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The first light - Feyborn chronicles

By L_J_Jeffery All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Many years ago Keela was part of a war that almost destroyed the Supernatural and Null communities. With the power of Ten immortals and Lightwielder tools, they managed to destroy the man powerful enough to threaten the safety of all. Keela had thought it over, but now in the present day, followers of that evil man plan to reawaken him and plunge the world back into carnage. With four Lightwielder refuges, her brother and her best friend they must find the weapons of legend to defend their home and family. The first of which is the First light. But it seems they all have dark secrets from their past, some less bloody than others. Magic runs wild, death is only a breath away and love may prove a distraction. Can Keela face her past actions? Will they find the first light before their opponents? And will love bring more pain than happiness?

Extinguished light

Golden trails of light flowed from the hands of the dark haired woman who stood next to a four poster bed complete with glittery curtains, and decorated with glitter and golden vines on the bed posts. A boy lay in the bed and colour began to redden his pale cheeks again as the golden vapour seeped into his body. Two other girls stood by her, both fay by the looks of their delicate features and pointed ears.

The brown haired fay nervously tugged at her hair as she watched the boy’s life seep back in to his face, while the red-headed one glared at the woman.

The woman muttered something under her breath when she caught the dirty looks from the red-headed fay.

“I can’t stand you.” The fay girl almost screeched in her fury filled squeak of a voice. One which grated on Keela’s nerves, how she had been convinced to come here she would never know.

“Then, Rosetta dear, sit the fuck down.” she growled at the red headed younger girl, a fury passed through the fay’s blue eyes before Keela pushed the girl down on an elaborate gold chair, with a roll of her own blue eyes.

Oh how the fairy kingdom loved their glittery things.

And arguing on end with other races.

“Cousin, I don’t think it wise to antagonize the princess.” Faylinn, Keela’s cousin, hissed. Though Faylinn was more accepting of what Keela was, did not mean she loved her half breed cousin any more than Rosetta did.

“Oh please. It’s not my fault her mother is a cheating little fay.” Keela chirped almost gleefully, referring to her blood ties with them. It was a childish thing to say because she knew the reaction she would get, but she was growing tired of being their lap dog and only being thanked with hate.

Faylinn frowned harder at Keela’s unchanging features. How had she expected Keela to react? With a smile and a thank you?

“You asked for my help. I only came because we’re family.”

Oh yeah, now she remembered why she came.

Keela’s carefully neutral façade slipped back on to her face. Though she knew the comment would aggravate her half sister, Rosetta deserved it for all the vile things she had spat at Keela. You would have thought that she had called Rosetta something as disgusting as the insults that had been hurled at her just because her father was a demon. It wasn’t like it was Keela’s fault. She had no say on who her parents were.

Rosetta coloured an amazing shade of red just as the doors to the elaborately decorated room, that was more of a mini throne room, opened with a dramatic whoosh.

Keela turned with an unimpressed eyebrow raised as the king of fay stood ramrod straight and glared at the woman currently treating the unconscious fay boy laid on Rosetta’s bed.

“Dad!” Rosetta exclaimed as she jumped up from the chair and hurried to try and hide her youngest brother from her father's, emerald gaze. To which Keela had purposely leaned away from so the king could see.
It wasn't that she was cruel, no, it was so the king could see his son was hurt and that she was saving him.
All she wanted was for him to see the good she could do.

King Alvin looked furious as he swept into the room, his wife slunk silently behind him; Queen Tianna couldn’t even look Keela in the eyes as she passed. Though the woman who birthed her still looked as lovely as the day she came with her husband to try and kill Keela.

Oh wonderful times they were, when she had finally looked upon her birth mothers face, only to find disgust.

The only part of Tianna, Keela ever got was the crystal blue eyes; her fathers black hair had drowned out the remnants of her mother bright ginger hair by the time she was four.

The colour change had shocked many in the coven she had been left at.

“What is the meaning of....” Alvin paused as he shot a disgusted look at the woman who just saved his son’s life, to which Keela just sighed “This!” he spat at her, Keela just pretended to wipe spite from her pale face.

She stepped away from the bed to stand directly in front of him, with a smirk she flicked her dark black hair from over her slender shoulders, “Well when you’re saying instead of spraying, I was about to leave.” She mocked while she stared straight into his eyes. Though he was quite a bit taller than her , everyone was, she met his challenging gaze head on and as easy as she would with a mortal man.

