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Marianne & Dale's Great 1973 European Adventure

By mmadson All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Humor


...we’re all just friends, ‘no sex’, he says.

Chapter 1

The European Adventure Begins.

We leave Salt Lake City, Utah to Frankfurt, Germany.

May - 1973

On the morning of our flight to Europe, Dale and I oversleep. Almost missed our adventure. Partied too much the night before.

Luckily Mike, Dale’s roommate and boyhood friend, wakes us up in time with a loud bang on the door. I jerk up to see him standing in the doorway. He’s looking sleepy in boxers and a flannel robe hanging sloppily from his shoulders.

He follows his noisemaking with a murmured ‘thought your flight was this morning?’

Yikes, yes it is, chaos ensue as we leap out of bed tossing on clothes.

We move fast as we grab our packed backpacks and airline tickets. Secure our passports & money in a hidden pocket.

Dale and Mike say their goodbyes. Dale runs to the car, throwing our packs into the backseat.

I turn to give Mike a hug, who whispers in my ear “please bring him back.”

Dale honks the horn! I nod I will and Mike hugs me back. I run to join Dale in our race to the airport.

We arrive at the airport check-in. The agents point at their watches as they hand us our boarding passes. They wave us to hurry as the plane is ready to take off.

We arrive at our gate breathless to find a few friends and family already gathered and waiting on us.

We make our adieu exchanging quick kisses and goodbyes before rushing onto the plane.

We settle into our seats and grin at each other. We made our flight within minutes of it taking off without us. It seemed to be a fitting start to our adventure.

Our flight leaves Salt Lake and has a plane change in New York, LaGuardia Airport.

Once we land in New York, we’re directed to catch a bus to the other terminal and that we have thirty minutes. The buses seemed sooo slow as it crawls around the terminals picking and dropping people off. After what seemed forever, we just make it to get re-checked in and board our flight. This one has a stopover in Iceland.

When the plane stops in Iceland, they let us off the plane. I don’t remember how long the layover was but it was for a few hours as some people left the airport to do some site seeing.

Whether Dale and I left the airport or not, I don’t remember but I do remember beautiful views. Dale took some photos and we got something to eat at a diner with wall to wall windows. I do remember the view was more spectacular than the food.

I only mention the flight stops as that was the only time I could say I was in New York and in Iceland.

Next stop, Frankfurt, Germany.

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