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A Second Chance ✔

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I still remembered my first day of university. I had minded my own business the whole time, going to classes, daydreaming about Jake, missing my friends from high school and eating lunch alone.

Then in my last class of the day, I had met a girl. She seemed different from all of the other girls. She seemed like someone I could see myself being friends with. But I was in no mood for friends. I wanted to isolate myself from everyone and didn't want to make any new friends.

But then she came up to me and introduced herself as Lily Walter. She then started talking to me as if we were long lost friends. And soon enough, we did become friends. Unfortunately, she wasn't my roommate. My roommate was a bodybuilder girl named Charmaine Peters and I had a few classes with her. She didn't talk much with me but that was fine because she kind of scared me.

She was friends with a girl named Kim Wright. That was all I knew about her.

My new friend, Lily was a nice girl. She helped me when I needed help and talked to me whenever she could. She seemed like a pretty busy girl. She had her own group of friends. I didn't know who but she usually disappeared with them during lunch, so I was left by myself during lunch everyday. I didn't mind.

It wasn't after three months that I was finally able to trust her. I told her about my past and she sympathised with me. She told me countless times that it wasn't my fault and that I should move on, and I appreciated her saying that to me. It made me feel a little better about myself.

I told her how I was in a toxic relationship with a boy in high school but fell in love with Jake, a good guy who treated me a lot better than Jesse did. When I finally became strong enough to break up with Jesse and slapped him in front of the everyone in our school cafeteria for treating me like shit, that was the day he drugged me and took me to his house. When I woke up it was already past eleven. Still, I called Brooke, my best friend and told her about my whereabouts and she told me she was coming for me right then.

That night, Jake, Brooke, her boyfriend Brian and my other friend Sam came to rescue me. They came right before Jesse could take advantage of me. Jesse had a gun on him which we didn't know about. He first tried to shoot Brooke but Brian jumped in the path of the bullet. Then he shot Jake who came for me as Jesse had attempted to take me with him by threatening the others to not come any closer or else he'd shoot me.

But the thing that shocked us the most was when Jesse shot himself in the head after he shot Jake. Everyone found it a little baffling. Jesse loved himself. He'd rather spend the rest of his life in prison than shoot himself. But I didn't care about that.

Jake died two days after the incident at the hospital.

I still rememberd the doctor's words.

At 3:02 AM, the patient passed away.

We couldn't save your friend.

We're sorry.

Lily and I became a lot close but the only time we actually met and talked together would usually be after classes when the hallways would be deserted and not a single soul would be around to hear our conversations. I found it rather weird how I saw her only after classes.

All day I wouldn't catch a single sight of her. Many months passed and I still didn't know who her friends were.

But then something happened. It was about a week after I told her about my past. She started to avoid me. We no longer talked and I wanted to confront her. Was she scared of me? Does she think that I was the one who killed Jake? Maybe she thought I was a freak?

When I had the chance to catch up with her, I had asked her if she no longer wanted to be my friend. But then she just blushed and looked down.

"It's not that," she had said in a small voice. "I got a boyfriend and wanted to spend some time with him."

At that time I saw a younger version of me in her, a stupid, lovestruck girl who absolutely adored her first boyfriend.

"He'd be here anytime soon," she had informed me.

"Hey, babe," a guy said, coming up behind her and encircling her waist with his arms.

He looked over at me and scanned me from head to toe. His gaze reminded me of Jesse's vulgar stares. I stepped back.

"What're doing with Ms. Depressed Attention Whore?" He had whispered into her ear.

She then had jabbed him with her elbow. "Be nice," she had scolded.

Turning to me, she smiled. "This is Jason Hills, my boyfriend," she said, gesturing to him. "And this is Claire, my friend," she said to Jason.

God, even his name started with a 'J'.

"I'll see you later," I said and without waiting for a response, I dashed away from there.

The next day, I found several pieces of paper with 'MURDERER' written on it with red. There were dozens in my backpack, one glued to my seats each in almost every class. My notebooks and textbooks had that word written all over the pages.

I was so close to tears that I locked myself up in my dorm room after three classes. I couldn't take it anymore.

After a few days, everything was clear. Everyone knew about my past.

Turned out that Lily's friends were none other than Charmaine Peters and Kim Wright, and previously was Jason Hills too until he became her boyfriend.

Jason made fun of Lily for befriending someone like me and told the other girls about her friendship with me which she had apparently kept concealed from them because she was probably embarrassed by me.
Apparently, they forced my past out of her and had a good laugh over it. I didn't even know what part of my past they found funny, nor did I want to know.

From that day, Charmaine always targeted me. Lily never tried to stop her, but she never participated in her pranks against me.

And from that day, I was alone again.
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