The Queen seemed to have noticed her son and let out a small noise of distress as she ran to his side and took his hand, tears sprang to her eyes all the while muttering in her home language of Gaelic.

Keela shot her a look of disdain while Alvin took in his son.

The king then turned to Keela in a fury. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her up against the wall, “What did you do!” he demanded as he tried to shake the smaller woman, who he had picked up by then.

Keela’s pupils expanded in her anger at being man handled and cursed after she saved the boys life. Her eyes were black, not soulless nor lifeless. Instead they were like two pristine stones of onyx, that lit up with a golden flare when touched by the dim, candle lit room.

The king hesitated as her demon heritage peaked through, though her demonic second voice hadn’t made itself known her voice was still as hard as steel, “I would put me down if I were you.”

Alvin dropped her like a hot rock and stepped away from her in a mix of fear and revolt; his back straightened and blond hair glimmered in the light like a halo, though he was far worse than an angel.

Keela’s eyes returned to their watery blue shade as she dusted off her leather jacket and gave him an evil smile, “Well I better go, witchy business and all that.” With a turned and waved at her half sister, Rosetta who glared at her, and her cousin she faced the door. Faylinn hide her face with her hands and so missed the wave, Keela mentally shrugged.

It wasn’t like she would receive one in return.

“Good to talk to you again Alvin.” Sarcasm probably wasn’t the best thing to use in a situation like this, but they already hated her, it wasn’t like being nicer to them would change anything. “And you, Mother.” She continued tightly.

Tianna turned her tear stained face to her halfbreed daughter, “Get out you disgusting creature.” She sneered with such malice Keela took a half step back. Though the woman’s words held nothing but anger, the look in her eyes didn’t reflect her tone. If anything they looked.....heartbroken.

It made no sense to Keela.

Until she realised that it was probably only for her younger half brother.

She almost laughed. For a second she thought....well it didn’t matter, because whatever she had thought was wrong.

Keela nodded as she pushed past the king, “Remember you owe me a favour. I saved your son from dying.” she waved a hand about as she notified them of their debt and stopped in front of the door, they all knew she would have saved him anyway.

The boy was her half brother after all.

“Just get out!” The king shouted.

With a smile, that was obviously fake, she clicked her finger and in a mist of gold was gone.

As soon as she arrived in her flat in Plymouth, Keela fell face first into her couch in exhaustion. Travelling from the fay land to home was tiring and added to that the magic she used in healing the youngest prince, she was exhausted. Both physically and mentally.

Keela groaned as tiny paws kneaded at her head, “Isolde.” she moaned at the dark, grey Korat cat. Isolde kneaded harder at her head until she lifted her head enough to look at the cat. He meowed loudly before he leaped from the back of the couch and sauntered into the adjoining kitchen.

Keela let a small smile twitch at her lips before she heaved herself up on to her feet and made her way over to the kitchen.

“I don’t even know why I feed you.” She chatted to the cat as she opened a cupboard and proceeded to put the cat food in a small, metal bowl. “I mean you’re not even mine, and feeding you only encourages you.”

Isolde yawned and gave her a head tilt that read ‘I am not amused’. Keela smiled at him as she lowered the bowl to the floor at his feet, Isolde gave her a meow in thanks.

Suddenly the buzzer rang.

Keela let out a frustrated sigh, she really hoped it wasn’t a client. She was in mood to deal with a raging werewolf or sarcastic vampire.
Just because she was the last magic user to remember the old witch’s way, did not mean she enjoyed being woken at all hours of the night. And for the last time, no, having the sniffles does not count as an emergency.

Keela stormed over to the door and almost wrenched it from the hinges in her anger, why could she not just have one minuet of peace?

“What?” she asked rather rudely, before smiling widely, “Adrian!”

There stood her brother dressed as sharp as he always was; black skinny jeans she was sure he painted on, and a black button up left with four buttons undone. She was just lucky he remembered that having most, if not all, of the buttons done up was socially expected; though she had a feeling that not only would his shirt turn hot pink at some point, but half the buttons would be undone.

