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Find Beaners

Chapter 11: Find Beaners

Once I woke up from my dream, it was nighttime and I expected to feel pain but to my surprise, I felt nothing. James was next to me tending to my wounds carefully patching me up with what little light he had from a lamp. Seeing the delicate treatment James was doing I wondered why I couldn’t feel a thing until Grace floated in front of me to let me know it was her doing and she was able to suppress the sensation of pain in my mind.

“Please stay still. Your soul Grace told me she is suppressing the pain but you’re badly injured.” James quickly warned me before I tried moving because although I don’t feel pain doesn’t mean I could just freely move around like I had no wounds. It would only make things worse.

“What!? You could talk to Grace!?” I wondered thinking only High Rollers can interact in some way with other souls.

“Yes, although I can’t see her or hear words. She spoke to me by sharing her thoughts. Was strange at first and I nearly ran for my life thinking a soul was trying to eat mine.”

“Did you always know you could do that?” I asked Grace.

Grace shook her head and from her thoughts, she also only just figured out a lot of things from being able to manipulate dreams and communicating with others. Grace told me I was in rough shape feeling my heartbeat dwindle every second. Grace wanted to do everything she could and ended up finding out many things about what she was capable of doing. It made things easier for James to help so he wouldn’t worry about me flailing in pain.

“How did you manage to escape?” I asked James since the ones who ambushed us were a gang with plenty of High Rollers.

“It was all thanks to you. You managed to lead a lot of them away… Although, I feel ashamed to say this but… I ran away without trying to fight.” James said and felt both guilty and cowardly.

“Don’t feel ashamed, James. Even if you tried fighting, you’d just throw away your life for nothing.”

“But… how can I possibly be useful to Mato when I only ever think about running away?”

“Well, you won’t be useful to him dead. As I said, there was nothing you or I could have done but run away. Everyone who rode along this job knew about the risks.” I explained and despite trying to be reasonable I was slightly worried about Annie.

Suddenly, Grace told me something I never expected which made me utterly angry.

“Are you certain!?” I angrily asked which scared James.

“W-What?” James wondered why I suddenly got a temper.

Grace was certain that among the High Rollers she was able to sense a familiar one from the Dandy Saloon. The middle-aged man who got a bottle smashed onto his face by Annie. I found it a bit strange they were Crackers but in Velorian it was common there’d be many outlaw gangs of different ethnicities running around since I experienced a raid by Crackers in Vornil Town. I didn’t think much of it but then again in a situation of life and death, one can’t exactly consider things other than how to survive.

“Anybody out there!?” A voice screamed out which James and I could faintly hear.

“The enemy!?” James started to panic.

“No, it’s from our group. Grace could sense Mato’s soul.” I told James who was prepared to protect me.

“If anyone’s out there come out!” Another voice yelled out.

“Hey! Down here!” James screamed as loud as he can. “Over here! I need help!”

“I heard someone!”

“Over there!”

Mato’s men rushed to where James was calling for help and found us. They lifted me from the ground to take me back to where the ambush happened. There I saw some men carrying the dead bodies of those from my group and among them, one was half-covered in a small blanket because they had no clothing. That person was Annie who got stripped naked and violated by the enemy before they put two bullets on her head. Seeing Annie dead and finding out that man who got a bottle smashed onto his face made me angry just thinking the one responsible was him.

“James explained to me what happened, how are you holing up?” Mato came over to me and asked while my wounds were treated by someone who was the group medic.

“Not good, I found out who was behind this ambush. It was some piece of shit who Annie rejected at the Dandy Saloon.” I told Mato ready to head back and kill him.

“That explains why some of the bodies were burned. They didn’t want to leave behind any evidence.” One of Mato’s men said.

“I’ll have you return to Delidaware with James and a few men to report this matter to the authorities. The rest of us will have to continue hunting down Uisai since he continues to run freely near these lands.” Mato said sounding upset since they would have had him if our group didn’t get ambushed.

“I’ll be sure to put a bullet into that bastard,” I said wanting to end his life as soon as possible.

