Forever Garnet

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Chapter 3

Kalista and Jayna have traveled further into the woods for a while now. As night becomes day with every creature waking up to its beautiful rays and going back to their day, mist rolling in making things wet and glisten in the sunlight with its touch. Songs from birds play in the far off distance. But the one thing that could catch anybody's eyes are two eight inch long angelic wings that belong to Jayna with yellow main and tail along with an diamond head piece that helps her communicate with others around her, covers the sleeping form of Kalista on her back halfway, as a security blanket then slowly starts to move one feather in front of her nose to wake her up.

Kalista suddenly lets out an loud sneezing sound as she then sniffles for a while and rubs her eyes, gives out a big yawn stretches arms out and smiles looking around. "Good morning Jayna. Where are we?" Said Kalista a she keeps her balance while sitting up and looking around at the surroundings. Jayna neighs with the up and down movement of her head while placing her wings at Kalista's sides like an two inch wall to protect. "We are almost close to the outskirts of these here woods." As her horn fades in and out by taking its time. Pass's by a few blueberry bush's as Jayna begins to grab some with her mouth, hands them to Kalista as she then nods a thank you gesture and smiles. Out of nowhere the sounds of a running stream is heard in the distance while Kalista adjusts her cloaked hood making sure its tied and secured, in case hiding is necessary.

Makes way through the last few oak trees as Jayna lowers her wings to let Kalista hop off. She makes a safe landing kneeling down in front of the river while her friend eats some grass. Sighs as she closes her eyes and thinks of should be said to the ones who gave her life. Questions running around like a stampede not knowing when to stop completely. Why give up her? Why have aunt Danielle and uncle Royce raise her? But most of all, what in the world is up with the strange necklace around her neck, that she found in her closet. As Kalista pulls herself together breathing out a deep heavy sigh, she then lowers the capes hood and leans down to face the water, opens eyes as she sees the most shocking discovery of her life yet.

A blood curdling scream is heard through out the entire woods as birds fly away from trees with fear and other creatures run away for safety, for nothing prepared them for this moment in history. Jayna rushes to Kalista's side immediately as she looks around from side to side then at her. "Are you okay? What happened." Kalista's eyes go wide as fear and worry begin to slither up her spine along with throughout her whole body, hands shaking while slowly putting both hands to her strange looking ears in her reflection. "What...What am I?" She was hopping to hear or see Jayna get worried as well. But when she looked over her shoulder, it was not the reaction she was looking forward to.

Gulps as she tries to swallow pas the lump like rock forming in her throat, repeating to herself quietly. 'You're okay, You're fine.' Opens eyes fully looking back at the reflection now. Tugs hard at the odd looking ears, but winces at the pain. "Ouch!" Then gets a massive throbbing feel crawl toward both temples and pinches the ridge of her nose, tilting her head back in the in-case-of-a-bleeding-nose position, looking at the sky. "Don't pull on them miss. They will create a terrible headache." Said Jayna as a sad look grows on her face. Moves in close to nudge Kalista's shoulder. Grunts then glares a little at Jayna, knowing she cant stay mad forever. "You think?" Smiles and chuckles as her friend joins in with understanding. Knowing full well that no bad blood or anger can tare their friendship apart.

"So Jayna. Do you know who or where I can go to about this?" Since she knows damn well this is not normal, for her aunt or uncle don't have these nor was it shown anywhere in the album. Paws at the ground carefully with her left hove foot then neighs and smiles once more, gliding back to face the beginning of the outskirts of the woods, tucking in her wings at either side. "Indeed I do miss. Stand by me please, as we continue on our way." As Kalista stands up taking her time. Sticks to Jayna's side like glue, but an confused look begins to grow on her face. Looks around once more. "What is up ahead anyway?" Covers up her ears with the capes hood, for she is not wanting that kind of attention at all. "We are heading to the town of Sage Burrow miss." She says with pride as they both head on out.

"Here we are miss Kalista. Welcome to Sage Burrow." Jayna declared with a soft neighing sound of triumphant. She must be happy to be here, for some strange reason. Kalista will never understand why. But they made it. That's the important thing. String of white flower like lights, shaped into the form of lamps, make the whole pathway and anything else it touches, glow with a warm feel. As Kalista looks straight, an image of an amazing gate appears. Two six feet tall tan brick columns stand, with strong black cement holding them in place. A black iron stands firm in the middle; from far away it looks glossed. But the things that have caught Kalista's attention, were the brier vines around each column, as if to scare off any unwanted evil, and a beautiful red rose crest in the middle. She wonders why an iron cage is protecting it like a dragon claw, holding something dear.