This had started when he was eighteen and learned that it wasn’t just the ladies who appreciated his six-pack, which led to the rest of their lives with Keela reminding his to wear a shirt, or button up.

His short hair had been flattened from his usual quiff, just as black as her own hair, though a streak of red interrupted the front of his fringe.

At least it was more subtle than the hot pink from last week. And that had been his whole head.

They both held enough similarities for some one to connect them as related, black hair and slender features almost identical.

The only difference between them was Adrian’s bronzed skin compared to Keela’s pale complexion, and his eyes were grey not icy blue, also because of her fay heritage Keela’s ears were slightly pointier than her brothers. One of the reasons she hadn’t adopted the Pixie cut in the 1950′s. The closest she ever got was that layered bob in the 90′s

“Kiki.” Adrian exclaimed as Keela swept her younger half brother into her arms. Even after four centuries it still amazed and annoyed her that he was so tall; by rights she should be taller because she was the big sister, something Adrian found hilarious to be annoyed at.

Isolde had made his way to the two siblings and proceeded to rub up against Adrian’s legs, completely ignoring the woman who fed him.

Adrian pulled away and bent down to pet the purring cat, the traitor.

Which one she decided was the traitor, well she was still needed to decide that.

“And hello to you too, beautiful boy. Has she been feeding you right, getting all the cuddles?” Isolde purred louder and looked towards Keela as if to say ‘See, someone appreciates me.’

Keela rolled her eyes at both her brother and the cat, “Anyway, before you spoil Isolde rotten, would you like to tell me why you’re here.”

Adrian’s good mood sobered immediately and Isolde shot his carer a glare when the petting stopped, before he darted back into the apartment.

“Aid?” She asked worriedly as he slowly stood.

Adrian shook his head, “The Lightwielders found something.” he told her, Keela tried to usher him inside in case any Nulls heard. That would cause the council to go berserk, especially if it was not one but two of their council members who spilled the secrets.

“No time for that, we’ve been summoned.” The sarcasm almost drowned the words he spoke as he said this.
It was no big secret that the celestial’s thought of their cousin immortals to be nothing but dirty blooded angelic descendants, there to be at the beck an call of the ‘True’ eternal’s. So it pissed the other council members off that the oldest out of them was demonic born and half fay at that.

Keela cursed her luck. The chamber of Mortalas was over in New York and she barley had enough energy to transport a pin to her, let alone her whole body miles away.

Adrian smiled at his sister, “I take it you went to Avalon.” he said while he brushed some glitter from her shoulder. Keela really hated how her oldest half sister literally shed glitter everywhere.

Keela nodded, “Bareon got hurt, Rosetta was trying to use dark magic again.” She confirmed.

Adrian let out a huff before he smiled at her, “Don’t worry, I’ll take us.” And with that he took Keela’s arm and hook their arms together like they did when he was a kid. Keela couldn’t help but grin as purple smoke enveloped them.

Just as she remembered, the Chamber was as cold as ever. The hall they had appeared in shone blue with the incandescent from the orbs floating on either side of the hall. Keela tried to suppress a shiver at the touch of another’s magic, but evidently failed when Adrian laughed.

“Can never get use to it, can ya.”

Keela shook her head, “It’s like having ice shoved down my shirt.” she openly shivered at that. Adrian unhooked their arms and gestured to the simple wooden door in front of them, “Ready?”

“Never. But lets do this, sooner we’re in the sooner we’re out.” She slapped a smirk onto her face before swinging the door open.

Keela swept across the room, not looking at the two immortals sat on stone thrones. The thrones sat higher than seats of the other council members so that the immortals looked down on each representative of each race with the other members of their own councils behind them. It reflected the younger members superiority complex quite nicely, though Keela would much rather look people in the eyes when they came to the council.

Keela winked at Toby as she pasted him, to which the high river Elf smiled at her. Both siblings ascended the steps and took their seats.

“Now that all the members are here.” Olivier droned as she shot the siblings a dirty look. Keela shot her a lazy smile in return, it seemed almost bored but she was trying to stay awake enough to interject sanity into the meeting should the need arise.

The golden haired immortal had worn the old robes for a ceremony; a dark blue cloak over a black robe, the dark colours picked by previous members of the Mortalas.

