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This is the beginning of a horrible adventure full of tragic losses and thrilling moments. Adariona has finally convinced her dad that she is responsible enough to travel. She grew up being very sheltered and has not felt the loss of losing someone she cares about. Her father has taught her basic life skills like healing and controlling her magic. Along with cleaning and cooking, gardening, and sewing.

Adventure / Drama
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Adariona was bored. She wanted to go out and see the universe. She was about 3 (150 in human years) but she was way smarter than she looked.
"Please daddy?" she whined.
She had asked him if she could go and "travail the universe".
She would spend about 1 month or about 50 days or so in each place and then move on to the next place.
"Fine. But only if you take these." He said, handing her a strange looking rectangle and a necklace.
"This will let you communicate with me, it's called a phone." He said pointing to the rectangle, "This will protect you. It will automatically send you to the next safe stop on your journey, but only when you are wearing it. You will wear it on this day every month. If you take these you can go."
Adariona was stunned. She hadn't expected her dad to day yes.
A huge smile spread across her face. When this happened her dad smiled too. Her smile could make anyone's heart turn to mush if she did it right.
Adariona took the phone and necklace and headed off to her room to pack.

After quickly packing Adariona was ready to go. She had her phone, the necklace, and her purse. Her purse was magic, it could hold things and had no limit to how much she could fit in it.
"Goodbye, have fun!" Her dad called.
"Bye I'll see you later" she called back.
Her dad waved as she slid the necklace over her head. And the world went dark.
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