Further Than Stars

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“Look up. The stars are more than you imagine.” One starry night, Elizabeth Chosa's sister disappears without a single trace. When a seemingly ordinary train ride transports Elizabeth to the enchanted world of Cosmos, she thinks her sister is finally within reach - except this girl doesn’t want anything to do with her. In her determination to recover her sister, Elizabeth is further drawn into the fantastical world of creatures unlike anything she’s ever seen before; Guardians and Hunters with lives completely different from her own. Here, stars have five-pointed tips and abandoned trains hang frozen in an eternal night. Wolves possess cat-eyes and creatures are untethered by gravity. For a dreamer like Elizabeth, this realm bursts with inspiration and possibilities. Still, as she learns more about this dreamlike universe and its inhabitants, she realizes that not all is what it appears to be, and her curiosity may lead her to discover terrible truths in this transcendent world. Just why does her sister refuse to acknowledge her? And what does that have to do with the ever-luminous stars blinking up above?

Adventure / Fantasy
Viola Sung
4.5 2 reviews
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She was almost certain that it was her.

That was what she thought for the umpteenth time as she chased a tuft of starbright hair down a city street, or trailed the end of a sky blue scarf up a highway bridge, and even stumbled after cloud white sneakers into dusty alleyways.

Her sister was nowhere and everywhere in the crowds. Any face in the corner of her vision could’ve been her - flickers of smiles, bursts of laughter, shoulders jostling against hers.

It was all too much.

Back at her farmyard, all the faces she found were familiar ones. Here, the sea of strangers seemed to be teasing her, tricking her into seeing hints of the sister that she lost.

And if she were completely truthful to herself, she wasn’t just searching for her out here in the city. She had allowed the constant ache in her heart to become a fickle guide, she sought and dug deep within herself for the answers, and still she could not find them.

Her sister, her spiritual twin, her soulmate had torn out a piece of her with her departure. Now the pain called out to her once in a while, ebbing and flowing but never ceasing.

Where is she? The question she would forever be asking, the part of her that didn’t seem whole if she never found her again.

“...Find me there.” Another incomplete thing, the end of a broken off sentence, but-

That tone, that voice! It sounded like her.

Heart hurting yet pounding fast, she twisted around in the mass of bodies, desperate for a glance of her skin and blister, but only succeeded in losing herself as well.

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