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Imagine being wolf and vampire and to make it worse you are being hunted by both.. Its all in their...

Adventure / Action
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The blood wolf

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It’s been three years ever since I lost both my parents to the cruel war. I wonder why me? When their remains were brought to my door step, I felt shattered broken in the most.

I kept the amulet my mother gave to me when I was just a child, I have never removed ever since. She used to sing me this song that went like, “Somewhere up above a mountain top, there is a flame that never dies, my dear darling princess hold on to me, for cruel world, will try to take you away from me….” I loved this song, but I still don’t know what it means or if it’s supposed to mean something.

She had an angelic voice, every time she sang it was like honey dripping from a bottle, me and my father loved her more than anything in this world. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that my parents died fighting for each other and protecting themselves and me.

Where are my manners, I haven’t properly introduced myself now have I? My name is Angelic Halleck a, 18 years of age and I am 4.7ft tall, I have green emerald eyes mixed with a bit of aquamarine blue, I have rose red lips and beautiful clear light skin, I have long, black hair that has a few strips of white and I have an hour glass body shape, and yeah I know you’re wondering if I have racks, apparently I do actually on both sides.

I live in Moscow, Russia with my grandmother Stephaney Hogan. It’s just us two against the cruel world, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if there is more to life than getting cooked up this little cottage. Apparently I am prisoner to my safety; my grandmother would never let me leave the house ever since my parents died.

I am dying to get out of this devastating misery of mine. I just want to break free once and for all. I can finally say this proudly. I have had enough of this hell hole.

“Angelic!!! Would you please come down here?” My grandmother shouts from the basement, I rush to find out why she’s calling me. I hate making trips to go down there. This place freaks me out to the max!!

“Yes Nana, you called?” I respond to her call

“My dear come over and take sit.” She says pointing at this little chair next to her.

“There is something have been holding to for quite some time now, and, I think it’s high time I told you the truth about who you are.” She says in worried tone. To be honest she’s really freaking me out right now.

“So what’s the story Nana?” I ask in suspense.

“See you’re not what you think you are.”

“What do you mean ‘not what I think I am’ nana” okay remember when I said this was freaking me out, scratch that thought, now this statement right here is the soul definition of freaking out. To make matters worse nana is wearing the same facial expression she was wearing the day she found out about my parents death.

“Nana you’re really freaking me out right now.” I say to her in a worried tone.

“Look my darling, this is going to be a lot for you to take in right now, but I want you to embrace it.” She continues with her resolution that seems to have no conclusion.

“Nana will you just spill the beans already am getting really, really worried.” I say in a very frustrated and irritated tone.

“Your parents didn’t die in a war for peace of the world; they died fighting for their love that was so dangerous and against our laws. See your mother was a vampire and your father was a wolf, the only reason why you’re alive right now is because your parents fought for your very existence…” I interrupt her by saying

“So you mean the reason they died was because of me and they are both different animals and stuff?!” I speak out looking rather confused.

“You, Angelic were a fruit of their unholy union and you needed to be destroyed that’s why I never let you out of the house ever.”

“So that’s why I live like a prisoner, no offense nana, but…” she interrupts me

“There is more!” she exclaims.

“What do you mean more?” I don’t think I can take in any more.

“See the amulet your mom gave you?”

“Yes what about it?”

“That’s the only reason why you’re still breathing and why you still appear normal.”

“So you’re saying that without this amulet, am a goner? And I still don’t get the reason why am being hunted down by I don’t know who?”

“Let me finish Ange! I thought I could keep you safe forever turns out I was wrong and now… now I know I can’t because I am dying… you my love are a Crystalphomia one of the greatest creatures of all time, stronger than anything in this world. You and I both know great power always has people threatened by it and what it can do and that it would destroy them, and they want to destroy you before you destroy the.”

“What the fudge! No way, no way how come I haven’t experienced any déjà vu of late huh??” I am so pissed right now I could blow up a planet.

“I told you the amulet is you’re only soul protection.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me about this earlier?”

“I did but you were much too young.”

