Forever Garnet

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Chapter 2

Kalista Gasped. “They are my parents? But you guys have always been there for me. I’ve always been told that they never wanted me. Is that true?” As she stares at her aunt down while keeping a tight firm grip at both sides of the book.

After all these years of growing up thinking that every lie she has ever been told were just silly rumors from people who have nothing better to do in their lives but to spread hateful things. Daniella breaths in then out slow as she grabs a hold of both of Kalista’s hands, glances to her husband for a reaction and smiles as he does so back as well. Hoping to the gods and goddess’s above that whatever gets said; that no one leaves this room angry. Maybe he is right, maybe she wont hate them both.

“Yes my dear. They are you’re parents. For you see, they gave you up to keep you safe from a very evil person. Because that person has the power to destroy anything that gets in its path, even things that were not meant to be in this world.” As she does not let her niece or husband break down crying.

Makes sure she holds onto her niece’s hands real tight for Kalista was about to yank from her grip and walk away, not wanting to even look at her aunt. But something warm came over them at that precious moment, something that had them have a very powerful bond. She immediately rush’s to her aunts arms and starts letting it all out and cries on Daniella’s shoulder, sobbing turning into a muffling sound throughout the whole room. Royce catch’s the book before it could fall on the floor by Kalista’s movements then closes it up and puts it on the side table to his left.

Daniella comforts her by rubbing her back smoothly while rocking Kalista as she once did when she was just a baby, shares a secret smile and an sigh of relief with her husband; Knowing that they were so close to loosing her forever. Kalista slow with ease removes herself from her aunts embrace then wipes away her tears and sniffles. Clears throat a little and sits up straight by adjusting herself in the middle of them both.

“I wish to go off and look for them. So that I may get to know who they are and finally get the right answers I’ve been longing for my whole entire life.” As she begins to play with the chain of the necklace wrapped around her neck. Praying that they both will understand and respect her wish’s, for this dream could finally become a reality. But nothing could prepare her again for another shocking moment.

“Of course you can my dear. Its what me and you’re uncle have been waiting to hear you say, for you see, we want you to go to them. It is the right time and no time will be a better one.” Knowing that soon she and Royce will be saying goodbye to their niece, but hopes that it will not be a forever one. Before she says her goodbyes to them both, she looks at her aunt, grinning. "Aunt Daniella. Who does this necklace belong to? And, why was it in my closet. I've never noticed it till now." She said, as a confused look grows on her face. Hoping t least get something to hold her off. Daniella smiles. Grabbing Kalista's hand gently, then rubs the top part smoothly with her thumb. "My sister, your wonderful mother, left it in the basket that you were in. To know more of it, you must go see them." She said, sniffling lightly, as some tears begin to shed. Blinks her eyes rapidly to stop them from coming out. Satisfied with the answer she got so far, she then smiles wide.

Kalista gives both her aunt and uncle a very tight and long hug, kiss’s them both on the cheeks then gets up from the couch with excitement; as if someone just lit a fire cracker. Turns around to face them with both arms folded down. Her aunt and uncle have answered a wish as if they snuck a peak into Kalista’s mind and saw an life long dream.

“Thank you guys so much for all that you have done for me over the years. I will never forget,” As she smiles, blowing them both a kiss. “But I will be sure to visit you guys at every chance that I get. I love you aunt Daniella and uncle Royce.” Runs out of the room and heads up to her room to get dressed.

They then look at one another and sinks down in the middle of the couch, their sides and hips pressing against each other. Daniella rest’s her head on her husbands shoulder and Royce holding her close by wrapping an arm around her shoulder, giving his wife’s forehead a soft kiss as they both now look at the door their niece walked through. Glad to have the most hardest thing in their life done and over with, to never have to lose another nights worth of sleep with nothing but worry on the brain.

“We did good dear. Raised her to do the right things in life and now she is about to do something that will change everything as we know it.” Smiles while lovingly smooth’s his wife’s shoulder with his thumb.

“Indeed we did hun. I just hope that my sister and brother in law are ready for her.”

“Yes, I hope so as well. She is a stubborn woman like her aunt and mother that’s for sure.” As he nods in agreement to his wife’s statement.

Daniella gasped softly and smiles while tapping her husband on his thigh and hears him chuckle as he knows the light hit was a playful gesture from Daniella that will never get old.

Kalista makes way into her room as she opens up her rosewood closet then pulls out a full outfit along with a comfortable cloak for those long cold nights ahead. Places them on her bed as Kalista brings out a messenger bag from underneath her bed then starts putting very important things inside. Stands in front of a half broken mirror on the wall as she fixes up her half loos ponytail then begins to get dressed. Her luxurious burgundy dress flows from top to bottom with a sweetheart neckline, an flowing corset-like tied fabric of her dress covers her stomach where the continuous flow is broken up by a large leather belt worn low around her waist and too long sleeves that are flared out past her fingers.

