Paradigm Shift

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Chapter 26

Danielle walked into Medical 5a with Aengus right on her heels. Grennady waved her over to the exam room on the left. She followed him in and several things happened at once. Danielle stopped short just inside the door when she didn’t see a woman on the exam table and looked around the room confused. The door closed right behind her, locking Aengus outside. Aengus started pounding on the door as he shouted Danielle’s name, making her turn to the door. She then felt a sharp pain in her arm as something stabbed her. Her head whipped towards the direction to find Grennady grinning at her and an air injector in his hand.

Her world tilted on its side. As she slid to the floor, she mumbled, “Spartak is going to kill you.”

“He won’t be able to find either of us,” snarled Grennady as she lost consciousness. He then turned to the door and yelled, “Hang on, something is wrong with the mechanism.” He stepped over her unconscious body as he readied the air injector. As the door slid opened, he said, “I do not know what happened,” as he struck Aengus in the chest with the air injector.

“What. The. Fuck,” Aengus mumbled as he hit the floor.

Grennady tapped his band and then kneeled in front of Danielle. He said, “Medical Emergency teleport to the Kleponia Command Deck Suite 6, protocol override,” as he touched Danielle. They dissolved.

* * *

Danielle’s head pounded as she became aware of faint sounds around her and smells of spices such as cardamom and anise. She was not a fan of Indian food, so she wasn’t around those scents much. Her ex-husband used to love it and would bring takeout home for himself. It was not a smell she associated with anything good. Her mouth felt like it had a pound of cotton in it. She was not making spit yet from whatever he gave her. It had to have been a benzodiazepine. She had always been very sensitive to them, typically only needing a pediatric dose to have the same effect. She kept her eyes closed and her breathing slow and steady as she listened closely so she didn’t alert anyone before she was ready. It did not sound like anyone was in the room with her. She could see light behind her lids, so the overhead light was on. She barely twitched her hands and did not find them bound. Her ankles either. There was some good news. She opened one eye a crack to peek around her. She didn’t see anyone in the large room. She opened her eyes and looked around. The color of the decor looked like a Bollywood movie set threw up with the gilding and burgundy silks. She groaned as she sat up and clutched the side of the couch they had placed her upon as brief dizziness swamped her. The decor was even worse when she could finally focus. How long had she been unconscious? She glanced at her wrist and realized her band was gone. “Crap,” she muttered. She couldn’t call anyone.

Then it hit her what it really meant, and the bile coming up threatened to overwhelm her. It could only mean one thing.

She was aboard the Kleponia and Chatura meant to keep her.

* * *

Aengus groaned as he became aware. The pounding in his head could build a house. Why did his head pound? He laid there trying to pull himself together. Then he remebered he was protecting Danielle. He rolled over to his hands and knees, groaning from the dizziness. He dry heaved twice before he could reign himself in. He crawled over to the door of the exam room, waving it open. He poked his head into the room and found it empty. “Son of a Bitch!” he shouted. He sat back on his butt and went to tap his wrist. His band was missing. He cursed and then pulled himself to his feet, using the counter behind him. He held onto the counter as he side-stepped over to the communication panel. He pushed the activation button and snarled, “Call Spartak.”

A few seconds later, his boss appeared on the screen. “What’s up?” Taking one look at Aengus’ face, he growled, “What happened?”

So he told him.

The oath coming out of Spartak’s mouth must have been truly scorching because the translator didn’t change the guttural sounds Aengus was hearing. “Don’t freakin’ move,” Spartak snarled before turning off the monitor.

A few long seconds later, Spartak stood before him with a murderous expression on his face. Evgen and Tagd appeared a few seconds behind him. Rollo, the Security Manager on the Regestria, appeared as well.

“The teleport logs do not show any activity other than Danielle and Aengus arriving,” said Evgen.

“Where. Is. She?” Spartak growled. His body shook with restrained anger.

Grennady was here, right?” asked Evgen.

“Yes. If I get my hands on him, I am going to,” started Aengus.

