Forever Garnet

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Chapter 1

Deep within the woods of a secluded area that only houses some wildlife here and there. A few light gentle breeze’s flow through the most highest trees, the medium sized bushes and each petal on the flowers. But the house that sticks out the most is now five bedroom two story cabin, with no more bars on each window. Two large chimneys now sit at both sides as well, along with a red and white wooden shed placed a few feet away from the home.

Kalista McCarty walked out from the front door as she smiles and uses her right hand to shield her eyes from the sun, while looking up at the beautiful clear blue sky. Heads toward the barn to grab a bag of corn feed then moves to the chicken pin and starts giving them their breakfast.

As Kalista takes her time walking around, she starts wondering why her looks don’t match to both of her aunt and uncles. Every question begins running through Kalista’s mind that any person in her situation would end up thinking about. Sure they both gave her a wonderful childhood, love and comfort, but what she did not understand was why she could not wonder into the woods at night. Because what could be so dangerous and bad about a bunch of trees, bushes and beautiful looking animals. All she ever wanted was to maybe one day be able to walk into the woods; to break free and get lost in thought. That is why Kalista is waiting for the day of her twenty-first birthday since she knew her aunt and uncle will understand and be very encouraging.

“Once I am free of this place, I will finally find a way to become a better person. And then maybe find true love just like my aunt and uncle.” Whisper’s to herself smiling.

Shakes her head now after hearing some beautiful songs coming from a few nearby birds, as if they are talking to one another. Begins to head on back inside the house to get a move on with making some snacks. Puts her waist length red hair up in a tight bun top of her head as she takes out the things that will be needed this morning. As a few hours have passed, Kalista places both hands at her hips glancing at all of the delicious goods, smiles wide with being proud of herself. Grabs a now warm blueberry muffin, then heads toward the living room to start off the day. Kalista now heads into her room, changing into a comfortable, light tan dress, that goes below the knees. After moving things around on the top shelf of her closet, she couldn't put a finger on were she last saw her good cleaning shoes. But before giving, Kalista suddenly touch's a black velvet box. What in the world. Brings it out to study it now completely. How did this get up there, she's never noticed it before.

Opening up the now box in questioning, carefully. Goes wide eyed at the beautiful looking necklace. A long brown iron chain, with a dark orange colored gem, an iron cage being wrapped around it matching the color of the chain. Wow. This is one gorgeous looking piece of jewelry. Removing it from its white silk pillow then placing the box back up on the shelf. Kalista puts it over her head, then looks down with a grin. It fits perfectly. As if it was made just for her. Before closing up her closet, Kalista slips on some nearby comfortable black ballerina slippers. Maybe her aunt will know more about this necklace. She now heads on out to get started with some chores.

Daniella and Royce Lancaster wrapped up in each others arms together in their warm blue silk bed sheets and pillows, never leaving one another’s sides. The loving couple have been together for twenty-seven years now and still going on strong till this very day. She lets out a soft and quiet yawn as she glances over toward her loving husband, smiles then gets up out of bed grabbing a nearby robe walking to the bathroom to start up her day. As Daniella begins to start up her shower not knowing that the sounds would awaken her fast asleep husband. Royce lets out a long yawn as he stretches both arms out high above his head. Lifts himself up as he uses both elbows for support then sits up straight while pressing his back against the headboard. He looks over toward his side placing a hand at the now empty spot where his wife slept then smiles hearing her beautiful muffled voice behind the bathroom door. Daniella steps out after a few minutes to herself. Heads toward the bed after drying the ends of her wavy blonde hair.

“Good morning honey.” As she smiles at him lovingly. Folds up the towel then toss’s it carefully on the bed.

He smiles back at his gorgeous wife then scoots out from the bed to stand up tall at six feet in front of her with lose strands of his hair blocking out his vision halfway. As they both share a sweet loving kiss of passion her placing both hands on his shoulders lightly and him wrapping both arms around Daniella’s waist tightly, while getting lost in his loving embrace, it still amazes her to this day that his kiss’s still makes her weak in the knees. Royce lets go of her mouth looking down at her adoringly.

“Good morning to you as well dear. Did you sleep well?” As he grabs both sides of his wife’s face gently caressing her jawlines smoothly.

