Weekend of horrors

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A weekend away for a group of friends makes them as scared as they have ever been

Adventure / Horror
Emma S Harris
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Chapter 1

Anna and her three friends, Charlotte, Emily, and Hailey, were going away for a weekend. They hadn’t seen each other in about six months since they had all gone their separate ways. Charlotte was studying fashion and was about to leave for New York for a two-year internship. Emily was studying law and was always in and out of courts telling exciting stories about what goes on. Hailey had just gotten a job as a baker and would always make delicious food. I felt my life was going nowhere at all. I was trying to make it as a writer/ journalist, but my stories never seemed to interest people.

I had found a small little cottage in the middle of nowhere. I text all the girls “What do you say girl a cottage in the middle of nowhere to spend our last weekend together?” all the girls were interested in the holiday.

The day arrived that we were going to the cottage. Everyone arrived at my home. It was like we had never been apart. We loaded all the stuff up into my car, and we set off to the cottage.

The drive to the cottage would take about 4 hours to get there. I had the GPS going, and it was all going well until it told me to come off the motorway into what looked like nowhere. I had no idea where I was going, so I followed the GPS directions. I drove down a small little laneway that had grass in the middle of the road. The hedges were so overgrown that the branches were brushing off the side of the car.

It was getting dark outside, and we had lost all signal on the GPS and our phones. I was trying to look for a place to turn the car around to head back onto the motorway. The road was so narrow that it wouldn’t fit two cars. A couple of seconds later, my engine stalled and wouldn’t move. All my friends were freaking out and making me panic even more.

A few hours had passed when suddenly, we heard knocking on the window. No one dared to move and prayed whatever it would go away. The knocking got louder and at one stage tried to open the door of the car. Lucky for us, all the doors were locked. The person started banging on the window then. He ended up cracking a small part of the window. His hand must have gotten cut because all I felt was the blood hitting my hand. That completely freaked me out.

Morning arrived, and we saw what had happened. The car had gotten stuck in the mud with a lot of branches around it. That was causing the knocking noise, and then a small tree had fallen over against the window and cracked it. What I thought was blood was water.

I finally found a place to turn the car around and got back onto the motorway. We were all a little scared, but we looked at it as an adventure. The GPS and our phones regained service, and we were on our way again.

We arrived at the cottage a little while later. It looked like no one had lived in it for a few years. But it was a lovely old stone cottage. I opened the door and saw that the place was very dusty. There were some creepy photos on the wall. There was a warning on the way “Beware of whoever takes the mystical blue diamond will suffer badly” I look at all my friends, and we laugh for a moment. It is probably someone’s idea of a joke.

That night as we were trying to sleep, we start to hear a voice saying “Give me my ring” the sound was so scary. Suddenly, we could see water coming in from underneath the door. It was super strange we were not even near the sea or a lake. The voice was getting louder the whole time. My friends and I were so scared. None of us knew what to do. The water was destroying the house.

Once again, the next morning things were back to normal. There was no water anywhere, and my friends and I just laughed and thought we were all just imagining things because of what happened the night before.

That night though it happened again, the water started flowing into the house. The voice was looking for the ring still. But to make things even worse, someone was knocking on the door and when we refused to answer the door. They started to slam their body weight into the door until it opened. All the windows started to crack. The winds were howling, and we were getting soaked.

The next morning couldn’t come quick enough me, and my friends packed up the car and began to head for home. We had never been more scared in our lives.

Back at home, I looked up the cottage. It was said to be cursed. About 100 years ago a young husband and wife lived in the cabin and one night as they were sleeping someone broke into their house and stole the wife’s most valuable blue ring and whenever someone is foolish enough to stay at their home. The wife’s spirit comes back to the house and chooses a new target to take control of their body and mind until she found her blue ring.

I had never felt more scared in my life. I close my laptop lid so quickly. I don’t know why this has freaked me out so badly. I feel very strange, and it is at that very moment. I realise that the woman has chosen me to be her new body. I see her reflection straight in front of me. I have never been more scared in my life.

A few months passed. The woman’s spirit is going crazy inside of me every time she sees my mum’s engagement ring. I know my mum takes her rings off at night time. So that night I take the ring from my mum’s room and give it back to the lady. Within a few moments, the lady has disappeared never to appear again.

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