Dinosaurs under the bed

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A story about mighty worrior finding scary creatures in his room.

Adventure / Children
Damien Watson
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The dinos under the blankets 🦕

Mighty warrior lay shivering in his bed. The sky was alive with booming sounds and brilliant flashes just outside his window.

Fifteen minutes ago he asked, “tigger, will the storm last long?”

“Please, don’t worry,“ he said. “The weatherman promised it would pass over Truro quickly. Now get some sleep.”

Except it didn’t; and he couldn’t.

Mighty warrior listened to his alarm clock. “Tick…Tick…Tock.” The night seemed to go on forever. Seconds turned into minutes.

Then into what seemed like hours.

Above the house, loud lightning crashes made him duck further under the blankets. Outside thunder even rattled his window.

Should he go into the living room to see tigger? But then he remembered he was a big boy now. And he had to be brave. Tigger even helped him prepare for this bad weather.

Just in case it lasted all night.

Now his backpack was hidden under the blankets. It was filled with favorite toys, games and Nintendo switch. Even “Kermit” the frog that made him feel safe.

Tigger made sure mighty warrior also had a few goodies. A huge bag of popcorn was close to his right side. And a bag of chocolate was on the other.

What was moving around his toes? “Ouch, that hurt,” his trembling voice, whispered. The noise outside was so loud mighty worrior could hardly think.

Through the window, a dark sky blocked out the stars.

The suddenly felt nervous. What was under the blanket? He was curious and rummaged through his backpack.

“Oh no,” mighty warrior said. “I forgot my torch.”

He slid out of bed and ran to the other side of the room. He hunted around until he found it in the top dresser drawer.

Quickly jumping back into bed, he forced his cold feet down to the very end. Toes rested on something rough and sharp. Now it felt like it was crawling around his ankles.

He wasn’t alone in bed!

He checked under the covers where it was as black as coal, almost like being outside. Instead of bright shining stars light up, the spots looked more like eyes.

Roaring came from behind his left leg.

A dinosaur! But that was impossible, so he thought. Dinosaurs couldn’t fit under bed covers belonging to a little boy, living inside his house.

Wrong. Staring back at him was a Stegosaurus.

“Get away!” Mighty worrior bellowed, trying to be brave. The animal rumbled something back under the blanket-sky and hurried into a dark corner.

New noises caught his attention. His torch helped him pick out moving shadows. What was going on? he wondered. There was a Triceratops right next to his bed.

And a Tyranosaurus!

“Run!” Mighty worrier yelled. Suddenly he felt like he was the only one alive on the planet. But he was still under his blanket that seemed to expand in the distance and even high above him.

He searched for somewhere to hide as Racing toward him was a triceratops.

He pulled a fire engine from his backpack. Jumping into the front seat, and turned the siren on full volume. All it did was hurt his ears.

In One arm held tightly to ‘Kermit’

The storm outside was nothing compared to wild animals chasing him under his blanket. How did all of this happen?

“Mighty warrior!” someone called. Voices seemed to move back and forth and around like echoes. Yes, people were shouting his name!

The boy threw off his blankets, sat up, and stared at tigger. He blinked as morning’s sun peeked between the curtains.

“Kermit” was still tucked securely under his arm.

“I see you found our surprises under your blankets,” tigger said.

He looked blankly at tigger

“You know. Remember the dinosaur models you asked for last week?”

Mighty warrior felt weird as tigger pointed.

In a neat row was a line of colorful dinosaurs. They were following a friendly triceratops, with a scary looking Tyrannosaurus Rex at the end of the line.

Leading the whole group was a figure of a little boy.

And he was holding tightly to a teddy bear.

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