“No, he will be arrested and locked away. You will leave this matter to the authorities.”

“Locked away? That slimy fuck went out of his way to kill just because a woman rejected him! He doesn’t deserve to continue breathing in this life!”

“Take him back to Delidaware and ensure he does nothing foolish.” Mato ignored me to continue the hunt on Uisai as soon as possible.

“Dammit!” I wanted to refute but knew better than to lash out when Mato would still be busy hunting a dangerous man.

Most of the men who volunteered didn’t continue with the job and prepared to return home. They placed me on a flat board with wheels and two horses pushing it while the medic continued to tend my wounds. James came over with his horse noticing I was upset after finding out Annie was killed.

“Were you close with that woman?” James wondered.

“… No, she only let me stay a night in her home,” I replied and saw James more confused as to why I was angry. “I’m no longer a man who can make a genuine connection with another person. You may think that’s what you call a heartless man but I still have this strange sense of avenging those who were robbed of their will to live.” I explained to James.

“F-Forgive me for saying this sir… but… wouldn’t avenging someone mean you cared for them enough to do so?”

“It’s different.”

“How so?”

“Because my will to live has already been robbed from me. There’s only one single reason why I’m still clinging to this life of mine. And it’s to find the one who took that will from me dead.”

It was the first time James heard about my reasons for being a High Roller and what drives me to a path of more suffering. James felt sorry for me but disapproved of my new way of living because it goes against his own. It was then when James began to tell me about his past being born in Velorian as a slave alongside his mother by Crackers who were once soldiers from my home country that stayed in Velorian. Many soldiers chose to stay disobeying the order to return and who wouldn’t? After all, spending fifty years fighting only to have your leaders pull out and gain nothing out of it? Those soldiers saw the writing on the wall knowing after fifty years of money and resources wasted would result in the economies of their countries going into a deep long recession.

James was brought to Velorian still inside the womb of his mother while his father paddled along in a small boat in the hopes of finding a peaceful spot of land to live just like many. Unfortunately, their luck only allowed them to cross the sea safely, and was met by a gang of ex-soldiers who killed the father of James and took the pregnant mother as a slave. James never knew their names or how they looked since only two months after giving birth his mother killed herself. She reached her limit in bearing the pain and suffering for the sake of James and left him alone with the Crackers. Because of that James never knew the name of his parents nor his real name given by his mother and was instead named by the gang of ex-soldiers.

That gang only bothered raising James just to make him a slave as soon as he was capable of standing on his two feet. James grew up knowing nothing but pain and for the longest time thought that’s how life would be until years later that gang encountered Mato’s gang entering a one-sided gunfight. The gang that enslaved James for years was killed and James to his surprise had no idea why he felt no remorse seeing the people who raised him riddled with bullets. One of them named Clayton who was the most intimate towards James reached out his bloodied hand towards him. Clayton called out his name with a few moments left to live until Mato appeared and finished him. James knowing no fear simply stood there unable to comprehend those new feelings that he never felt before. And Mato because he was a High Roller could see the tragedy of how James was raised throughout his life until he met Mato.

James’s time of enlightenment began as Mato took him into Delidaware where he learned so much about the world and the amazing things he discovered. But it wasn’t all good things and he found out what the ugliness behind it meant. James wasn’t the only kid who experienced a life of misery and from then on dedicated his life to being one of the men who would help Mato build the so-called American dream. A place where no more children and people, in general, would need to experience such suffering.

“Did you meet Abraham?” I asked James as we stayed camped for the night as he stood near my flat board telling me his story.

“No, he wasn’t alive when I came to Delidaware. But hearing the stories of him makes one wonder how such a man was capable to bring all of this together.” James said as he looked at the others properly working together with a few being of different ethnicity. “Levi, you should stay here. Someone like you with a rare soul would benefit Delidaware greatly.” He said thinking highly of me.

“Sorry, but my mind is set on finding Logan Campbell dead. However, I do hope the best for you along with everyone working together to make this American dream come to life. Because this world desperately needs such a place of peace.”

