The Young Prophet

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Gabriel is a young man who receives visions of the future. He struggles with finding out whether the visions are true, or if he is going through a psychotic episode.

Adventure / Fantasy
David Barrios
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Before humanity was created, Lucifer had managed to turn a third of God’s angels against Him. A war had broken out in the Heavens. The angels were convinced that they could have free will and have the same power as God. The rebel angels gathered up and were led by Lucifer. They fought against hundreds of God’s angels. Many were slain by Lucifer and his army. All they had to do was get past the angels and get to God’s throne. Then they would take his place as the mighty ruler. Rebel angels were slain by God’s army, casting them to the Earth down below. Lucifer managed to defeat many angels and was almost at Jehovah’s throne.

Then, from the clouds above came one of God’s fiercest warriors. Michael the archangel set foot on the ground below him. He locked eyes with Lucifer.

“It is a shame what you are doing Lucifer,” said Michael.

“You were the best of us, the most loved, and maybe that’s what caused you to do this. You let your pride ruin you. How wrong of you to think you could be God. Give up brother before it’s too late.”

Lucifer shook his head in disbelief with what was said to him.

“You are mistaken Michael. Is it truly wrong for me to think I can have free will? How could you live being controlled by Jehovah’s rules? Do you not seek to be the master of your own life? Join me my brother! Let us take this fight to God, not to me,” said Lucifer.

Michael had run out of patience. He was not going to join Lucifer and take part of his wicked plan. He wasn’t going to let him get past him either.

“Have it your way,” said Lucifer.

He charged at Michael with his sword. Their swords clashed against each other swing after swing. The two were very skilled fighters but everyone knew that Lucifer was superior in every aspect. He knocked Michael’s sword off his hand and slashed his chest open. Defenseless, Michael still managed to put up a fight. He dodged all of Lucifer’s attacks and jabbed him in the face. This caught Lucifer off guard, and while he was catching his breath Michael picked up his sword again.

“My brother it is over. The angels you managed to turn against us have been defeated. They have fallen to the Earth where they will live the remainder of their lives, never to be let in Heaven again,” said Michael.

Lucifer was not going to give up so easily. He charged himself towards Michael again but received a mighty kick to his chest, knocking him down to the edge of the Heavens. Lucifer was hanging from the edge of the cliff. He tried to fly but his wings were useless.

“God has taken away your gift of flight, as a punishment of your rebellion. I gave you a chance to give up brother. It didn’t have to end this way but it will.”

Lucifer looked up at Michael and saw the Gates of Heaven high up in the clouds. He was a long way from Jehovah’s throne now.

“O Lucifer, have thou have fallen from Heaven! You were supposed to be our leader, not our enemy, and the morning star not the darkness.”

Michael picked up his sword and pierced it into the cliff. It cracked and suddenly Lucifer’s grip loosened. When Michael picked his sword back up the edge of the cliff broke off. Lucifer fell from the Heavens towards Earth. The faster he fell the hotter he got. As he reached the atmosphere, he caught on fire. He screamed in agony as the flames morphed his perfect skin and wings. When he crashed onto the ground, there was a big explosion. A fire set ablaze in the woods that he crashed into. Hundreds of trees turned to ash and there was an enormous crater in the ground. Lucifer's fall had wiped out the beasts of the Earth, the dinosaurs. Moments later, a burnt hand arose from the crater. It latched onto the ground picking its body up from the hole. Lucifer stood up still on fire. He hated God for what He did. He thought to himself that one day they would meet again, and he would have his revenge.

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