“You won’t. I won’t even leave enough of him to check DNA,” snarled Spartak.

Aengus just swallowed hard and stepped back from his enraged High Commander.

“I am checking the medical logs,” said Evgen. Several seconds went by before he said, “Got it. Grennady did an emergency medical teleport to the Kleponia.”

“Alone?” demanded Spartak.

“That’s what it says,” said Evgen

“Check the medical teleport Danielle did for Seraphine. Does it show two people or one?” asked Spartak.

While Evgen was searching, Rollo came out of the exam room. He held two bands in his hand. “Found these in the cupboard under the sink,” he said as he handed Aengus his.

Spartak just held his hand out for Danielle’s without saying a word. Rollo handed it to him. Spartak stuffed it in the pocket of his pants.

“It showed one person,” Evgen said.

“How long ago was the teleport to the Kleponia?” asked Spartak.

“Over two hours ago,” said Evegen.

Spartak closed his eyes against the possibilities of what that bastard could have done to her in that amount of time. “Get me over there,” he demanded.

Evgen tapped some keys on his tablet and then looked up. He wrinkled his brow when Spartak was still standing there. He looked back at the tablet and tried a second time.

“What is the problem?” Spartak demanded.

“I am not sure,” said Evgen as he tapped some more keys.

Spartak became alarmed at the sick expression that came over Evgen’s face. “What?”

“They have blocked all teleports to their vessel and are already distancing themselves from the Fleet. It looks like they are fleeing,” said Evgen.

“And with my mate,” growled Spartak.

* * *

Danielle glared at him as he skulked into the room. She stood up, forcing the dizziness to dissipate.

“I am glad you are awake,” purred Chatura.

“You shouldn’t be,” Danielle snarled.

“Oh, it will be so glorious to break you,” said Chatura gleefully as he looked up and down her body with a leer.

She stared at him for several long seconds, trying to wrap her head around his confident statement. Then it finally dawned on her. Either he hadn’t heard about Lev or he didn’t believe it. She could make that work. He only weighed twenty to thirty pounds more than she did, and he was a good three inches shorter, meaning his reach was about equal. What she didn’t know was if he had any training. He certainly didn’t expect her to have any.

The big question was if she should kill him outright or hold him hostage to get off of his ship. Bimala had said he was the patriarch. Would his people defend him? Hostage sieges never worked well, and she would have to keep him subdued the whole time. Did Spartak know she was missing? She decided she need to know what her rescue options were. “Did Grennady kill Aengus?” she demanded.

“Oh, the bodyguard. I believe he used the same thing on him he did on you,” said Chatura, taking a step towards her.

Danielle took a step to the left to keep the distance equal. She scanned the area quickly looking for something to bind him with once she subdued him. There it was. A drapery cord she could use. She stepped towards it as he stepped toward her again.

“It won’t matter if he is awake or not.” purred Chatura. “I took a little page out of your playbook.”

“What are you talking about?” Danielle demanded.

“I locked the teleporter out, preventing unwanted guests, and,” he said, laughing.

“And what?” she snarled.

““We have separated from the Fleet. By the time that idiot wakes up, we will be too far away for Spartak to do anything about it. By the time he gets here, you will already be mine,” he said triumphantly.

“Wow,” she said, shaking her head.

“Well, that is not the reaction I expected,” he said, taken aback.

“Disappointed I am not crying or screaming, gnashing my teeth and begging you to let me go?” she asked sarcastically, as she glared at him.

“Well, yes,” he said disappointedly as he stepped another step closer.

She stepped another step closer to the drapery cord to keep the distance even. “You are a blindingly stupid little man. The first rule in conquest is understanding your opponent. You know nothing about me,” Danielle said defiantly.

“You are a woman. That is enough to know. The only power you could have is that which Spartak has given you,” he said condescendingly. “I will not make the same mistake. You will be chained to my bed and not allowed to leave this suite. Your only power will be to satisfy my needs. One kiss and you are mine.”