“I need a moment along to take in all of this fantasy.” I run out of the basement and into the woods where I later burst into tears.

Right now I have hit rock bottom! I am so confused, lost, blinded and mostly I don’t know what to think, probably because am in denial of all this. I pull out my phone from my back pocket and plug in my headsets and select a playlist:


• Unsteady – ambassador X

• Bruises – Lewis Capaldi

• Writings on the wall – Sam Smith


*4hours later*

After my four hour contemplation, I had back to the cottage, and just before I could reach out of the woods and into our territory, I sense something strange and weird.

My amulet is glowing really bright, I guess that mean trouble. I climb up a tree and watch our little cottage for like an hour, and I notice two men leaving they have pale skin, I figured those are the vampires, but what are they doing here?


I rush to our cottage after the two men were out of sight. I found my grandmother trembling in fear and sobbing like she had lost her most precious thing. Seeing her like this had me wondering what happened, but I didn’t want to ask because she already looks devastating enough, if I do she might just a have a heart attack.

“Nana is everything okay?” what’s wrong with me, of course she’s not okay Ange.

“Ange, its time you learn… a powerful being like you can do so much harm or good depending on how you decide to use it, but mostly you could do so much for all of us. The bounty hunt for you has just begun and I need you to leave this place, it’s not safe for you here anymore.” She stands up and hands me a bag pack and a letter.

“Go to Canada and look for Mr Athens give him this letter and he will know what to do.” She says and kisses me goodbye, right now this place is a sorry sight, we are both crying.

“Don’t trust anyone apart from him, I love you Ange take care of yourself.”

“I promise I’ll mike you proud of the woman I will become Nana.” I say with so many heavy feelings my heart is filled with nothing but sorrow, I feel dark and empty some part of me feels alone.

“I am already proud of you my darling dear and I have always been proud of the woman you turned out to be.”

I hug her goodbye once again except this time it’s for real and after that I begin my journey, in search of a Canadian man I have never met. But I guess his probably well known, I mean for nana to just give me a name he must be famous or something. Well I guess it one step at a time; one thing I know for sure is that I should be alert.

It’s been three days ever since I saw my grandmother and three days ever since I had a decent meal or sat down and worried about nothing. My legs are aching, my head feels heavy, I can barely feel my eyes, my stomach is sunken, my mind flooded by all these random thoughts I feel half way dead or like a gazelle during drought with nothing to eat and sleeps for few hours sometimes not at all because she’s worried of the predators out to eat her whole, she’s striving for survival and so am I.

In these three days I only went as far as Finland, it wasn’t easy to move from boarder to boarder, but I made it am at the harbour waiting for a ship I can use to cross use to cross the Barents Sea and into Denmark.

The bag pack on my back contains huge amounts of money in different currencies but the Canadian dollar was more than the rest. After waiting for an hour at the harbour a ship finally arrives. The Maculate, she’s magnificent in every way possible. I worked my way to economic class because it won’t be easy for those bounty hunters to spot me out.

All I wanted to do was sleep, the beds where not much but they surely would make a difference. I slept for the whole day and when I woke up I found my way to a very interesting food buffy, but I couldn’t eat till I was full because I still have a long way to go, and getting sea sick isn’t part of my agenda….

On my back to my quarters or whatever you call it, I bumped into a weird looking guy. He seemed suspicious and my amulet was glowing so this guy right here is trouble. I have to play it cool;

“Sorry ma’am, but are you okay?” he asks looking at me with these hungry eyes. His skin was as pale as the other two mean I saw at Nana’s house and he felt cold.

“I am okay sir, have a good day.” I say rushing to my room.

“Wait!” he yells

“Yes.” My heart is pounding, my blood’s rushing I am so afraid right now, but I have to be strong so I turn around.

“You dropped your ticket.” He says. I am so relieved right now, he never spotted me out. Some part me feels like they don’t know exactly who their looking for.

“Oh! Clumsy me, thank you very much. Have a nice day.” I gently take it off his hands which were cold. Now I am certain his a blood sucking demon.

