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It's a story about a guy who lost his parents to an car accident, he was in collage and in his final year of graduation. He decided to drop out of school in order to, cater for his sister's education, Ventricular Septal Defects treatment. He went in search of job for days and even weeks but to no avail, he was always fret about on unemployment. Due to his parents death he tried to distance himself a little bit from those he cared and love. So one day he tried to pay his girlfriend Emma a surprise visit, he went and found out his best friend Antonio is in her house. He was broke hearted to see his girlfriend cheating and that even made the pain in him excruciate. Since then he vowed to himself no too fall in a love trap of a woman besides them all are the same actually. Luckily, for him he got employed by a job he applied online as an Accountant in a restaurant. He also worked as a part time night worker for Mr. Santino on illegal activities. He meet a who named Lana Rey who was a journalist, this woman helped Vincenzo to stop his vices he does. No only did these woman influence him but also helped pay his sister's surgery treatment. Vincenzo couldn't uphold the promise he vowed no to fall in woman trap, but this woman who was his devil made him broke promise. She loved him not matter her status in the community. ******************* Please enjoy my novel with likes.

Adventure / Romance
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It was six pass thirty minutes in the morning and it was Thursday, Vincenzo was woken up by his alarm clock of his phone. He went straight to the bathroom to freshen up and get his attire for school from his wardrobe locker, he sea blue blouse shirt, white singlet, and a black denim jeans. He placed the outfits for school on the bed and head straight to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his sister and him before going to school.

He was shocked to see his parents at home during at home during weekday like Thursday, Vincenzo's guttural made his parents to gaze at him.

His mum Sofia Andrea was among the best dentists in Milan,she was always busing going to other metropolitan cities in Milan on patience who requested her service.
Dad Giovanni Andrea was in the police force who got promoted from commissioner to chief commissioner when the other chief commissioner Mr. Alfred Alphonso retired and dad took his position. Dad position had made him putting his family on arm length, everyday busing going to meetings, occasions out the country and also meet well known personalities in the countries as well.

'Hi son hope you are doing great' asked by his dad, Vincenzo was about to utter a word when his mum cut him off with a statment 'we know you and your sister are surprise to see us home today which is a working day' said by his mum. 'Yes we are besides you guys are always busy with your work stuffs' said by his sister Valentino.

His sister who was diagnosed of Ventricular Septal Defects,VSD she has a hole in his heart since her early teens to his late teens.
Vincenzo noticed the sound was coming from behind him, whom her sister flank next to him. Vincenzo was hypnotized by his parents presence at home today that she didn't notice his sister's presence flank to him.

'No school today I have informed your school authorities about your absence for school today, so can you guys go back to your rooms and dressed up so we have breakfast together like a family' said by his dad with a grin on his face. 'What breakfast are you guys preparing actually' enquired by Vincenzo.

'Pesto' bread and 'acquacotta' said by their mum. 'Mum this is our breakfast we usually eats on Thursdays' both Vincenzo and Valentino said with one accord.

They rushed into their room and changed their attires for school to their house wear.

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