Keela hated them. It reminded her of professors and everyone knew how she felt about them; they were pretentious ass holes, who tried on more than one occasion to tell Keela her own past.

The cheek!

Clarence cleared his throat, silver hair contrasting with his youthful appearance. Keela knew Clarence liked to change his hair colour often, but sparkling silver was going a little over board, even for him.

“Anyway, we are here to talk about a serious matter.” He boomed. “Narcessa, if you could.” He gestured to a smartly dressed woman; her black hair pulled back in a high ponytail away from her intelligent brown eyes. Black was always the first colour any Lightwielder reached for first; was good for hiding in the shadows, so it didn’t surprise her that the suite Narcessa wore was all black.

Like her soul, Keela thought.

Narcessa stepped forward from her small group of students. “I was given word this morning that the New York Academy was attacked.”

Keela sat up at that. Not many demons nor any other creature had dared to attack a gathering of Lighwielders, they were creation of angels. The weapons of heaven given form, many blood lines had been watered down and many gone completely, but they were still powerfully skilled.

“By the time our Fenestran users could conjure a portal we were too late. These few are all that survived.” she looked back at the small group. One young girl was comforting another who was shaking and muttering something in to the other girls shoulder. Both had dirtied brown hair pulled up and in some form of messy bun, bits of wood and dark red stains littered their hair. A black haired boy leaned not far away from them with a look of horror on his face as he stared at the floor, as another boy hid behind Narcessa and he clutched his arm to his chest.

“Do we know who did this?” Keela asked as she watched the shivering girls.
Narcessa gestured to a young, mousy brown haired Lightwielder; his green eyes alight with fear. This was probably the first time the poor dear had been in front of the council. “Show them your arm, Harry.”

Harry, as the boy was named, raised the sleeve of his dark black hoodie as he stepped forward from behind Narcessa.

A gasp travelled around the chamber.

Toby shook his head “How is that possible? It can’t be.”

“Feyborn was there when he was killed. She said he died.” A bent over Goblin yelled.

Keela stood as the panicked rush of noise overtook the immortals as they tried to calm the mob.

The din rose to greater heights as the dwarves banged hammers and all sorts against the wall or floor, as they chanted a battle song. Most of them had been summoned from work, so held some sort of tool in their hands.

The pixies had taken to stealing the Dwarves tools in a way to shut them up, while the usually melodious voices of the Sirens screeched at their cousin Mermaids that they needed to join their forces. Nymphs stood silently crying as they stared at what was marked on the poor boys skin; the Brownies jumped on the chance to be helpful and had started to slather some balm on to his arm.

Werewolves stood growling at the Vampires, who hissed back like dark cats while the Shifters backed the Werewolves. The two warring species leaders had taken to shouting at their people to stand down, for the most part they were as there was no blood spilled yet.

Toby was the only Elf that could make the meeting, so stood on his own with an expression Keela knew.


“Enough!” Keela boomed in her demonic voice, which insured her voice was heard as it bounced around the room. Adrian let off a spark of magic to explode above their heads to further gain their attention. The room fell silent, and every eye was now on her. When it was clear the fighting wouldn’t start again, she sat.

The mark on the boys arm trickled healing balm down the bold vertical lines to well up in the carved out circles on either end of the lines before being bandaged by the Brownies.

She knew that sign all to well.

So simple a design, yet held so much evil.

“It is true that we killed Hawthorn. He did die, the council and I made sure of that.” Keela assured the room, though sadness still clung to the words.

Even with her promise the room still radiated tension; each member of each race were as taunt as a bow string, any moment one could snap.

“So you’re saying this is a lie? They’re lying!” A Brownie shouted with conviction as if just by saying this he was a hero.

Keela rose an eyebrow at the small brown dressed man, to which he shrank into himself and melted back into the small mass of Brownies. An old woman Brownie smacked the man who had spoken out against the boy. His sneaking hadn’t gotten past the old woman who now glared at him.

The boy with his arm now bandaged gave a shout, “You think this is a lie!? That I’d do this to my self?” Harry thrust his arm in the direction of the Brownies as he screamed at them. “How sick would you have to be to carve this into your arm? And why would I lie? What would I gain from that?”

Olivier suddenly recovered from her shock, “Perhaps you wanted to...”