It was going to take us three to four days to cross the sea. Each minute I spend on this ship with that vampire, I risk my life itself. God please be with me.

I spent a few minutes outside my room most of them inside. We finally reached the sea coast and I wasted no time to get off the ship. As soon as they come to halt! I dropped off.

I was so relieved to be far from harm’s way, or so I thought. After covering a few miles I stopped to take some food and water which I took while I was on the ship, just before I could get comfortable, my amulet started glowing meaning there is trouble.

I was filled with fear, I wasn’t ready to find out who was next to me so I wasted no time and ran as fast I could. I hear my heart beat race, I feet at full acceleration, I knew I had come so far to give up now. I reached a point where I couldn’t run anymore so I stopped, my lungs were out of oxygen, I could feel myself suffocate my legs were numb, my body aching, it was longing for nothing but rest and I felt hopeless, lost, shaken. The outside world I wanted to experience so badly seems to be after my soul each time am at ease, at last my amulet stopped glowing. I sat down to take a bit, my feet were killing me.

I walked some few miles and almost gave up, but lucky I was a few kilos from this convenient store so I walked their as fast as I could.

“Good evening sir, do you happen to have a bathroom I could use” I ask being as polite as I can be.

“Yes just go through the back door>” he says showing me the way.

“Thank you!” I quickly grab a pair of grey sweat pants, ankle socks, a long, black sleeved puma shirt, a black hoodie and some kicks. I pay for the clothes and go through the door as instructed and get changed freshened up in short, at least I can feel human again, and I cover my beautiful, long hair with a head sock and hood.

I threw away my phone back in Russia because I was afraid of being tracked down; I wanted to call my grandmother so bad that every time I think of her I burst into tears.

I bought some water and snacks from the store and hijacked a car from the parking lot. I couldn’t foot anymore I was exhausted. The car took me as far as the Baffin Bay; it took me four straight days to get here. I got on a boat that had a lot of, the smell the smell made me feel nauseous. The boat only took a day and five hours to cross.

I felt relieved I was finally in Canada. The harbour was located at the Baffin Island, specifically Iqaluit I then walked to this wide river. Oh my god this journey has too many water adventures; I crossed it using a canoe. I eventually found myself in Edmonton I walked to this market which was a starting point for me to look for Mr Athens.

“Excuse me sir!” I say to a passer-by.

“Yes how my I help you?” he asks trying to be as polite as possible.

“Sorry to disturb your busy schedule but do you happen to know Mr Athens?”

“The name is familiar, but I am afraid I don’t know him very well. Try asking in the town square perhaps.” He says showing me the way.

“Thank you sir, enjoy your day!” I say while leaving for the town square.

Guess he is known and I hope I take a lucky guess, please amulet give me sing if it’s him, I really need some rest. I reach the town square and they are a lot of people, I can’t possibly manage asking all of them oh god what do I do. Some strange man crosses my eyes and say;

“Are you lost Ma’am?” he asks

“Apparently yes, I am afraid I am” I say nodding my head.

“Any landmarks you remember?”

“Well do you happen to know Mr Athens?” I say with high hopes.

“That’s one name everyone knows…”

“Let me guess you don’t know him but the name is familiar?” I say interrupting his statement

“No, you’re wrong Mr Athens is found by the benches by the fountain he just might be there now.” He says giving directions.

This trip has turned into my personal man-haunt, God this is so devastating and tiring I feel like fainting right now. His instructions where quite direct so I guess I the man am looking at right now is the man am looking for because his the only one by the bench.

“Sorry to disturb your peace sir but am looking for Mr Athens?”

“Why are you looking for him?” he says. Well that’s one way to treat a stranger, I hope he is the person am looking for.

“I have been sent to him by someone who knows him very well.”

“Well then that happens to be me.” He says standing up.

“I am so over joyed to have found you sir; it took me two weeks to get here.” I say very excitedly…

“You look familiar.” He says looking at me carefully. I mean did he not hear the part about my journey here!!!

“I do???” I say trying to avoid the fact that he ignored my pervious statement and with confusion in my eyes>

“Come with me.” He says leading the way like Moses did with the Israelites! So no compliment for my struggle! Well that’s cold.