Before they both could get close, a strong and loud voice, echos far off to the left. As the tall figure of an mysterious man comes into view, Kalista becomes glued to the ground, feet becoming one with the soil. Oh boy. This is it. The figure gives both intruders a mysterious look on his face, not knowing what to think of the situation. Kalista watch's him walk up, but tilts head back halfway, as his form comes in clear view now. Thank you moonlight. The inside of her mouth has gone dry all of a sudden, talk about weird. That never happened before. Especially, because of a guy.

Mystery guy gazes back. Sure its good to have Jayna home, safe and sound, but who in the world is the woman in front of him. He keeps his eyes on her, never wanting to blink, in fear of this gentle looking creature vanishing forever. "Who are you and what brings you here stranger? Speak wisely." He said, with a calm tone of voice, with a hint of charm. Stranger. 'This is it Kali, time to be the brave woman you want to be' Thinks to herself, then snaps out of it, before she gets lost in the mans magnificent blue eyes, or the well groomed black hair, that is pulled back to reveal his handsome face. Never mind the fact of the two pointy ears of his. Ponder on that subject later.

Kalista raises her chin, folds both arms down in front of her, as the feel of being courageous, runs through out her whole body. "Well good sir. My name is Kalista McCarthy. I am here to see the king and queen of this, so far, beautiful place." She said, with a cheerful tone. This is it. Moment of truth. But she was not expecting what came next. A soft chuckle escapes from his wide grin, becoming amused by this fierce woman. "I am not a Drill Sargent my dear. No need to get all hostile on me." He said, While now clearing his throat. Cross's both arms while not moving from his spot, muscles bunching up by each movement. Hearing such a demand from this short, angelic looking woman, has sparked his curiosity. Kalista swallows past a lump in her throat. Oh no. This is not good. Takes in a deep breath, releasing it through her nose, then smiles wide. Hiding her nervousness. "Fine. My apologies sir. I did not realize that i would come face to face with someone here." She said, as Kalista keeps all of her focus on him.

Jarret bites lightly on the inside of his cheek, while smiling lightly now. Swallows the now flowing feel of his own blood. That should satisfy his growing hunger for now. Hopefully. Before he could give this woman a reply back, a loose strand of a bouncy red curl pops out from the side of Kalista's hood. Letting curiosity get the best of him, he immediately moves in closer now, and touches the smoothness of it. As Jarret begins to guide the curl back inside to tuck it behind her ear, Kalista blushes a light red color looking at him. Instantly backs away from him slow, keeping the hood stay intact. Phew. That was a close one. He now goes back to his spot, folding both arms behind him. Tilts head to the side, and nods, in a way of apologizing. She returns the gesture as they both share a smile.

"Apology accepted. And please, you don't have to call me sir. My name is Jarret." He said, with a wide grin, while watching the moons glow making Kalista's eyes shine like rare Jewels. Wonders if she could be the one, his true love, the one his grandfather spoke of in words he did not understand. The painted blush on Kalista's cheeks, start to fade. Shivers run down her spine, the good kind, as she secretly falls in love with his strong and beautiful voice. Sucks both bottom and top lip in, while now smiling brightly. "I see. Well, its nice to meet you Jarret." She said, smiling brightly still, hoping this moment don't end.

As Kalista now decides to move up closer to him, she gets a better look of him. God he's handsome. Sending a silent prayer up above, in her mind. 'Please let him be single' But another part of her, tells her there is no time for thoughts like this. Not knowing that Jayna sent her own silent prayer for the two. Jarret watch's her every movement, arch's an eye brow, waiting to see what will happen now. "Like wise Lady Kalista. And might i saw, you have a beautiful name." He said, thanking the gods and goddess's above silently, for having her this close. While looking around, then at the gate for a few seconds, Kalista glances back toward Jarret. Can a man like this, really be this good looking. If only she had the strength to let her ears be out in the open. Maybe her birth parents can help out with this problem, or sudden urge, if you will. There has to be a reason why Jarret seems to allow his ears out like this. What is his secret. "Why thank you Jarret. That is very of you. Could you escort me to the palace? If it's not too much to ask." She said, finally becoming comfortable around him surprisingly. Jarret senses the, out of the blue change, coming from her. Glances over his shoulder at the gate, makes sure he has a firm grip on the swords handle now, and grins at her. "I would be honored Lady Kalista." He replied, while now moving toward the front of the gate.