“I’m not calling you a liar.” Keela interrupted, to which Olivier shot a glare at her.
“I believe you. I doubt it was Hawthorn though, maybe a descendant or someone acting on Hawthorn’s belief.” the room remained silent as they regarded the oldest immortal.
She shared a look with the only other immortal who had even a crumb of sense in him, and who was just as old as her. Clarence nodded his head at her, silently backing her in what ever she decided.

Keela looked back at Narcessa, “The founders and immortals will convene in three days, in that time an investigation will take place. Hank,” She nodded to the leader of the werewolves, who bowed his head at her command.

“You take your pack and scour the area. Patrice, take your hoard and accompany them. No fighting.” She told the Vampire representative.

Patrice gave her a grin with her fangs unsheathed as she leered at Hank. She stared appreciatively at him by the way her eyes slide up and down his body.

“I assure you, there will be no fighting.” The Vampress smirked, her French accent curled at the words. A blush covered Hanks dark skin and Keela tried to hid her smile behind her hand. They were so obvious.

It was truly tragic that the rest of their species hated each other. Both Hank and Patrice had been proof that even age old grudges meant nothing nowadays, and that even the leaders thought so.

Keela then turned her attention to the homeless New York Lightwielders, as the vampires and werewolves left.

“As of now you are welcomed to the Plymouth Academy.”

The dark haired boy looked up straight into Keela’s eyes. She almost stopped as she rose from the throne, so thrown off by the gratitude behind them.

“What about us, are we to forget that a potential threat is out there!” One of the dwarves shouted out. “If whoever did this is powerful enough to attack and kill a whole school of Lightwielders, what’s to stop them obliterating us?!”

Olivier shot to her feet, hand outstretched as a wave of pure white light barrelled out from her palm. The resounding thwack of the Dwarves body as it hit the cold stone of the wall echoed just as the shocked cry from Adrian had when the light had appeared. Keela jumped from her seat, a small flinch from the landing was all she gave before she had made her way over to the dazed Dwarf.

Thank the Gods Dwarves were made for hauling coal or his bones would have snapped on impact.

“How dare you disrespect us! We are your superiors!”

Keela had checked the Dwarf over as Olivier raged behind her in a shaky voice, knees throbbed at her crouch in time with her beating heart. All anger disappeared however when she took in the wide eyed Dwarf, “You Ok? A small nod answered her and with a tight smile she stood with a twirl, all fatigue gone as her anger lit a fire in her blood.

How dare she. How dare she lay a hand on their own, this was how the last war started. Hawthorn had wanted to destroy the Nulls, but when other didn’t share his views he started to use violence.

“Feyborn, get out of the way.” Keela didn’t move an inch, her body fully shielded the young Dwarf from any more harm. The Witch was in no shape for a battle, her magic severely drained as it was, but she was damn well going to use her body to avoid anyone being harmed.

“Olivier..” Clarence was silenced by the shimmering woman by a flick of white light at his head in warning. The small ball of concentrated magic only narrowly missed his face, had he not swiftly left his throne, he would have had a new makeover.

One he would not enjoy.

To the glaring woman’s left Adrian had taken to evacuating the other races, Toby stood firmly in the way of Olivier and Adrian. Protecting him as best he could.

The Dwarves behind Keela picked up their hurt comrade and proceeded to carry him towards the exit.

“Calm down Olivier. I know you’re scared, but this is no reason to take it out on us.” The soothing words did nothing to the shear terror that crept into Olivier’s eyes, but she backed off.

With a defeated huff from Olivier the tension in the room evaporated as she turned away from the oldest Immortal. Keela’s shoulders drooped as the fight left her.

“I can’t do it gain.” The admission held the tinge of hysteria and sadness. Olivier looked up as Clarence laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“We are all that is left of the council from those times. We should be learning from their mistakes, not making the same ones.” He smiled kindly at her, “The war was hard on all of us, this is the time to prevent another. But we cannot stand together if we fight amongst ourselves.”

Keela had drifted closer , “Clarence is right. We need to do this together. That means no thinking you’re better than me and Adrian, we need to lean on each other.”

Olivier nodded the tears wiped away by a robed wrist. They would do this together as the members before them had. Keela looked around the empty chamber before a frown crinkled her features, “Where is Aid?”