“Oh by the way am glad to see you and I can imagine what it took to get here you truly are skilful and strong.” He finally acknowledged my struggle.

“Trust it wasn’t easily.” I say with a grin

“I know.” Wow my vibe has been shot down, like an eagle that has been gunned down.

We walk to his house and he lets me in and pours me a hot cup of coffee which I really needed.

“So what brings you to Canada Emily and Andrea’s daughter?” he says while taking his sit on the table with me. So I do look familiar huh. I mean after all I am considered as an unholy product.

“How did you know I was their daughter?” I can’t wait to hear the story all over again. And yeah his right Emily was my mother and Andrea was my father.

“I had a feeling you were coming, I guess the time has come for your conversion.”


“What do you mean Conversion?” I exclaim

“That’s for me to know and you to find outo what’s your name young lady?” he surly know how to be welcome.


“Angelic you have both your mother and father’s features so as their strengths too. I hope you realise how powerful you are”

“Apparently I can’t find an on switch on my so-called ‘powers’” I say sarcastically.

“Very funny, freshen up and get some rest training starts at 7oclock in the morning.” He says handing me some clothes and showing me my room.

“Your mother slept in this room, while she was carrying you in her belly, at that time she was only four months pregnant when the vampires started their search for you and your parents.” He says in a sad tone.

“Is it that the wolves were chilled with the unholy union that happened between my parents?”

“We wolves believed in one’s inner soul and not their appearance and your father was a very good man, he would and could have done anything for your mother, your parents found love and the only thing the vampires could see in it all was, a power and bond too strong that it could destroy them.” He explains it.

“Honestly I’d rather be a wolf lover than a vampire lover.” I justify myself

“Ah… but you have no option but to embrace both beings, because you are a mixture of both.”

“Makes perfect sense,” I agree

“One last thing before you leave, am i the only chromo... something there is?” I ask with a curious mind.

“You mean Crystalphomia yeah; you are the very last one.” He corrects me and gives me a very undesirable answer.

“What happened to the rest?”

“They perished at the hands of the vampires.”

“Am starting to think vampires have a problem with every creature that threatens their existence.

“They do actually and that’s why they want you dead so that you don’t mate and form more of you, but they barely know you, so you’re safe in a way. Now get some rest, bye sunflower.” He says leaving the room or should I say my room.

I take a long shower and wear my PJ’s. I wonder what training will be like tomorrow.


I get up at 6:30am and meditate about how my life has just for like ten minutes, Mr Athens got up at 6:40am and he decided to check in on me.

“Morning Angelic you’re up early, I wonder why?” he asks

“Nothing really, how are you Mr Athens?” I ask politely.

“Am good, and please just call me uncle or Thomas. So are you ready?”

“For training” I ask

“No, for school” he exclaims

“What do you mean school?!” well that’s a twist of things.

“You have to learn to control yourself when faced with different tasks, but first you have to fit in. that way their less suspicions.” He explains the whole thing. So school, wow that’s a great plan.

“I have never been to school before, I was home schooled all the way>”

“This is high school, you will meet different people and you will learn to interact with them.”

“So are they humans or only wolves and vampires?” I ask with a curious face.

“No! It’s a human school, wolves and vampires don’t take their kids to school. That’s what makes it a perfect cover up.” Now that makes sense. He should have said that at first.

I take a shower and wear a strapless bra, a white off-shoulder shirt tucked inside a pair of black-ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of white ankle socks and white Nike air force with a black Nike symbol. I tie my hair into a pony tail and braid two twisters in front and just let them fall in front of my face. It seems cold so I wear baggie zip-up jumper, but I decide to not zip-up.

It seems like my uncle will be picking and dropping me off at school. It’s cool with me though, I mean after everything I have gone through I think I’d rather stick with him, makes me feel safer, I waited for him to get ready and it turns out his also going for work.

“Are you ready?” he asks while noting his tie.

“Yeah, I was just waiting for you apparently.” I say to him while grabbing my bag pack.