Kalista becomes utterly confused while watching him. She arch's an eyebrow, now seeing him hold his swords handle. What in the world could he possibly do with that. You can't use a weapon to open up a gate. "Are you sure? I don't want to take you away from you're post Jarret." She exclaimed, as she now slowly steps toward, then moves to his empty side. He looks at her over his shoulder, while lifting his sword up halfway. Letting out a relaxed chuckling sound, reaching Kalista's ears. Removes the now sword fully, as he now focuses on the subject at hand. "Nonsense Lady Kalista. I'm on my break actually, and what better way to spend it, by walking with a woman such as yourself." He insisted, with grinning still. Hoping this does not scare her away. Kalista smiles with delight, knowing that at this moment, she will be spending time with him. "Well since you put it like that, how can i say no." She replied. But what happened next, could only accrue in ones dream.

Jarret raises up his sword, then points its tip facing the rose crest. The point is as sharp as a razor. This weapon will cause its enemies to leak from thousands of holes, before they even know what happened. Is held by a grip wrapped in expensive, black leather. The blade itself is engraved. Several words of power have been artistically etched into the blade. As he begins to chant an ancient old Celtic word or two, the engraved letters start to glow a fiery red color. Jarret now lowers the tip against the gates iron bars. The bright color slithers around a few of each one, crawls toward the rose, as it now brings it to life. A creak sound is heard, the moment the rose blooms out, moving around in circles. When the gate has become opened, Jarret lowers his weapon as each word in color fades away. He sheaths it back in its holder at his side. Turns around to find a wide eyed Kalista.

What in the world did i just witness. This really can't be happening. Strange lights, words and symbols, don't just come to life out of nowhere. First, it was the fact of being able to talk to Jayna, secondly the glowing mushrooms, and now this. There have better be a good explanation for all of these bizarre events. Kalista kept her mouth opened halfway, being speechless and not knowing exactly what to say now. 'Well Kali, you did say you wanted adventure' She thinks to herself. Jarret watch's each one of her movements really carefully. She did not run off screaming, so far so good. He stepped to the side, being somewhat close, then puts out his elbow and smiles while nodding. "Follow me Lady Kalista. And please, stay at my side till we get to your next destination." He said, hopping she knows that she can trust him.

Kalista gazes at his arm for a few good seconds, nods and grins, then wraps both arms around his. It wont hurt to give him a try. He looks over his shoulder at Jayna without Kalista knowing. Nods at her, in a way of telling her she can follow them both. As they both begin their walk, Kalista starts to look around slow at her surroundings taking it all in as much as possible, being amazed at every perfect detail. "Of course i would. So Jarret. Do you live here by any chance?" She replied, while smiling, waving back at a few children that run by them, before heading to bed for the night. She grins while getting lost at how beautiful the lights all around them are. "I don't actually. I live just a few turns from here. Maybe someday i can show you." He said, with clearing his throat once more.

Jarret notices the smiles and nods coming at him from the elders. Boy is he glad that Kalista did not see their looks toward them. Its a very rare moment in this town again to see these two species, walking in public. But that was then and this is now. Things have changed now for the better and people don't need to live in fear anymore. She couldn't believe that they were standing this close, side by side, to their destination. Thank god nothing else embarrassing happened. Having a man like him around her has been an answer to a prayer from above. Sure any other man would do, but this one looks very mysterious and Kalista loves to solve hidden secrets that stay unsolved. But what got Kalista utterly confused, were the now ongoing looks from each villager, she caught from the corner of her eyes. They were smiling. What in the world could they be smiling about, and not hiding away in their own homes. "I would love that very much Jarret." She said, grinning and blocking out the glances, for now.

Maybe its the sight of Jayna and her angelic like wings, becoming a night light. Gives off a nod in her mind being pleased with that good guess. Jarret grins wide, loving were this conversation is going. "Where are you from Lady Kalista? Out of curiosity." He said, sneaking a few glances down at her. As they both now walk passed a few more homes, along with his grandfather's shop, known as The dreaming branch, were anything can be bought or sold. Kalista keeps her gaze straight ahead, knowing full well of his eyes on her. Licks her lips cleaned then lets out a soft chuckle. "Not from this place that's for sure. I'm actually from a place that's on the other side of that weird looking circle thing." He holds in his laughter at her comment on the mushroom gate. Smiles wide as it fades away. "Ah. I see. The human realm." Kalista now decides to give him a quick glance back. Couldn't hurt. Grins with being satisfied seeing the smile on his face, then looks to her right. "You know of it?" He must have traveled to it, she thought. If only she saw him at those times in her life.