Noah watched Mazy hug her sister to her, how had this happened?

How had they been so overwhelmed by...by... he didn’t even know what they were, the professors never taught them about these creatures. They ghosted on shadows, only materializing to crush the throat of their victims. Blood had spurted from the deep gashes the things impossibly long nails had made, as one of the first year students had rushed to the safety of Noah and Charlie....

Charlie had screamed.

Her first look at death as the lifeless body fell with a thud.

Noah had to throw the young brunette over his shoulder, her own legs had given out under her.

The thing lazily followed on the floor in a dark circle of destruction....

“I’m terribly sorry about that folks.” Noah blinked and the memory slipped away. A smartly dressed man ,the one from the Mortalas council, had interrupted the murmurings of each race. Brownies had gathered around the hurt Dwarf, who was not happy with this and proceeded to struggle out of their grasp. Mazy patted Charlie’ head and shushed her, with the shock worn off it was pointless shushing her as she was not crying anymore. Charlie had swivelled her puffy eyes towards the Immortal in front of them as he continued.

“On behalf of the Immortal council, I am deeply sorry.”

Admittedly it was unexpected that the blond Immortal would take such an offence to the Dwarves comment, let alone attack him. How are they to rest their faith in people who attack their own.

Lightwielders were in a different category to the Super naturals, they had their own rules and their own representative.

Ms Blackland, Narcessa Blackland was her name.

Said woman was in deep conversation with some of the younger Dwarves, the ones that wanted the Immortals head on a stick.

“We demand retribution for this, Warlock.” The young Dwarf who Narcessa had been talking to spat. The Immortal Warlock opened his mouth to speak, a soft touch from the elf next to him killed the words. The Elf, Noah new was called Tobias Elroth, gave the Warlock a soft smile and his hand lingered longer than it should have on the Warlocks arm. His quiet, “Allow me, Adrian.” whispered far to close to the Warlocks face.

Adrian’s tanned skin tinted a rosy red, as he nodded silently at Tobias.

Though his eyes were soft as they pulled away from Adrian’s face, his voice was hard as he addressed the Dwarf, “And you shall. By the law, no chopping people’s heads off. So last century.”

Noah watched the Warlock next to him suppress a smile, but only just. A smirk spread across Tobias’ face as his eyes flittered back to the Immortal.

The echo of a door drew everyone’s attention.

“We demand retribution.”

The Immortal they had called Feyborn didn’t even glance at the Dwarf. Her dismissal seemed to irk him, “Did you hear me!” he shouted again, “Retribution!”

She sighed tiredly and it was now that Noah could see the exhaustion on her face. Her black hair looked a little ruffled, like she had hands carding through it in frustration; her eyes seemed to droop even as she shot a glare at the offending Dwarf, just as she snapped at him.

“I’m sure you would, an’ I’d like be the Queen of feckin England!”

Noah blinked.

She sounded....Irish, like very Irish.

Keela coloured at her slip up, Harry giggled from his spot next to Noah and nudged his best friend lightly, “Way out of your league.”

Harry’s words earned him an annoyed glance, but Noah’s attention was captured by the immortal, who shook her head and smiled at something Adrian said. Tobias grinned at her as he dismissed the council representatives.

Charlie pulled away from her sister and wiped her eyes, “What’s so funny?” despite having physically moved away from her sister, Charlie still held on to the sleeve of Mazy’s black jumper.

Mazy gave her sister a weak smile, “Noes has a thing for girls with accents.”

Noah could appreciate what they were doing, he really did. But did they have to use him? Did they have to make fun of him?

“Ay, Noah. Giz a kiss.” they all laughed at Harry’s bad impression of the Irish, he lurched towards Noah who pushed him away with a laugh. Harry hissed when Noah put his hand on his best friends forearm, “Shit, sorry.”

Harry just waved him off. Everyone’s smile fell at the reminder of what had happened that morning, of the terrible massacre that had taken place. The four Americans had escaped with visions of death and scars on their hearts from the many loved ones who had died.

“Narcessa, care to join us? We’ll be portaling back to the Academy.”

Noah looked back at the immortal ,who apparently had a hidden Irish accent, her voice light. Narcessa scowled at her, the other council representatives had left by then and she was stood a little away from the group. Arms crossed, said woman shook her head, “Going to see a man about a dog.”