“We’ll pass by some café to grab a bit for both breakfast and lunch.” He says while picking up the car keys from the table.

E both head to his car and damn!! His got a fine car; I was excepting something like a Ram or van but no!! He has a black hammer, it’s a really cool ride if you ask me and I like it.

“Nice ride!” I complement him after all the inside glory and praise.

“Thanks now get in your late.”

“Okay! Let’s get a move on” I say while tossing my bag to the back seat.

We eventually start moving and as he said we stopped by Mike’s Café to get some breakfast and lunch. For breakfast we both had a large coffee and some muffins, for lunch I decided to go with a hamburger, fries, Greek salad and a large soda, as for my uncle he just ordered a burger and soda. Wow he made me look like I was on some hunger strike and I am now eating food for to break the strike!!

“So any idea of what class or sport you’re going to take yet??” He asks while giving me a very weird facial expression.

“Well! I think I belong in an AP class and I am defiantly going for basketball.” I say with a lot of confidence.

“An AP class huh! Enlighten me how so? Because you told me you where home schooled and I don’t think home schooling lessons are worthy of an AP class.” he says trying to demoralize my faith.

“Well I guess there’s only one way to find out which class I belong to.” I counter attack.

We finally get to my new school which is Hill View Academy; it looks like an amazing school really. My uncle parks the car and leads the way to the principal’s office, turns out it’s a lady.

“Good Morning Madam.” My uncle greats her and I do the same right after him.

“Good morning sir and young lady, you may both take your seats.”

“Thank you!” we both chorus.

“So I guess you’re here looking for a school place.”

“Yes, she’s in the 12th grade and I recently got a transfer.” OMG he’s such a bloody liar!! I won’t be that judgemental because it was necessary in a way.

“I see! So do you mind if we give her an assessment test while we discuss the rest.” She asks politely

“No, I really don’t mind”

“Neither do i!” I say backing him up, after a few minutes a male teacher comes in.

“Good morning madam, sir and young lady?” he greets us all and we do the same.

“Madam you called for me?” he enquires

“Yes, see this young lady is here to enrol as a 12th grader. I need you to assess her and figure out which she belongs to.” She instructs.

“No problem madam, young lady please come with me.” He instructs me.

“Sure!” I say while carrying my bag.

He leads me to this room and tells me to take a seat and he gave me a question and answer sheet. I look at the questions and it looks like easy math with a little of science (physics, biology and chemistry), computer science and English, all together its 100 marks, all to be done in one hour, I am sure I will ace it…

*1hours later*

After I was done with the test I went back to the principal’s office and my uncle was nowhere to be seen. I asked her about him and she said he left, but I should wait for my results in the office with her. It took less than ten minutes for my results to pitch in. turns out I really do belong in an AP class, the principal showed me around and then to my locker. I almost forgot her name was Mrs Ashley Pitcher.

“Hi, you are the new girl right?”

A voice creeps out from behind me, I turn around and it’s a tall, pretty, light skinned girl, but we are technically the same height. She has blond long hair with beautiful, big, brown eyes and cherry red lips. She has well shaped body too. I hope she’s not like those mean girls who make a big introduction by embarrassing you.

“Yeah, I am.” I hesitatingly say.

“Don’t worry am not rude or anything, my name is Lisa May, how about you?”

“Angelic Halleck, but you can call me Ange.” I introduce myself.

“Are you from the Saudis or…” she asks

“No am from England.”

“Nice names though, so what classes are you in?”

“AP classes how about you?”

“AP lets head to our first class of the day.”

We both walk to class and take seats at the back; the teacher comes in a few minutes later, turns out its Mathematics Session. Just when things were getting good, someone knocks on the door, and the teacher lets them in. turns out am not the only new kid.

“Good morning sir, I am Mr Mitchell and I teach the AP math class. Do you mind introducing yourself?” The teacher welcomes him

“No I don’t mind at all.” The new kid responds

“Go ahead then.”

“My name is James Muller.” I am 19 years old and I transferred from The International School of Madrid in Spain.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Muller you can take a seat were ever you feel like.”

