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[Summaries for each individual story are located in the first chapter, Introduction/Summaries] Ahoy! This is a collection of short fiction by me. These stories range from night-time trips to McDonald's, to the adventures of a pirate cow and her pancake, to onion cannibalism! Enjoy!

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Captain Snail
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Ahoy cowards!

It's me again, Captain Snail, and for this book I'm going to be compiling a bunch of my short stories/flash fiction. These aren't meant to be particularly good or well-written, mostly just interesting and weird.
I'm not sure if this is ever going to be technically complete, but I will just upload my little stories here as I write them. I don't have a schedule or anything for this, so don't be surprised if I add two stories in a week and then add nothing for three months.
Also, a couple of things like names and locations may overlap with my other WIP book, The Butternut Catastrophe, but assume that they're completely separate and unrelated.
None of these are in chronological order or form a large story when put together, either, so each story is an independent micro-adventure.
If you do choose to leave a review, you can review all of the stories in the book so far, or select one specific story to review (make sure to specify which one you're reviewing!)
Anyways, have fun delving into the convoluted tunnels and caverns of my imagination. Bye bye plankton people!

McDornald's McDaughter - A clever but indifferent girl goes for a midnight excursion to McDonald's with her girlfriend. However, the restaurant has been compromised by a scheming villain. (Humor/Action)
Antler Hell - A bloodthirsty hunter is itching to kill deer, but the stag he's tracking strikes back. (Action)
The Five Carrots - Felix Urington and his friends are on the final stage of their quest to find the last five carrots. The quest isn't what it seems, though. (Adventure/Action)
The Cow and the Pancake - Phonto Mathymick tells a story to his child, but it has unexpected consequences. (Adventure)
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