Tobias whispered something to Adrian who burst out laughing.

The woman immortal smiled, she looked nice when she smiled.

Narcessa scowled harder, if that was even possible, and waved her hand to create a portal, “I trust you to sort out living arrangements, after all you did invite them to stay.” she drawled, the immortal rolled her eyes as Narcessa stepped smoothly into the glowing portal.

“Thanks fuck she’s gone. Ow, Kiki!” Adrian rubbed the arm she hit, his playful glare brought a small smile to Tobias’ face.

“Stop swearing.” She replied

“You swear more than me!”

“I’m older.”

She laughed at the look of mock horror at her statement and looked at the small group of surviving Lightwielders in front of her, “Sorry about my brother. He should know we don’t swear in front of company.” Her eyes landed on Noah, “Doesn’t leave a good impression.” She winked at him as she said this. Beside him Harry snickered, to which he received a solid elbow to the ribs.

“My name is Keela Feyborn, please call me Keela. Not Kiki.” Keela sent a glare her brothers way, presumably for the nickname. “I own the Academy you will be living at, though Ms Blackland is the headmistress.”

“I’m Adrian Floros, nice to meet you.” He gave a little wave to accompany the grin across his face.

“And I am Tobias Elroth, call me Toby.” Toby tilted his head in greeting.

Noah took a confident step forward, fake bravado had him hiding his shaking hands behind his back. After all what was the chances of meeting two immortals and a high elf, especially when one immortal was a story told to all Lightwielders as children, warning them of the evil that was Keela Feyborn, killer of Lightwielders and creation of an unholy union of light and dark.

Keela glanced down at his hands momentarily before emotions flashed briefly until a blank look of indifference placed over her once smiling face.

It was a shame. She was really pretty when she smiled.

“I’m Noah White, this is Harry Garcia, Mazy and Charlie Edwards.” He pointed to each person as he said their names. A silence grew between the two groups, Supernaturals still clumped together and Lightwielders stood a good deal closer than they would otherwise.

Finally Toby clapped his hands together, “As much fun as I’m having standing around, I would like to sleep in a bed.” he sent a leer in Adrian’s direction, “Or, ya know, not.”

Adrian choked on his spit as his face turned red. Keela’s mask cracked, a smile wrinkled the perfected façade. Adrian waved a hand and purple smoke created a shimmering doorway to the Academy.

“After you.” Keela said to the four teens with a painted smile.

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Fudge_and_Chocolate: My fair assassin had me gripped from the moment I started reading. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read, including unpublished and published books. The relationship between the two protagonists was fun and great to read. They melted my heart. I highly recommend this book if you are interest...

Isim Misi: Quickened script. Short sweet without adult content. However the ending could have been better, but nonetheless, 't is a good read.

Isim Misi: Can't say enough,One ought to have a personal read through the book to know what I mean and feel about it😍😍

Lilu Coles: I loved reading this every minute I could. Definitely can't wait to finish it to the ending and see what happens between the two love birds.

alice: Ok, so at first I didn't like it and didn't really want to like it either, because I thought it was going to be like all the other sexist-werewolf-arranged-marriage stories, with characters that don't actually have a character or opinion. But this one starts off the way but after only a few chapt...

NabG: Truly an amazing work of art, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mythology. I was up all night reading it, so my under eye bags are gorgeous, but it was worth it.This books deserve so much more recognition, I’m certain that one day they will become a movie.Great job!!!

Sa'adah Achari: Lovely book to read. But, at the chapter thirty amd above the rank are disorder. Other than that, it's a good book to read.

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Arisha Hashmi: Can't wait for next chapter

Deleted User: Definitely a new spin to the wolf thing. I loved it. Its different and great to read.

Madelyn Hamlet: A truly enjoyable book. I hope there is a second one because I couldn’t put it down.

Pille: Amazing story with loveable characters and really good plot. I feel sad it is over. I can't wait to read more from this author. Maybe Tessas story :)

dshanie76: it was awesome but u left me in suspense. so unfair. It had minor grammatical error but the plot was great. the personality of the characters where very descriptive that allowed me to create a picture for every scenario easily. you have the potential to be a wonderful writer. But i think you shou...

Layla: Loved it I also hope it continues

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