The Staircase in the woods

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Emily moves to the country with her family and moves to a new house and school,She finds a staircase in the woods.

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Emily lived near the forest, and loved it there, eventually they had to move to the country for work and money problems. Emily didn't care about anything she usually stayed silent most of the time. And never spoke and mostly didn't have feelings but she kept her feelings inside most of the time, and while looking around near the house she found a staircase in the middle of the forest. but she had no idea what it was doing. And most people said that whenever people climb the stairs they disappear. And never came back... But she was adventurous and wanted to explore so she decided to check it out after school. And she wanted to see what her the room looked like... When she came to her room she saw a bay window and whenever you look in, All 3 of the windows the only thing she saw... Was the staircase.
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