Wraps the red wine hooded cloak around her tightly knowing that this smooth fabric will be sure to keep her warm all night through her travels, tying up the strings in front halfway a little loose. Puts the purses strap over her shoulder inside the cloak, opening up the door and then shuts it to head down stairs. Stuffs up her bag with some apples, oranges, two canteens for water and supplies for medical emergencies. Kalista grabs a hold of the doors handle carefully turning it, opens up slowly then steps outside and makes sure its closed shut. Walks toward the edge of the woods gathers up every bit of her courage, closes both eyes taking a breather then takes an one last glance over her at her aunt and uncles home.

See’s the both of them smiling back at her from the kitchen window waving goodbye to her, at the same time promising them to one day make a visit. Turns around as Kalista makes way into the woods blending in with the shadows and never looks back, getting ready to face the unknown.

As hours went by. Kalista cautiously steps around a few fallen tree branch’s. No unwanted trouble jumped out of nowhere, nor any tragic moments. So far so good. All she has to do is find the nearest house or town, get directions to this SageBurrow place and finally have long over due answers.

Since Kalista is now and officially all on her own, she can do the one thing that she’s always wanted to do. Finds a nearby sturdy tree stump and sits down making herself comfortable. Begins removing both ankle length boots then puts them in her messenger bag neatly. The moment Kalista raises up she buries her toes deep within the grounds moist soil. Ah. The cool dampness of it all. She’s the kind of woman that loves the feel of everything in her surroundings. Sure Kalista is known as a quiet one. But those are the kind that you need to keep a close eye on. Never knowing when they will one day snap.

Kalista makes it safely to a cluttered pile of somewhat broken tree branches and leaves hanging down like curtains, forming a canopy around the area. Huh. Looks like something a mythical creature would live in. She makes way toward it by walking around a few cracked rocks here and there. Gives it a good look over once, twice and even three times, just to be safe. The moment Kalista settles down in the round brown leaf shaped bed, peaceful sounds of a lake begins making beautiful songs, the sky becoming a starlit night. She falls into a much needed sleep as nighttime birds begin singing.

As the new day of Kalista’s adventure arrives, she wakes up to the warmth of the morning sun. Gives both arms a good long stretch above her head as she turns around from side to side slowly, cracking her hips. Ah. What a relief it is to undo those unwanted knots in ones muscles. Stands up slowly by massaging her tailbone area. That’s the last time she will ever sleep on this gods forsaken ground again that’s for sure.

Kalista begins to feel determined to get this task completed. Walks around the secretive looking canopy bed then walks down a new path leading to some new rocks it seems. But with a closer glance to them, it looks to be like they have grown some type of strange shaped moss. Why in the world do they look like the kind of Celtic knotted cross’s one would see at grave sites.

The moment she touch’s each swirl line, the necklace tucked underneath her top begins letting off a semi bright orange color. As the black iron wrapped around the gem vibrates Kalista immediately yanks her hand away from the moss, as if she just got struck by lighting.

What in the world? That’s just not normal. Kalista glances down to see her necklace letting off like a lighting bug then becomes utterly confused. Giving it a simple light touch.

‘Why is it doing this? Jewelry don’t just glow out of thin air.’ Mutters under her breath.

As Kalista keeps her mind focused on the bizarre actions going on, the sunlight above her gets blocked by a whole lot of nothing but shade. Looks around from side to side slowly then tilts head to her right side. Did it really become nighttime that quickly? But the one thing that caught Kalista completely off guard was the sound of a huge gust of wind get blown all around just her. Kalista tucks in loss strands of hair in the back of her ears as she looks straight ahead.

Nothing could prepare her for what she is about to witness next. An angelic figure of a pure white horse appears within a few feet away from her. Its light baby blue mane hanging down over one side of its face along with a silver horn shooting from its forehead. Strong mystical power radiating from its source. Kalista felt herself being glued to the ground as she watch’s in amazement. Eyes wide like saucers.

‘I’m either seeing things or I must have been in the sun for far too long’ Thinks to herself.

Kalista takes a few steps toward the rare creature with both hands facing outwards at either side of her. Incase grabbing something nearby is fully necessary. Breaths in and out slow before making any more sudden moves.

“Nice horsey. I’m not going to hurt you.” She smiles with kindness as she unfolds her palm and stretching it out toward the being.

Watch’s in astonishment as the creature makes a soft sound lifting its head up and down then licks Kalista’s hand, as it makes her giggle with a tingling feel. An automatic bond becomes formed between the two as she straight away hugs the creature’s head close kissing near its ear.

“You’re such a beautiful creature. Where on earth did you come from. Are you lost?” She asked while giving the horse’s forehead a nice gentle scratch.

“Of course not miss. I’ve been sent out to look for you.” She said with a nod of her head.

