Redeeming love

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Chapter 6

[ Guy Sebastian - Set in Stone]


I woke up to my alarm and I sit at the edge of my bed while looking at the blank wall. My mind still sleeping even though my eyes are open now. I sit like that for the past few minutes until someone knocks on my door. I turned my attention to the door.

"My daughter is already awake?" My dad asks and it takes a few seconds for me to realize that that's my dad who at my door.

"Dad!" I scream and run to him then jump to hug him. "I miss you so much," I said and hug him tight.

I take my bag and phone then leave the room heading downstairs. "I know Adrienne. I miss you too. Oh, I bought you something." I release from the hug and look at my dad.

"What it is?" I ask excitedly.

"I'll show you later. Go and take a shower because of you smelled like shit." I glare at my dad and kind of surprised because he just curses. My dad is such a rare.

"Dad you so mean fine I'll go now. Make sure that present is meaningful. " I said before walking into the bathroom.

"I'm sure you'll like it." My dad add before I heard my door being closed. I take a shower for five minutes and get out to get dress. I open my closet and pick black jeans with an orange crop top. I wear my white sandal and tie up my hair into a ponytail. After I'm satisfied with my look, I take all the things I needed for school and leave the room. I ran downstairs and look for my dad.

"Dad! Where are you?" I shout looking for my dad. 

"Here!" I heard my dad in the kitchen and rush to it. "You look gorgeous my daughter." I smile at him.

"So?" I ask him.

"So?" My dad asks me back.

"Dad... " I whine and he chuckles.

"Go to the living room." I raised my eyebrow and go to the living room. When I enter the living room, I don't see anything so I look around only to see a box that covered with a blanket. I walk to it and remove the blanket. My eyes widen to see it's not the ordinary box but its actually a cage. "Oh my god! Dad!" I jump in happiness because in that cage have a very cute puppy.

My dad comes to me and looks at me. "You like it?" He asks.

"like it? I love it! Thanks, dad! I love you so much." I hug him and then open the cage to carry the puppy.

"I'm glad you like it. So what his name? " my dad asked. I look at the puppy and think of his name.

"I'm going to name him Ray." I smile and look at my new puppy. my dad kisses the side of my head.

"That's a good name. Now let's go have some breakfast and don't forget you need to go to school. Put it back in the cage." My dad said and I pout because I want to play with Ray longer. I sigh and put Ray in the cage slowly.

"Bye bye Ray. I'll see you after school." I bid goodbye to Ray and go to the kitchen to eat the toast that my dad made it earlier. I take one and eat it while standing. When I look at the time, my eyes widen because I only have like ten minutes before the first bell ring. "Dad! I gotta go now. Take care of my new baby and you take care too. Love you." I said to my dad who just enter the kitchen. I kiss his cheek and run out from the house and go to my car.

I am late and there are no points to drive like a formula 1. I take a deep breath and just drive like usual. I might arrive at school by the time the bell ring. So that's totally fine. After a few minutes, I parked my car in the empty space and get out from my car.

I walk a bit faster to get my book at my locker and on my way there, I see Piper, Betty, and her two friends laughing and talking like they know each other for a long time. I just roll my eyes even though my heart feels so envy but just decided to walk past them. I can feel their eyes on me but I ignore it and walk faster than before. I take my books and walk to class. I relief I'm not late for class.


I'm not the type who likes to eat alone. I know I usually eat alone at home when my dad is not home but that's a totally different from my situation now. I feel like a loner who doesn't have any friends to eat with. Even Willy didn't company me here. He should be here with me when he sees me eating alone not just ignore me and eat with his friends like normal. Hello, your girlfriend needs some attention from you too! I said in my mind.

I sigh and eat without looking at Piper and the others cheerleaders. I don't know the real reason why she betrayed me like this and left me completely alone like this. I am confused. I look at my bread while chewing it in my mouth until I feel the someone standing beside me. I look up and see the four buildings looking at me. I look at them confused and don't know what to do. So I just keep my face blank.

"Are you alone?" Hayes ask. I just nodded my head. "Good." Then, four of them sitting down with their tray. I raised my eyebrows and look at them.

"Well, we usually eat outside but then our table been stolen by other students. So..we decided to find another table and saw you eating alone and we came here. That's the story." Joel said and I just nod my head and continue to eat my food.

"Adrienne, are you okay? You seem distracted." Isaac said and automatically Hayes, Joel and Zach look at me. I stop eating because this is so awkward.

"I'm fine just doesn't feel good," I reply.

"Are you feel uncomfortable with us here?" Joel ask. "We can go if you want."

"No no. It's fine just feel a bit awkward. That's it." I grin at them.

"Done because we're friends. Want to see our training today?" Zach ask me.

"No, it's fine. I need to go home early today." I reply.

"Awe why?"He asks and pouts.

"Stop act like a child Zach." I look at Isaac who warned Zach and smile at both of them.

"My dad just bought me a new puppy and I'm excited to play with it," I tell them.

"A puppy? I have one too a bulldog. It's handsome though and his name is Hippy." Hayes said and I heard Zach laugh out loud making the other students look at us. "Why are you laughing dummy?" Hayes said.

"Dog is cute, not handsome. How can it be handsome? I never heard a dog handsome." He continues to laugh and I chuckles a bit.

"Shut up Zach," Hayes warned him but he won't stop laughing. I look at them while smile.

"They always like that. They can't live if they didn't tease one another." Joel who sits next to me said. I look at him and smile. "You have a beautiful smile." I feel my cheeks heat and I look at another place to hide it. "Adrienne?" He calls me and I look at him again.

"Okay, I don't know why am I blushing when you said that. Oh gosh so embarrassed." I fan my face with my hand.

"It because I'm too hot for you." He replies.

"Ugh so cocky," I said and he chuckles.

Today's lunch break turns out to be so fun with Joel, Hayes, Isaac, and Zach company me. I had so much fun. It good to have friends like four of them.

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim all over the world. Hope you guys have a nice time with your families. Sorry I didn't update yesterday because I've been so busy and also I'm at my hometown which means no wifi also I need to spend time especially this Eid Mubarak. Whatever it is, hope you guys enjoy this chapter ;)

How's chapter 6?

I hope you guys like it. This chapter might be bored but I will try to make it better in the next chapter.





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