James wanted to insist on making me stay in Delidaware but was understanding of my commitment to finding Logan Campbell. Although they were morally different, the dedication to fulfilling one’s conviction was the same.

Returning to Delidaware took a shorter amount of time with lesser people and along the way my wounds although were still rough I was able to move my body a bit. But that was all I needed as I used Grace to trick the High Rollers from the group to think I still wasn’t able to move because Mato ordered them to keep an eye on me so I wouldn’t head out to kill the one responsible for ambushing us. They let their guard down allowing me to sneak out a horse from the stables and rode straight to the most likely place that bastard was enjoying the thought of getting away with doing something sickening.

I had limited time because the people near the stables tried stopping me on the way out and knew they would chase after me. It was becoming almost nighttime and the streets of Delidaware weren’t as crowded. A few High Rollers who patrolled the streets saw me riding fast on my horse but I hid my killing intent otherwise they would have certainly acted hostile towards me. But once I arrived at the destination which was the Dandy Saloon, I limped my way over with heavy wounds that weren’t close to healing and kicked those batwing doors open. Upon doing so I made sure my killing intent was sensed by all. It wasn’t because my emotions made me lose focus and even if it did Grace was capable of ensuring to keep them suppressed. It was all to keep my power of hiding and manipulating my intent being known by other High Rollers a secret. Since such power was advantageous against those who got comfortable openly sensing the intents of most emotional living things. There was still a lot I didn’t know about Velorian and I thought of the possibility that things wouldn’t bode well for me if people knew my power.

As you can guess everyone in that saloon full of High Rollers went silent sensing my killing intent but none were drawing their guns to aim because it was all focused on that good for nothing asshole who casually drank away near the bar counter with a piece of cloth covering his nose for it was still wounded after Annie smashed a bottle over it. The moment we both locked eyes the fastest draw and prediction would result in the winner putting a bullet inside their head. Since I wasn’t using Grace’s special power and it was a straightforward line of sight gunfight between two High Rollers. The chances of me losing were very high because that would be my first ever confrontation with no factors against someone experienced in battling High Rollers. Yet, despite those disadvantages, my demeanor towards that murderer was calm and confident about ending his life with just one shot.

Reading his mixed senses of confusion, panic, and urgency I held off my shot keeping my aim at him in which he tried dodging to the left thinking I would attempt to fire immediately but guessed wrong. Instant sweat began to shower his face already and fear for his life began setting in as he allowed himself to simply fall straight to the floor using gravity to ensure my chances of landing a perfect shot would lower. I kept my cool even when that bastard tried going for a hail marry firing two shots hoping he’d predict at least one but desperate poor angle shots were simple to doge. It was at that very moment when that sick fuck realized there was no possible method of dodging anymore in such a state and all it took was one pull on that trigger at the same time his body landed on the floor.

Upon hearing the loud bang and at the same time seeing the splatter of blood gush out from his forehead everything suddenly became relaxing. Like some weight I carried disappeared and I merely stood there contemplating what I had just done while those who chased after me rushed into the Dandy Saloon and tackled me down. They tied up my hands in rope and forced me to stand but my eyes stayed on the man I killed until I was taken outside onto a horse. From then on, I was thrown into an empty prison cell alone and left there for a few days until Mato returned to Delidaware. Naturally, he was not pleased hearing about what I did and more time passed wasted in a cell. I began to start thinking of escaping having respected their laws and reasons for holding me in a cage but I couldn’t waste any more days doing nothing for I had a Logan Campbell to find.

As I started to think of an escape plan someone paid a visit to my cell. It was a well-dressed man nearing his fifties who showed clear signs of high class. The clothes made him look like some kind of general for an army yet despite that he arrived with a bottle of liquor and two crystal-clear glass cups. The man casually poured a glass and handed it over to me which made me confused and wary despite the man not being a High Roller and I could sense no hostility.