But before they could even start their normal morning conversation routine the smell of freshly baked banana bread and blue berry muffins get wafted into the air reaching upstairs. The couple begin to get dressed in their usual garb of decent clothes one would wear at a tavern. Knowing that their niece created them a good amount of food for breakfast, since the town nearby gets shortage of food at first time of the month every few years. On a very rare moment if a miracle happens. Its just a very good thing that the leader of the town orders every single member of each family to put their food in storage so that if any emergency happens, no one will go hungry during bad times.

Kalista gathers up a few dirty rags from the two closets in the living room as she hears her aunt and uncle talk while eating up in the kitchen. Moves a few things to the side with her one foot in order to now sweep up a few dust bits with a wooden broom, keeps both rags on her shoulders so they don’t go missing. But as Kalista finish’s up one more area of the room putting down the broom and getting both rags ready, she starts humming a very unknown song to herself. How could a very weird, strange and somewhat odd sound be coming out of her mouth, when she never grew up on it in all of her childhood life.

The moment the familiar lullaby gets heard in the kitchen Daniella begins to try to swallow past a big forming lump lodged in her throat with both wide eyes forming, dropping a half covered up butter knife of strawberry jam to the floor but what she did not know was that Royce caught it just in time. He sends off an confused yet knowing look on his face as he focuses fully on her while putting the object back on the table. After all these years of being married never has Royce seen his wife ever like this, for she would always have a relaxed look to her. Daniella glances toward her husband after taking a few deep gulps of her orange juice then clears her throat softly; giving him the smile that he knows and loves the best of all others.

“I believe that it is time we tell her the truth dear. We cant just keep it a secret forever. It’s best to say something now before Kalista hears it from someone else.” He said as he grabs a hold of her hand smoothly gliding his thumb over the top part, giving Daniella a loving smile.

She closes both eyes letting out a sigh of relief then smiles back at him. Nods her head in agreement and sniffles quietly for only her husband to hear, holding his hand back gently.

“You’re right love. It is time that she knew the truth of who she is and where she came from. I just hope that we do not lose her in the end, for she is everything thing to us. I..” As she does her best to not let her tears fall down like a waterfall, but before she could wipe them away, she gets removed from her chair. Royce picks her up placing her in his lap and holds Daniella close to him as she then begins to wrap both arms around his neck laying her head down on his shoulder, instantly becomes calm at the feel of the warmth of her husbands hand on her back.

“Now you listen to me dear. No more talk like that in this house, for it has no need to be here. You have been the best mother to our girl and will always be till she is ready to have a family of her own. We will never lose Kalista no matter the outcome of what may or may not happen.” He said as he gives Daniella’s forehead a soft kiss then caressing her jawline smoothly with his thumb.

“I am sorry for using that tone of voice on you dear, but we both need to be stronger then ever before in this situation together.” Letting out a soft chuckling sound as he keeps rubbing her back lovingly.

She gets the feel of his meaningful stern voice knowing that he is doing his best as well to hid the nervousness running through him. Its nice to know that they both share the same feelings, but will not be afraid to be brave and strong for the other person. Daniella gives Royce’s neck’s side a smooth kiss then smiles once more against the soft yet roughness of his skin.

“It is alright hun, no need to apologize. Someone in this family had to let it all out. I’m just glad that it was you and not me.” As she said filled with pride in her statement. Daniella maybe human, but to the ones who know her, know full well what she can be capable of. It’s one of the many things that Royce loves about her.

“You sure are right on that one love. For you are one little hellfire when your feathers are all riled up.” Smiles with adoration and nodding in agreement. This woman stormed into his life all high and mighty and glad that she has never changed since then. They both let out a nice chuckle giving one another a once more lasting hug before they reveal all of the families secrets.

As Kalista sits down comfortably in the couch giving her neck a good crack from left to right stretching out both legs and arms. Leans head back against the head of the couch letting a slight cool breeze brush against her forehead from the window. While basking in her glory of getting stuff done and enjoying her break, a sudden knocking noise gets heard then awakens immediately from her half dazed sleep. Who in the world could that be. She sits back up straight getting herself back together then moves one leg over the other and lays both hands down in her lap.