Kalista backs away a little with still holding onto the creature’s head. Watching its horn light up every now and then as she hears a mysterious voice. Glance’s around a bit from side to side just in case.

“Wait a minute,” Arch’s an eye brow looking at the creature. “You can talk? That’s just not possible.”

A thousands new questions run through her mind. Okay well, it sure as hell wasn’t a moorage that’s for sure. Couldn’t touch one if it was silly. Alright Kali, all you have to do is ask some of the right questions and in the end, everything will be answered. Hopefully.

Jayna looks at the young long lost future queen of SageBurrow with a feel of joy running through her veins. She moves one hooved foot against the ground breaking it up. Folds both wings to her sides by finally relaxing them.

“You see miss. My name is Jayna and I come from a world were every impossible creature known to man is kept hidden.” She said with a soft neigh.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jayna.” She smiled softly. “I’m Kalista McCarty. Kind of on a mission at the moment you see.”

“Oh? What kind of mission is that miss Kalista.”

Kalista smiles softly still. “I’m out here looking for my family. Clues or possibly people who may have heard of them.”

As the mention of Kalista’s family gets spoken of, Jayna puts on a fake joyful reaction by doing a light gallop at her side. But deep down, she knows why no one would know of the King and Queen of SageBurrow. Quietly debating whether or not to fully say the whole truth.

“Well miss Kalista. I would be more then happy to help you out on your little adventurous journey,” Jayna said neighing softly once more. “And I know just to place to go to. Its just right around the corner.”

Kalista claps happily with a wide smile forming on her face, jumping a little bit of excitement. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. The day of finally having help on the search for her parents. And now she can let out a sigh of relief knowing that Jayna is nowhere near being a figment of her imagination.

Jayna trots toward a few withered bush’s then stops midway looking over her shoulder at Kalista. Neighs with a slight nod.

“Well, come on Miss. We don’t want to keep the gate waiting any longer then it already is.”

She walks up to Jayna’s side after making sure everything is intact in her messenger bag then starts walking, as they both make way through some arch ways here and there. Nothing could stop them now.

As the hours have passed, day turning into night, Kalista and Jayna appear at a secluded area. Nothing but grass in the open field. Sure everything is beautiful in the day time, but at night, its as if everything comes to life. Kalista walks deeper into the middle of the grass with Jayna. Looks around in amazement as the moon in the sky makes everything in its view let out its own special kind of glow. In the corner of her eye a big oval shaped circle of mushrooms appear out of thin air, as if it was summoned by an unknown force.

Turns around immediately to come face to face with this somewhat weird object. What is it with these strange things popping up out of nowhere on her. Is this a curse or something? She didn’t disrespect anyone that she is aware of. This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the minute. But what happened next really became a jaw dropping moment.

She watch’s Jayna walk in the circle like it was nothing. As if she owned the place. Arch’s an eyebrow in utter confusion. Kalista could not believe what she is seeing take place. The lids of each mushroom begins to light up forming a little swirl of dust as it forms a dome of some kind above Jayna. Kalista begins to take a step back looking around for a way out of here.

“Are you coming Miss Kalista? The gate wont stay opened forever you know.”

“Uh, Look Jayna. I know you must be a nice person and everything. But,” Clears throat as she does her best to stay calm, cool and collected. “Are you sure that thing is safe?”

Jayna lets out a one last neigh with an slow nod. “Of course it is Miss. You wont feel a thing once we make it through to the other side.”

Kalista arch’s both eyebrows now. Okay. Looks like I’m about to get mysteriously killed by a talking horse in a unknown area, good place to hide a body. Great. Looks up at the sky halfway muttering to herself. ‘What did I ever do to you?’ Someone must really be hating me right now. Oh well. Might as well get this strange event over with and dodge the bullet.

She moves toward Jayna and the now creepy, in her mind, glowing gate. The moment Kalista steps in the circle she feels warmth spread all over her. Peace and quiet fills around them both as each swirl of glitter twirl’s around them. Chants of ancient prayers get heard now as the sounds carry them off to their destination.

Jarret Lattimer, the woodland elf and Sage Burrow’s loyal guard, stands tall and straight as he keeps an eye on all of his surroundings. Keeps a firm grip on his special swords handle attached to his hip; in case anything unwanted shows up. Rumors of the missing princess swept all around this town like wild fire, on a count of it being unheard of for a person to just vanish after they are born. He’s always wondered what he would have been like growing up here, to someday rule the town at whosever side she chooses. She could never fall in love with a man like him. Women only wanted him for his money, never love or attention. Reasons why he would never venture off into any taverns. Not worth the time and energy if you ask him. Never again will he make past mistakes.

As the sounds of howling wolves echo in the far off distance, some would call it normal, but others know that its a sign to let the children of Sage Burrow know its bed time. White Candles being lit on their own sitting on lily pads in a few ponds near some homes in town. The elderly retreating back into their homes as well, to get a good night sleep.