"You could say that. I've heard things about it, here and there." Jarret said, while looking up at the sky, seeing a round white circle around the moon. Looks like there will be some rain pretty soon, or a bit of cold weather. The winter faeries must be excited at this sudden change of things, hell they could even be the ones responsible for this, knowing them. Kalista smiles brightly, keeping a firm grip on his arm, never letting go. "I see. Well, maybe you can tell me about this place next time." She said, while watching a few of the stares blink like diamonds. "I would love to Lady Kalista." Jarret said, while keeping her close to him. Taking every chance he got, to have her this close to him this night. So far, nothing has torn them apart from one another. She now thinks back to a subject that made her completely confused, the moment she and him started walking. The on going glances. "Why was everyone watching us Jarret?" She said, noticing how they now were all gone, and safe in their homes. He grins, now witnessing it as well. "Because i usually head on home at this time, but with you here, i'll make it an exception." Kalista lets out a soft and quiet giggle sound under her breath, then clears her throat. Moves her free hand in the back of her, hiding it inside her cloak. "Oh. Well I'm glad that you could squeeze me in you're busy schedule." As they both now share a quick glance at one another from a corner of their eyes, then lets out a soft chuckling sound together. "Busy day or not, i will always find a way to squeeze you in Lady Kalista." She nods at him, grinning wide. "Thank you very much Jarret." He then returns the gesture back.

The moment Kalista and Jarret walk closer to the line that separates both kingdom and village, a breathtaking image takes away Kalista's breath. Four thick, square towers came into view as they form a protective barrier all around the kingdom and are connected by towering, vast walls made of smooth white marble. Stylish glass windows of roses are scattered here and there, across the walls of various sizes for archers and artillery. As she keeps looking at all of its beauty, she notices that this kingdom has clearly stood the test of time. For the rocks of the walls have aged with vines and plants growing inside each crack, but from what Kalista could also tell, was that this kingdom will last for ages to come. She couldn't believe her eyes that this place is the home of her birth parents, and a home she would have been raised in. Jarret savors the last moment that he has with her, before lowering his arm and letting her go. "No problem at all Lady Kalista. Well. Here we are. The towns kingdom." He said, smiling wide. She keeps her eyes now on the kingdoms magnificent door, with its swirled carving designs, all over it. "I see. It's very beautiful." She said, as she now starts walking up slow toward it then stands firmly up straight on the porch. Both of her feet start to stay glued to the ground again. Damn it.

Becomes very nervous suddenly. Looks over her shoulder quickly after hearing Jarret's voice a few feet away. "Are you alright Lady Kalista? They wont bite you." He said, chuckling with a grin. Watching her walk up there then stops and becomes a statue all of a sudden. She gives him a reassuring smile and nods, now folding both arms down in front of her. "I'm fine Jarret. Just nervous is all." As she concentrates on trying to release both of her legs stiffness. Come on legs, work with me here. He glances at her still, before moving toward Jayna. Grins and nods back at her. "Ah. Very well then. I will see you around Lady Kalista. Goodnight." He said, grabbing a hold of the rope around Jayna's neck. Stepping close to her side. But gets abruptly stopped by Kalista speaking to him. Smiles wide before looking over his shoulder at her. "And Jarret?" She said, smiling brightly. He puts all of his attention on her now. "Yes?" Kalista now folds both arms in the back of her, starting to become confident with herself. "Please, just call me Kalista. I'm no one special." She said, with a soft chuckle and nervously. Jarret looks at her one last time, before walking away with Jayna. If you only knew Lady Kalista. You just might be surprised of what you will soon discover about yourself. "Kalista it is then." Smiles wide and nods at her. Kalista lets out a soft giggle now, while nodding back at him. "Goodnight Jarret." He grins, getting ready to walk off now with Jayna. "Goodnight Kalista." Looking back at her once more, then gives off a clicking sound, as he starts escorting her to the special animal stable.