“Yes? Who is it.” She said as she arch’s up an eyebrow and smiles already knowing who it can be, but you can never be too careful.

“Sweetie? Its me and you’re uncle Royce. May we come in? We wish to talk to you about something very important.”

Kalista raises her eyebrow once more as she becomes utterly confused at what her aunt just said, wonders what could be so important all of a sudden at a time like this. Could this be the day that they will finally let her wonder off on her own; to find herself by venturing out into the woods. For she could only hope. Well, its now or never as they always say.

“Uh, sure aunt Daniella. You two may enter.” Smiles wide while seeing the door open since its always been a joy seeing her aunt and uncle as she hopes to one day have a wonderful marriage like theirs. But one could only hope. The moment they both walk inside, she could not believe what she just saw around her niece's neck. A very ancient necklace, that is shrouded in mystery. The same necklace, that was with her on the night of her arrival. Hides any emotion that she gets just by looking at the thing.

Makes sure there is enough room on the couch for them both as she see’s them walk closer then sitting on either side of her. Royce grabs a hold of Kalista’s left hand carefully as he turns around halfway to face her then glances toward his wife a little at the same time every now and then back and forth. Thinks to himself and lets out a quiet prayer. ‘I hope this works. Please, who ever is watching up above, don’t let us lose the one person me and my wife hold very dear.’ Puts back all of his attention on the two now getting ready for stuff to hit the fan.

“My dear, you’re aunt and I would like to share some very special things to you. Hopefully you will understand why we didn’t say anything until now.” He said with a very stern tone of voice.

A confused look begins to form on Kalista’s face as she tilts her head to the side while trying to understand what he just said. As she keeps her focus on him not knowing that from the corner of her eye is of Daniella leaning over to the side, grabbing a very old looking brown book from a nearby shelf. She places it carefully with ease in her own lap then carefully opens it up halfway using a few of her fingers as book marks. Now puts her full attention on Daniella, for she has never seen that kind of book before. In all of her life of having alone time in this room, not once has this object been showing itself.

“My dear sweet Kalista. There is a truth behind the story of you’re parents, of what really happened to them on the night of you’re birth. If you look very closely to their pictures, you will understand, hopefully, why you are here and not with them.” As she lets out a deep and heavy sigh then moves the book closer to Kalista after opening it up and placing it in her lap.

The moment she looks down seeing what seems to be a very weight book with coal colored bars protecting the spine from any damaging. Kalista begins to lock eyes on the book after loosing a staring contest with her aunt. But as her eyes go wide like big plates nothing could prepare her for what she is about to witness.

A drawing of an bride and groom in the middle of a wooden gazebo with red rose’s on vines wrapped around each beam as they both stand very close to one another smiling with pure happiness. The woman is shown wearing a beautiful white laced sundress with an waist length veil, a pearl necklace, ankle bracelets for shoes and most of all three sunflowers to be used as a bouquet. As for the groom, he appears dressed up in a very long loose fit sleeved, furred jacket that covers him just above the waist and is buttoned up completely at the top left side, its round neckline reveals a part of the refined shirt worn below it and is worn with a light cloth belt, which is held together by an ornate pin. By the looks of this man, he must be someone very important. The details of this drawing is very detailed and delicate, even the edge’s have a little bit of fade to them.

As Kalista continues to look at the happy couple she starts seeing something out of the ordinary, things that surely don’t belong at all on any living human being. The woman seems to have what could be two three inch long butterfly like wings tucked down within the back of her as the groom is showing off two pointy ears that have been half hidden from his shoulder length jet black hair. Who in the world are these people and why does her aunt and uncle have this book, especially her aunt. A lot of questions seem to run all around inside her mind and conclusions that don’t add up.

“Aunt Daniella, who are these people? Why do I have some of their looks. Its all too weird to comprehend.” As she glances toward her aunt.

But before she could get a answer, Daniella smiles toward Kalista and begins to become saddened as tears start to slide down both of her cheeks. Grabs a hold of her niece’s hand gently caressing the top part.

“My dear sweet child. These two people in the drawing, are you’re parents.”

Kalista gasped at the shocking news coming out of nowhere as her mouth begins to gape open like a fish. How long has her aunt been in the sun or drinking what for that matter.

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