beach when four of us went for a vacation at Malibu last summer. Isn't it nonsense? Like how it happened? And we all know that he is not crazy but he just still in his sweet dream.


"Okay Zach let just get inside and you better forget about it. You seem like a crazy guy. Wake up from your sleep duh."Hayes said and Zach just scratch behind his head.

Four of us walk into the school and then I saw Adrienne lean her back at the locker which is her locker I assume while playing with her phone. I decided to walk to her but then I see Willy standing in front of her. I look away and just walk with my boys. We usually sit at the table near the cafeteria while waiting for the bell to ring.

"Have any plan for today?" Zach asks as soon as we take our seat.

"No idea. " I reply him.

"Me neither," Isaac said. 

"We can ask Adrienne to hang out with us," Hayes suggests.

"Yes! Why not I think that's a good idea. Besides we don't have any plans today."Isaac said looking excited by Hayes suggestion. I want that too but thinking that she already has a boyfriend, makes me feel that the chances that she will agree with it, so thin.

"Nah, I don't think so. She has a boyfriend though." I said and they just look at me.

"I know but we just want to go out with her not having some intimacy thing with her. "Zach said and they laugh at it.

"Okay okay don't be so serious dude," Hayes said.

"So when did you decided to ask Adrienne?" I ask and Isaac put his hand in the front of my face. Like really close to it.

"Shh don't worry. I'll be the one who talks to her. Just leave it all to me. This is Isaac. No one ever said no to my proposal."He said with a confident face. Sometimes he just so overconfident like this.

"Oh, no one ever said no huh? Then why you don't get any girlfriend then?" I ask him and smirk.

"Hey! how dare you." He replies to me.

"Dare what?" Hayes continues.

"I mean I can't just force girls to date me right? It is not right." He said.

"Or maybe you can't stand of being rejected for the thousand times," Zach said.

"You guys so mean. I hate three of you." He put his head on the table and close it with his hand. We love to tease him because sometimes he acts like a girl when he sulks. That's funny. Three of us laugh at him and then the bell ring.

"Let's go guys. Oh yeah, Isaac doesn't forget to tell Adrienne about our plan and good luck." Hayes said and Isaac gives him a death glare. Hayes laughs at it.

We do our bro-hug before we walk to our different ways. I have a Math class with Zach while Hayes has Geography class same with Isaac. I and Zach get into the class and take our seat which is in the middle of the class. "You think that Adrienne will agree to go out with us?" Zach ask me out of sudden.

"Not sure," I reply and before he could continue, the teacher walks in and start the class. Having math class in the morning was the miserable feeling ever. My brain can't accept all this. How can they put math in the morning when my mind still not fully at school? I look at the questions given by the teacher and try to start to do it but I just can't.

I don't even know what to write first. I glance at Zach who already finishes half of the paper. How can he do it when I'm not? I thought and look at the questions again. My mind is completely blank until Zach tap on my shoulder. "Need help bro?" He asks and I look at his paper, it is already complete.

"I will be so thankful if you help," I said and he just chuckles at me. That's a good thing that he volunteers to help me with all these problems or else I would be stuck at question number one until the end of the class.

After I finish all the questions, the bell ring and I breath in relief because I can finish it all with Zach's help. "You need to do lots of practice. I can't just help you all the time." Zach said to me when we walk out of the class together.

"Alright, alright. I will, just don't nagging at me." He laughs at me. I don't like math as much as he like it. I can buy a thousand books but I can't do it or maybe I can but it will take more than one hour for one question. 

"Zach! Joel!" We both look behind us and see Isaac and Hayes run to us like crazy.
"What?" I ask when they breathe heavily in front of me and Zach.

"We can't go out with her today though," Isaac said.

"Why because she said no to you?" I smirk at him and he looks at me with a bored tone.

"We do not even ask her yet." Hayes looks at me.

"Then?" Zach ask.

"We have practice after school," Hayes said.

"What! I thought we're going to start our practice next week?" Zach ask.

"Coach wanted to start early. Can't do anything about it. Okay, I need to go now or else Mr. Lion will give me detention for being late for his class." Zach said and I laugh at him. He has Biology class with the most fierce teacher in this school. I am thankful I'm not in his class.

"Poor him. I'll see you guys during lunch." I said and walk to the Chemistry class. I am kind of excited to be in this class actually because I have Adrienne in this. I don't know why I feel so excited to meet her. I walk to the lab and when I get into the lab, I don't see Adrienne and feel kind of disappointed. I walk to my seat and wait for her.

After a few minutes, I see Adrienne walk in with sad face. I raised my eyebrow and look at her. She takes her seat next to me but didn't care to look at me or give me a smile. I wonder what's wrong with her. Her eyes fluffy and seems like she been crying. I wanted to ask but I guess she doesn't want to share it. I just keep quiet and that's a good thing the teacher didn't give us any experiment to do. She just explains some topic. Adrienne just keeps quiet and that makes me really curious what's wrong.

"Are you okay?" I finally ask her.

"Yes." That's all she replies. 

"Oh okay," I said awkwardly. I clear my throat and focus on what teacher said in front. As soon as the bell ring, the teacher stops her teaching and the students start to leave the lab. I put my book in my bag and stand up to leave to but then I realize that Adrienne just stays there. I decided to sit back and look at her.

"You can tell me what's wrong if you want to," I said and then I see the tears coming from her eyes. I feel angry with it because I don't like to see girls crying especially if it because of boys. That hurt me.

"I was betrayed by my own best friend. She even insults me in front of the students." She wipes her tears. I am a relief to hear that that's not because of boys.

"You want to tell me the whole story?" I ask carefully.

"I'm not ready to share about it. Thanks for your concern, Joel."She said and give me some sad smile. I smile back.

"That's fine but if you need someone to talk to, you can find me and the boys. We will listen to your story." I said and she nodded her head. She wipes the tears and ready to go out from the lab.

"Thanks again for accompanying me. I will get going now. Willy is waiting for me. See ya."She waves at me and walks away.

"See ya." I wave back. She was betrayed by her best friend but at least she has a boyfriend to keep her company and make her laugh and smile again. I know she's strong. After that, I walk to the cafeteria to find my boys.


How's chapter 4?

I hope you guys like it. Mind my mistake will make it better soon.





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