Kalista watch's Jarret and Jayna walk away. As she now faces the door and getting ready to knock, Kalista gives the door a few soft tapping sounds before sneaking a peak at his ass over her shoulder. He looks good looking even from behind. And what a fine looking behind indeed. Shakes her head snapping out of it. 'Stop it Kali. There's always another time to spy on him. Concentrate on the now.' While thinking to herself. She begins to wait patiently now, by folding both arms down in front of her. Becomes lost in thought by glancing at a very pretty, yet a unknown rose bush toward the doors left side. Pure white roses with red all over each petals tip and bottom, that could catch anyone's attention in amazement. How and why a plant as this, could be growing around here, or even exist for that matter. But before Kalista could even make a move toward the rose bush and grab one for a better close up, sound of wooden doors creaking as the two double doors open up. She glances straight, smiling wide while gasping out speechless.

Two fancy looking people appear in the door way, as the scent of whiskey and roses flow in the air around Kalista, like a big gust of wind. She couldn't believe that this day has finally come true. Being face to face with the ones who made her the person she is today. They are both amazing looking. Just like they once were in the drawings. The woman, with her champagne colored hair, in a French braided bun, smiles politely at Kalista. "Oh. Hello there miss. How can we help you on this wonderful night." Arabella looks over her shoulder, glancing at her husband after hearing him make his presence known. A man with dirty blonde wavy shoulder length hair, moves toward his loving wife's side. Caspian folds both arms in the back of him. "Who's at the door my love?" He said, with a grin and an confused look on his face. Arabella keeps her gaze at him, smiling brightly now. "This beautiful and mysterious looking young woman my love."

Caspian placed a hand now at his wife's back. Leaving his free hand down at his side, while glancing at the mystery woman. Watching her closely, as the woman now removes the hood of her cloak, flowing red hair spills out, with its tips being curled. The last time he has ever seen a woman with such hair, was his, now deceased sister, Fleur. Completely caught him off guard. Caspian couldn't believe his eyes. This must be a dream. Keeping a close eye on her. "Ah. What is your name young lady? Never seen you here before." He stated, While clearing his throat. Kalista tucks in a few loss strands of hair being her ears, While both dainty elf ears come into view. Folds both arms down in front of her, keeping her eyes on them. "My name is Kalista McCarthy. I've been on a very long journey to get here. Do you two know where I can find the king and queen?" She said, While arching a eyebrow, hoping for a helpful answer or maybe some advice even. But was not expecting what happened next.

Arabella became speechless. Becomes wide eyed, mouth gaped open then covers mouth with one hand, in a way of hiding her smile. Her little girl, now a grown woman, has become the beautiful image of her three great-grandmother, the woman who created this mysterious family. Grins wide while watching Kalista walk up closer to them both, as she got the strange tugging feel coming over. Arabella folds both arms, holding them close to her chest. Sniffling softly, as tears begin to form at the corners of her eyes, Blinking rapidly. "Oh. My precious sweetheart. You've found us, after all these years." She said, after a few good seconds of catching her breath and collecting herself. Kalista could not believe what she was hearing. Tears start to show on her eyes as well now. Smiles wide. Kalista gathers up all of her courage, clears throat after sniffling, and walks up halfway toward them. "Mom? Dad? Please tell me its really you." She exclaimed, standing there motionless like a statue.

She now opens both of her arms wide, nodding and smiling brightly. Caspian going still while holding back the tears. "It is sweetheart. Welcome home." As her eyes now become glossed. Kalista immediately ran into her mothers arms, burring her face against her shoulder. Her dream has finally come true. She never thought this day would come. These two, her birth parents, looking just like their drawings, as if they jumped out of them. Keeps both arms wrapped around her mothers waist, never letting go. "I'm so glad to finally be with you guys. At last." She said, as her tears have now become dried on her cheeks. Arabella rubs her daughters back, comforting her. Kiss's the top part of Kalista's head. Caspian moves in close toward them, now wrapping both arms around them, keeping them close. Kalista steps back a little bit away from her moms arms. Giving her father, her full on attention. Now she can see were she got her love of being patient. Well, maybe not always, bit it wont hurt to try at times. Arabella watch's while grinning, letting these two have a special moment. He now walks toward Kalista, while opening up his arms, once again. She moves toward him with a bright smile. Kalista wraps both arms around his waist, lays head on his shoulder, and lets out a sigh of relief. Caspian kiss's his daughters forehead, smiling wide. "We're happy to finally have you back with us. My precious star shine. We've missed you so much." As he holds her tight, never letting her go now. Him and his wife's dreams and wishes, have come true. Kalista returns the tight hug, closing both eyes and staying right were she is. "It's good to finally be home, at long last." While both father and daughter share a loving hug, Arabella grins then moves fingers from her right hand slowly at her side, as the door closes automatically.