But one elder that stands out of them all and that is Jarret’s grandfather, the towns ancient healer. For you see, there are more to them than very few people know about. Jarret is the son of Greek God Kratos and Adelisa, the vampire faerie; Being known as Ireland’s creature of the night, Leanan Sidh. After the little stunt they pulled on one another his grandfather became his rightful guardian. A figure of a five foot man with short grey, neatly coiffured hair, its sides tucked in between both ears. He makes his way around a wooden pole with golden chains that connect to another one few feet away across to its left side.

“I know you are there old man. Can’t fool me this time around.” Said Jarret as he stares off into the woods with a grin growing on his face. If Jarret were in his true form, ears would be twitching as a warning signal. Andreas steps even closer now no longer quiet. “You were once a good target,” Letting out a soft chuckle with a wide smile. “But now you are very smart.” Clearing his throat now while folding both arms in the back of him.

Andreas always admired his grandson’s determination to always outsmart any enemy that comes face to face with him. He raised him well. Jarret turns around to glance at his grandfather then sheaths his sword and ties it up at its side. He tucks it at his back now safe in straps. “I’ve learned from the best sir.” As he smiles with delight at him. Andreas nods in agreement smiling with pride. “That you did my boy.”

Confusion begins to form on Jarret’s face as he looks deep at his grandfather. Its strange to see him out at this hour. “What are you doing up this late grandfather? You should be sleeping.” Keeps his eyes on him while folding both arms across his chest. “You’ve been at this gate from the rising of the sun, till the moon has risen. Go home and get some sleep.” Andreas said with an amused look on his face letting out a soft chuckle. Now making a closer step to him. Sudden cold air blowing around them both slow as the tree’s leaves move around all calm.

“And I will be sure to do just that sir. Goodnight grandfather.” As he smiles hugging his grandfather patting him on the back lightly. Andreas begins to return the gesture while hugging his grandson. “Goodnight my dear boy.” They both share another cheerful smile after backing away slowly from each other. Andreas goes into Jarret’s standing position as he watch’s him head on home.

The journey from the gate to Jarret’s home, was a good half a minute walk. He begins making his way down a dirt road with few tree’s here and there from either side. All around him was nothing but the peaceful sounds of frogs, crickets and a few night owls nearby. Jarret loved nights like this. No sounds of metal clashing against metal. Or even maybe a few sounds of almost broken bones from each opponent. Nothing could beat this beautiful scenery.

But there was one thing that was missing in his life. A woman. Sure he used to be with some women. But they only wanted to be with him for short periods of time. He wanted forever. Jarret glances up looking at the sky while still walking at a slow pace with a grin on his face. Staring at the moon with longing as he hopes to one day find true love. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, that there is someone out there looking at the exact same moon he’s seeing right now. Looking back straight ahead as he makes another turn to his left.

A silhouette of an square shaped two bedroom wooden cabin appears a few feet away. The roof is high and pyramid shaped and is covered with grey tiles. Two colored glass windows in the front, back and on either sides of the house. Stone covered walk way leading to the porch and dirt road. What sticks out in the back of his house, are the hidden lights that makes the yard come to life at night, a long pond with candles lighting themselves on lily pads and an small waterfall. Along with various rock formation. Becomes delighted to know that smoke is traveling out from the brick chimney, a sign for Jarret letting him know that his fireplace is still alive. As Jarret begins opening up his door stepping inside.

He makes way into the living passing by his nice sized kitchen that can fit two people. The moment Jarret see’s his companion at the fireplace resting, he lets out a sigh of being relieved and grins. A dark lumpy figure appears sleeping on a red blanket. The creatures middle head uses its other two as pillows underneath its chin. His tail being three inches long with a arrow tip. Its pitch black fur being as smooth as silk and its eyes glowing with the color of yellow flames that danced in the dark. The very creature in front of Jarret is known as the Greek guardian of the infernal underworld. But to others it is only known by one name alone. Cerberus. He got the big guy from his grandfather and had him ever since he was a little pup. Andreas thought it a good idea for both boy and pup to grow up with one another. Cerberus has never left Jarret’s side since

Before heading off to bed he gives each ear of Cerberus’s three heads a good rub then smiles wide while standing back up straight. Jarret walks down the hall heading toward his bedroom door to the right then opens door by stepping inside. Removes each fabric of his clothing and puts each scrap of armor in the wooden basket at the end of his bed. The moment Jarret becomes shirtless with nothing but tight black pants then sinks in between a few warm green blankets resting his head on some dark yellow pillows. As he slowly begins to doze off, his once tan skin becomes grey with a hint of bright purple. Hair changing into the color of the halo ring around the moon. As if every change is controlled by its power every night since his birth.

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