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A Call For Peace

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❝The river moseyed past us as we sat in our furs. A bark sounded from my left. "Where to now?" "The river." I was suddenly the center of attention. I lifted my chin. "We follow the river," I repeated. Twelve wolves studied me in silence. A bird chirped in the distance. A moment later, Ma stood. "The river it is, then," she said. Ma gave me a knowing look. She clearly knew something. I just wasn't sure what it was.❞ ••• In a litter of twelve, it's difficult to stand out. But, in this family, there is no need. Each member plays an important part of the harmony, including Paloma. As the eleventh born, she has always been the baby girl of the family. Besides, despite the hardships in life growing up as a rogue, her mischievous nature is never-ending. Yet, when Paloma has a fight with death, things change. Her wolf starts to act up and she doesn't have the slightest clue why. It certainly doesn't help that their first shift is coming up, the day they first uncover the were part in their species name. From there, things get even stranger. The Moon calls, a powerful howl sounds through the night and a pack torn by war, cries in the distance. The Skyle family is about to undergo a lot of changes, threatening to tear them apart forever.

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Loaf reporting for duty!🍞

Please don't skip.

If you are reading this, which if you aren't that's just plain strange, thank you for trying this story out.

This is a werewolf story. I got inspiration when I was reading one and an idea popped into my head. It's much different than anything I've read before so I hope y'all like it.

Cliches. This book may have one or two or three cliches. I really do try to steer away from those, considering I based alot of the universe on opposite of cliches, but every book is going to have one. There are so many it's impossible to catch every one and avoid it. So, sorry if there are some in there.

My main character is a spunky werewolf with the big issue of being the baby girl of the family. Warning, there are thirteen members of her family. Since there are so many of them, I really try my best to include a description of their attributes whenever they're mentioned so sorry if it gets confusing. It's a necessary part of the story.

This book is more based on the love and friendship in family. There is some romance but the book isn't based solely around that like most werewolf books out there that have a plot line of: "I was just walking along when I found this amazing scent and oh no he's an alpha and I hate him oh wait, he's nice to me and an overprotective ass but whatever. I can't resist the mate bond anymore, I love him so much even though there was zilch character development. I live happily ever after." end scene. Ya, my story is nothing like that. Yippee hooray.

I created this universe specifically to banish the possibility of that ever happening. First, there is no mate bond. Mates? yes. Mate bond? Nuh uh. I don't want my characters to be forced to love their mate. That's just cruel in my opinion. In my story, they have a mate recognition so they know they have a chance but there is no mate bond to force them together. And that was how the chosen mates in the story came to place.

I also have always hated the cliche of, I'm a rare and powerful white wolf and my alpha mate just happens to be a black wolf yippee. This story avoids that and no creatures in this book have any special powers not already privy to their species. Also, werewolves are the only supernatural creatures and there is alot more forests in this universe. Two cheers for less habitat destroying.

A small warning: I rated this book as mature, but there is occasional swearing. Since I'm not done, I'm not sure if I will add any mature scenes as the story tends to fold out on its own as I write. Only fellow writers will really understand what I mean. Like, before I started writing I didn't understand it either. Anyway, if you believe that this story doesn't match its current rating, let me know. :)

Please don't send hate. I know this book is probably gonna suck compared to other stuff you've read, but I'm working on it. If you don't like the book than don't read it. It really is that simple.

If you see any errors with grammar or spelling, please let me know. At least be nice about it please. Honestly the struggle is very real. In some of the stuff I write, I skim over it a hundred times and always find a problem to fix. It's frustrating so an extra set of eyes might help. 👀👀👀👀👀👀

If you comment on a part of the book, please know that I read it and appreciate every comment. I might not answer it cause I suck at writing answers for stuff. Like seriously, in person I'm given a compliment or someone says literally anything and I kinda just blabber. It's even worse online where I over think my answer a million times and compromise to set aside the choice for later and never actually end up replying. Sorry, I'm very forgetful.

Last but not least, I appreciate your support. For those silent readers, I appreciate the views. For the active readers I appreciate every comment. And for everyone, let me know you're there by putting in a good rating! It would really mean alot to me

Oh! And this story is ©copyrighted so if you wanna use these characters or whatever sorry but it's a no. No stealing my story please! Oh fine, if pleases aren't gonna work I gotta bring out the big guns. Write. Your. Own. Crap. Don't steal other people's work. We work hard on what we write. How would you feel if you spent hours and hours on let's say a painting and someone stole it? You'd be positively pissed right? Well that's exactly what we will be if you steal our stuff so... Back off or the wrath of authors will be bestowed upon you. Seriously though don't be a bitch and steal someone's hard work. Thanks 😛 OK I admit that wasn't really the big guns but you get the gist. Just don't steal people's work.

Oh and I also own none of the photos I may put on here, on the cover.

If I think of anything else to add, I'll let you know. Have a great rest of your life, considering I don't even know what time it is where you're at.

Bye and see you next entry thingy or chapter. 👋🏼

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