Jarret keeps walking toward the stables with Jayna, as they pass by a few closed stores, of goods, clothing and furniture. Sage Burrow is known to have everything, from town to town, and any other realm known to them. But Sage Grove, is one place no one would want anything from. Some say they poison any object they send and others, even say they will play tricks in order to get paid. Walking past the last few stone benches near some ponds with sand, trees with flower lights on each branch, and a few patch's of sunflowers. As they both now make it to the stables safe, Jarret lifts up the latch and opening up the doors. Extends his right hand out to his side, letting Jayna head on inside first. She moves to her stall then undoes the lock with her mouth. Makes her way inside, turns around then pokes her head out while looking back at him now.

"Welcome back home Jayna." He stated, While leaning back against the wall, near the right door. Crosses both arms over his chest while moving one ankle over the other. Jarret looks around for a bit, then back toward Jayna. She now moves both wings up and down, in a way of stretching out each muscle. Who knew keeping them in one place for so long, could end up giving you a cramping feel. "Thank you Jarret. It's good to be back here." She exclaimed, while moving her head around a little, with her main swaying at each movement. Starts to enjoy some fresh Hay, Water and Apple slices at either side in her stall. The whole barn belongs to each and every person in town. Each animal sleeping the night away, as the only sounds in the barn, are of a few night owls and their conversation.

He taps both thumbs lightly against his chest, glancing at the castle's one tower facing the barn. Wonders what she could be doing at this very moment. Boy what he wouldn't give to have her at his side again. A million questions run through his mind now, picking one at a time. "Is it her Jayna. Did the missing princess finally return home?" He said, giving Jayna a slow and quick glance. She watch's him carefully now after eating the last pieces of apple slices. Jayna drinks up some water. "Indeed she is Jarret. But it will take time for her to adjust to this new life, and people around her." She said, giving off a soft neighing sound. He returns his gaze back to the tower. A slight grin forms on his face now. Nods. "I agree Jayna. For I know what that was like very well." He said, letting off a soft chuckle now. Jarret knew very well. The moment he was born and brought here by his grandfather, to live safe and sound. He has been the towns guard from the age of eighteen and up till now, at the age of twenty-six.

Jayna grabs a nearby blanket with her mouth, glides it on the edge of her door, then finish's the last bit of hay. Sure the little naps in the woods were alright, but nothing could compare to the comfort of your own special place. She gives her wings a little shake. "Will you tell her of what you are?" She said, out of curiosity. Hoping that he will. He now walks away from his spot, then moves slowly toward Jayna's stall. Leans over the railing by using both elbows for support. "Someday. When the time is right and she is ready. Until then, only time will tell." He stated, while removing some unwanted loss white strings on Jayna's blanket. Using one hand, and glances a few times at her. Soon this will be Kalista's job. But for now, he was honored to do it for her.

All the while, each animal lets out a few more sounds. Jarret begins to tone down some of the nearby flower shaped lights. The once bright barn, have now become a soft glow with dim lighting. He grabs the blanket now unfolding it. Lays it over his arm, as he makes way to Jayna's stall. Opening up the gate. She moves her head around from side to side once more, as she watch's him. "Understandable. I hope you know what you are doing." She said, letting out a soft neighing sound once more. Jarret moves toward her side, as he see's her lift up her wings a little.

He unfolds the blanket completely, laying it down gently on her back. Jayna lowers wings back down, resting them against the blankets smoothness. Giving Jayna's ear a nice rub down, then grins. "I do. Now, go get some sleep Jayna. A whole new day starts tomorrow." He said, grinning wide and patting her on the neck. Walking out of the stall then closing it up tight. Shakes it a little just to double check. Jayna lowers herself down, tucking both front and back ends underneath. "I will be sure to do just that." As she buries her head halfway, under her left wing. Jarret walks halfway toward the barn door, then stops mid step. Looks over his shoulder smiling. "Goodnight Jayna." As he makes sure that his sword is still at his side. Wings letting off a soft and white light, making the stall bright a little bit. "Goodnight Jarret." He nods. Then walks outside closing both doors shut, by lowering down the latch. Makes a few turns after walking toward the gate. Sending some words to it from his mind, hearing it close up all on its own, as he heads on home for the night. Hopefully by tomorrow, Jarret can have some alone time with Kalista. Also, a one on one.

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