Apparently that gesture was unnecessary because the only empty seat was the one next to me. So James is a tall boy, defiantly taller than I am. He has these clear, brown eyes with beautiful, fragile white skin; his lips were as pink as a Rosa ‘Queen Elizabeth’ Rose petal and he had a fine muscular body I won’t lie he’s hot. He looks like he is going to be every girl’s dream, except mine of course. His hair is as black as the night and as shinny as the moon sparkles in the beautiful clear night sky, it is not that long, but it is the perfect length. Oh shit! Look at me. What am I saying? I am literally describing a guy like his some god or something; I mean I barely even know him.

“Um Ange is your necklace supposed to glow?” Lisa’s words snap me out of my day dream romance. Oh I mean day dream description. Wait my amulet.

“Um yes it does that at times.” I quickly zip-up my jumper.

“Cool you should consider getting me one.” She jokes.

The black haired stallion arrives to his seat. Damn is it hot in here or it’s just me, the AC is on so what the hell’s happening.

“Hi am James how about you?” he asks while beaming his beautiful brown eyes into mine.

“Yeah you mentioned it.” I tried to crack a joke, but it ended up sounding rude.

“Am Angelic, by the way.” I say tiring to ease the tension.

“Nice name… And does Angelic have a last name?”

“Yes Halleck ….Angelic Halleck.”

“Saudis or??”

“No England.”

“What brings you here Angelic?”

Damn this boy is asking too many questions, and I feel really hot God!! I can feel my internal organs melt down.

“Are you feeling well?? Because you seem a bit sweaty…” He asks with a bit of concern in his tune.

Sweaty! So I am hot God! I think it’s the amulet. I take a peep inside my jumper and it’s glowing and heating up. How so? This can only mean one thing which is trouble.

“No actually! I need to go” I say grabbing my bag and heading out of class

I quickly rush to the wash rooms, and take a shower with the aim to both cool down the amulet and freshen’ up. At that very second I knew I couldn’t last the whole day, I need to talk to my uncle about this. I mean its weird heating and glowing at the same time.

After my shower I went to the principal’s office and told her I wasn’t feeling well, she told me to wait in her office as she called my uncle to come fetch me.

I waited for a few minutes and he finally showed up and we walked to the car.

“You look sick.” He says opening the door for me.

“I feel really hot.”

“What happened?”

I explain everything to him and we get home eventually. I couldn’t say his facial expression was convincing.

“Your amulet glows only when unknown vampires are next to you and heats up for wolves. What was this boy’s name again??”

“Jam…. James Muller.”

“I have never heard of him”

“So what do we do?”

“You have to become friends with him, but listen close… don’t you ever fall in love with him. The only logical reason here is that is like you.”

“I thought you said I was the only one”

“I guess I was wrong remember don’t fall in love with him okay.”

“I understand the forbidden love rule…” I say nodding my head weakly.

“Get some rest; I have to go back for work, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon.” He says leaving the room.

Right now life is going slow to be honest. I have no phone, no way of communicating with my grandmother, there is someone out there who’s just like me and I can’t trust them and their vampires after me wow! What a life. I guess this is what I get for not being content with my grandmother’s little cottage.

I still feel weak so am going to take a rest. I could really need it at this rate; oh gosh I wonder what else this world has installed for my not so content ass.



When Angelic told me about what happened at school, my heart beat dropped in a bad way. How could it be possible for another one to exist and how come i know nothing about him. There is something fishy happening here if you ask me. I wonder if The Wolf Council knows about this James Muller and where he comes from.


Angelic has been asleep for four days straight, she didn’t even wake up for a glass of glass of water or to eat some food, not even to use the bathroom. I have been considering my decision to visit The Council, but there is only one problem see for one to speak to The Council you need to meet them in person, this is to avoid information from getting into the wrong hands, like The Dark Side (Vampire).

I cannot possibly leave Angelic alone and neither can I go with her because she is to be kept a hidden until the time is right. I have an idea, but it’s risky at the same time it’s worth the shot.