“You have missed a few little details along the way, asshole,” said Danielle as she inched closer to the cord.

“True. I would have loved to have your daughter chained to the other side of my bed. That delicate little peach would have been a joy to ravish,” he said, grinning.

Danielle blew out a big breath to release the anger his statement had caused. She needed to keep her head about her right now. “That wasn’t the detail I was talking about,” she said.

“Oh, pray tell. What detail do you think I missed?” Chatura asked.

Danielle pulled down the edge of her collar to just below her collarbone. “You missed the detail that I am already Spartak’s mate.” She took great satisfaction when his face lost all color and he swallowed hard.

* * *

A few long seconds later, he recovered. “It does not matter. Once I kiss you, I will override his mating control,” said Chatura, straightening.

“You think so, do you?” she asked. She grabbed the cord and then lunged at him, throwing several hard jabs at his mid-section. To her surprised, he deflected several and prevented her from slamming her fist into his family jewels. She swung a roundhouse kick at him, trying to connect with his chest. He grabbed her foot before she could hit him and pulled so she came forward, shifting her balance. Rather than falling into his arms as he expected, she dove under his arm, doing a head roll, coming out on her feet on the other side of him, forcing him to spin towards her. She then kicked the inside of his knee as she popped him in the nose, causing his leg to buckle as he clutched his face.

“You will pay for that in blood, you bitch,” he snarled.

“I will not submit,” she said defiantly.

He lunged at her.

She moved, so he flew by her, then grabbed his arm, pushing it up his shoulder blade. Instead of standing up as she expected, he bent at the waist, pulling her off balance and over his back. She landed flat on her back with an ‘oomph’ as it knocked out the air of her.

He then pivoted, much like she had done with Lev, and dropped himself to straddle her body. He then pinned her arms above her head before she had managed to take in a recovering breath. He then bent down to kiss her.

Danielle head-butted him with everything she had. She had to shake her own head to clear it after.

He bellowed in pain and sat up straight. Danielle then tried to wrap both her ankles around his neck to pull him backwards and off balance. He shifted his grip on her wrists so he could hold them with one hand and then used his other to unwrap her ankle from his neck. He then slapped her as hard as he could with the same hand. While the intensity of the slap momentarily stunned her, he bent and kissed her.

She gasped as she felt his lips on hers, and he took advantage of it by shoving his tongue all the way into her mouth. It took everything she had not to gag.

He sat back triumphantly. “Now you will do as you are told, you bitch.” He got to his feet and added, “Strip and go kneel on your hands and knees on the bed.”

She sat up and glared at him. She then looked at the bed and then the bookshelf across from it.

“Now,” he bellowed. “Or you will feel more of the same.”

Danielle got to her feet and stepped towards the bed. She turned and faced him. She pulled off her tunic, folded it, and set it on the bench at the end of the bed.

“You are a neat one. Good. I need someone to keep my suite clean,” he chuckled. “The rest of it.” He leered at her naked chest as he stepped forward, reaching for her breast.

Danielle’s expression changed to a sultry smile as she threaded one hand up his shoulder around his neck. She looked longingly into his eyes. She then tangled her fingers in his shoulder length black hair. With her free hand, she slid it down to the bulge in his pants and stroked the hardness she found there.

Chatura let out a moan as he squeezed her breast. He moved his hand towards the middle of her chest so he could push her back on the bed when his moan of pleasure changed to a shrill girly scream as Danielle twisted the offending object with as much strength and torque as she could manage. When she finally let him go, he dropped to his knees. His lips guppied like a fish as he struggled to get a breath.

Danielle stepped away from him to grab her tunic. She slid the tunic over her head as she said, “You worthless scum. There is nothing special in your saliva. You guys just concocted that story to keep your women subjugated. The biologists confirmed it on hundreds of samples,” she said. She stepped towards him. “I am Spartak’s by choice and nothing you can do will ever change that!” With that, she hit him with the heel of her hand and shoved his nasal bone into his brain, killing him instantly.

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