The Other War

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Adventure / Fantasy
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Start writing here… It was Midnight on the 17th dimenstion. Blizzareds and Hail was falling, while the 2 moons were up. In a wasteland of nothingness but snow, a wagon pulled by horses was comming. The horses were armoured, and were 3 people in the wagon. 2 were guards, one was the rider, wearing a special winter coat. They rode in silence until one of the guards said to the rider, "still following those steps?" The rider spoke in a strange accent, "The steps are getting bit thicker, and i don't see the boot bottom prints. Means that its getting tired so he has to be close by." The guards didn't respond, but the rider didn't expect them to. They rode on in silence until they found where the footprints stopped."Well, thats new" one of the guards said. The footprints ended in a empty circle without snow, yet everywere else had at least a foot of snow. "Gimme a snow ball" the rider said. The guard picked one up and gave it to the rider. The rider threw the ball into the empty circle, as he guessed the snow melted. "Thats not dirt or grass, thats some kind of heat metal". The water all drizzled to a top left corner of the circle. The rider got up and walked to the circle without standing in it. He took a hard rock and hit it into the water part. A loud BANG happened then the ground fell into what looked into a sewer. "A sewer?" one of the guards asked. " Why would there be a sewer in a wasteland field? think we should report this to base." The guards nodded, the rider got on and started riding back the way he came.

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