Before we get to my idea I should give you brief history of how all this started, I know you’re probably lost and all.

Once there were two worlds separated by the urge and thirst for power, believe it or not vampires and wolves were once a big family, until the vampires decided to be selfish and ruined the unity we shared. They didn’t like the idea of community. All they ever wanted to do was rule over everyone. So they left, and disappeared just like that; and when we thought everything was okay The Bloody War started.

The vampires raided our territory and took the lives of many, the wolves gave it all they had and they surprisingly defeated those blood suckers. After the elders from both sides decided that there was too much blood shed, and the fact that it left land looking like some death plaque took place was life threatening for the upcoming generation.

So they drafted a treaty, they stay one their side and we do the same, but we both know a tiger doesn’t change it stripes. The vampires started feeding on the wolves’ territory and this time the wolves showed no mercy just to send a clear message.

Eventually all The Blood Shed stopped, until one day when Emily met Andrea and fell in love, they both knew how dangerous it was for them to be together especially the fact that they were from two different worlds that were at war, it was sort of a Romeo and Juliet type of situation and we both know how that story ended, in a tragedy.

When Emily fell pregnant for Andrea and when they come to me and told me about it, I was furious at my daughter for being so reckless and all I wanted to do was kill that blood sucking demon for that, but I saw the way her eyes glared at him each time they were together, and the way Andrea took good care of her. I knew her joy was my glory, I tried to tell her about how dangerous keeping the baby was, but she continuously refused to abort it. She said, ‘She was the end of the old and an introduction into the new beginning.’

As Emily’s pregnancy grew the more dangerous it was for her. At eight months the vampires had begun their search for The Blood Wolf (Crystalphomia). Angelic being alive meant extinction for both wolves and vampires. That’s only if she turned out to be evil and have the urge to rule over everyone as the supreme leader or rather dictator.

My home no longer safe for her so I gave Andrea specific instructions to go to my wife’s cottage in Moscow, Russia but we acted too late Emily gave birth to Ange in the woods and Andrea did whatever he could to protect his wife and newly born child. When they got to my wife’s cottage they left her there, but they later come back after they thought it was safe. 15years later were all it took for both creatures to analyse how much of a threat the child was and to prepare for the hunt. Once again Emily and Andrea returned to the war, except this time it was to die. Their forbidden love was their executioner, I know I told Ange that the wolves were okay with all this, but that wasn’t quite accurate, they were as thirsty as the vampires. That’s why I cannot go with Ange to The Wolf Council. I only told her part of the truth with a twist to protect her and get her to our side.



I am trapped in a realm I don’t even know. It’s all dark and empty.

“You’re in your mind!” A loud voice syringes.

“Who are you? And what do you mean am in my mind? How long have I been here? And if I am why are you in my mind” I ask continuously

“I am your conscious and I mean this is your mind literally, you have been here for quite some time and I am supposed to be here, after all I am part of you.”

“Yeah right my consciousness my ass, like how long are talking about?”

“believe it or not it me and according to time in the real world it’s been four days but here time moves really slow so I would say a day, you really have to get out of here, but first a brief revelation.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You are the world’s most powerful being and we both know you’re dead meat.”

“Thanks for the reminder.” I say while rolling my eyes.

“Am trying to say its time you knew how to use your powers.”

“Sure as soon as I find an on switch.”

“Ha-ha very funny, they do not have a switch, in fact this is the switch.”

“How is that even supposed to make logical sense?” I ask while sitting down

“See it’s all about the mind, this is like your own world that you made and you can change it anytime.”

“You lost me, and how come I cannot see you?”

“You’re not supposed to Ange, I need you to focus.”


“I told you i don’t know where she is!” I say while looking at a bloody vampire who was ordered to come for angelic.

Let me guess you’re confused about everything that’s happening right now. Let me rewind a bit, after Angelic left for Canada, the vampires come back to search again and this time they were not so gentle.

I was picking up some roses when I was snatched away by The Dark Side, I really don’t know where I am right now because I couldn’t see anything on our way here. They have kept me in this place chained like a dog for two weeks and since then, they have been trying to get me to tell them who the Blood Wolf is? I can’t simply go against the promise I made to my daughter. People say she was stupid and stubborn and that she needed to be teamed, but I said ‘Screw that shit!’ she fell in love and I see no problem with that, my husband on the other hand was not in favour of their unholy union which resulted in the world’s most powerful being yet.

I believe Angelic will be the one thing that brings us together. Even with all the high hopes I have, I still have a bad feeling the vampires will ruin that again just like they did before.

Sometimes I’d rather see the good in people than be prejudice about them. Let’s get back to reality now.

“So it’s a female, you better tell me her name and where she is or I will suck you dry” the vampire torturing me threatens.

“I would like to see you try. We both know that the second you do that, you would have signed your death wish, and I know you’re not stupid enough to do that or are you?”

“Don’t feel so lucky lady.”

“Henry the boss needs you!” a guard yells from outside the cell.

“We are not done here. I will be back and this time I won’t be so gentle.” He says with an evil grin.

Possibilities of me dying here are very slim, but there is still a chance I might. One thing I know for sure is that vampires will never sit for peace. Something tells me they will try some stupid stunt, I need to get out of here as soon as possible.

I bet you’re wondering why I can’t just break free from these chains since I am a wolf, I can just turn, but these chains have been made specifically for creatures like me. When am human my chains are as small as the part they have been put on and for a wolf they do the same. Crazy! Yeah I know they are like some sort of elastic chains, but one thing that I can do for sure is connect to my inner being, which is my mind. That way I can connect with anyone doing the same.

*Stephaney’s mind*

Breathe in, breathe out, in out, in out, in out, in out, my mind is the only place where alone and if there is anyone whose doing what I am doing they will get my message.

“Help, Help! Over drilled lap.”

Don’t worry about the over drilled lap it’s a code for something I cannot say right now.


Hearing the cell doors stretch open snaps me out of my mind, I thought it was Henry, but no it wasn’t; this time it was Elder Tory. She’s from The Wolf Council. Oh thank God am finally free!

“Stephaney, I need you to co-operate with us to find that monster you’ve been hiding, I hope you realize what you just raised.” She says impatiently.

Wait a minute this not a rescue mission, she’s betrayed us all and she’s on their side. She’s definitely no here to save me; she’s against me holy crap what’s happening. Excuse my choice of words, but honestly I am puzzled she on their side now?

“What do you mean Tory?”

“Don’t forget your place Stephaney, its Elder Tory to you, and don’t play dumb with me.”

You’re not worthy of that title Tory even you know it… and am not playing dumb am just being honest.”

“Am just trying to save us all from extinction….”

“No! You’re just afraid she will unite us all, besides do you think hunting her down some criminal will save you from extinction?”

“Stephaney a monster is a monster it’s never an angle. We can kill her to stop that, and that’s none of your business.”

“What makes you say so? It appears to me that you seem to side with the enemy these days…. Kill her are you out of your shitty mind Tory?”

“If she realises her power she’s unstoppable. Sometimes you have to work with people you don’t like to do the right thing… am not out of my min am just trying to save us all.”

“Then so be it… you say that like you mean well, but you’re not fooling anyone.”

“Why are you complicating things for yourself Stephaney?”

“I am not a traitor like the piece of shit standing in front of me. I am loyal to my family.”

“Family! Which family Stephaney you don’t even know where you’re daughter and son in-law are, you just choose to believe they are dead. Where is your mate huh he can’t even save you, so stop lying to yourself and join us.”

“I would rather die than betray my family or side with such a snake like you.”

“So be it then Stephaney. It was nice to know you.”

After that statement she turned to the guard and nodded her head in his direction and he did the same.


A lot has happened so far, Angelic hasn’t yet waken up from her sleep and her grandmother is locked up, but is she going to die or survive? What will happen when Angelic wakes up from her sleep? Let’s not forget about our mysteries Romeo James, what are the pros and cons that he is a blood wolf and not just a fraud, but one is for sure the amulet never tells a lie.

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