“Go on, no point in poisoning you when we can just shoot you where you stand.” The old man told me and insisted I took the cup.

“Who are you?” I asked and took the cup but didn’t drink it, yet.

“The name’s Ulysses S. Grant. Although, I’m famously known as Grant or General Grant.” He introduced himself and pulled over a chair to sit down. “But these days the people of Delidaware call me President Grant.”

“President?” I wondered what type of ranking that was among the military since he first mentioned they called him General Grant.

“Well, from where you come from, they’d somewhat call my position as a king or emperor. But as humans, we’ve become enlightened thanks to the mistakes of our ancestors before us. The mistake of giving one man or woman complete power to decide on the needs of their people based on their preference.”

I didn’t expect such an important person to come to meet me and he wasn’t lying about being the ruler of Delidaware. It made me even warier to drink that cup and couldn’t figure out what was his angle.

“What are you talking about?” I asked not understanding what he tried conveying.

“For a High Roller, you’re quite untrusting of someone who is not,” Grant said seeing I still waited to drink and went first to show there was no poison but I still waited a bit longer. “As a president, I only have power if the people wish for me to have it. And they give that power to someone who is willing to listen to their needs and should that president fail to provide. Then the people can take that power away and give it to someone else who is more inclined to help.” Grant explained the type of power a president has in Delidaware.

“… It may sound better than other countries but still has flaws. Such a system is vulnerable to deceit, lies, and hypocrisy. All to have a chance of obtaining power be it a short amount of time but just enough to make the lives of some miserable or ruined.” I explained and decided to take a sip seeing Grant was fine after drinking.

“Guess John wasn’t lying when he told me of a crazy rich man intentionally coming here. You’re quite knowledgeable for someone living in Velorian. But yes, you are right this system is not perfect and is suspectable to exploitation but I believe in the future people will vote based on actions and not so much on words. After all, Delidaware was built from the ground up not just by fancy words people loved hearing but also by the reckless actions of one man.”

“Abraham Lincoln?”

“Yes, Abraham was a man of such grandeur in both words and actions. It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside him as his general and to see everything we have accomplished. And this is merely the beginning of our great American land that will soon be born.”

“I’ve already heard plenty of times about this American dream. But what is the point in someone like you coming all the way here to tell me such a thing?”

“Because of Mato. He wants a bullet in your head.”

“For killing that heartless bastard who killed other people just because of a rejection? What a load of- “

“Of course not, it’s because you remind him of his past self.”

“Past self?”

“Mato was born during the war for Velorian. And as a Native he witnessed his people killed, abused, and his homeland turned into a pile of corpses. I’m certain you can relate and guess what Mato became after such a tragedy?”

“A heartless murderer?”

“Only to those who weren’t Natives. Didn’t matter if it was a negro hanging on by a thread or a beaner woman or a starving cracker child. He killed them all treating them as defilers of his land and went on a merciless rampage to avenge his people.”

“What!? Even children!? And you have such a hateful murderer in charge of protecting Delidaware!? How dare that bastard find a comparison to me! I will never kill any children!”

“I didn’t like it either. But Abraham insisted on wanting him to help build the American dream.”

“How did you even manage to get that man under your control if he roamed Velorian killing Crackers like us?”

“It wasn’t easy, he killed some of our men but we managed to make him bleed. Mato didn’t have much time as he was bleeding out and still tried fighting but Abraham told everyone including me to stand down. The crazy fool had the gall to walk over and sit beside Mato watching the sunset.” Grant took a deep sip and starts feeling nostalgic about the hard times. “Abraham was someone who could speak so well and give powerful speeches. Yet, with Mato. Without saying a single word simply reached his hand out towards him. It was a surprise to us all including Mato. There was no hostility or anger but…understanding and willingness to forgive.”

“When I heard of Abraham, I thought highly of him. But hearing he forgave a lunatic who murdered children now I think he’s- “

“And everyone including myself thought the same as you did. When that Native took Abraham’s hand and Abraham ordered our men to treat him like an ally. Many did not take kindly to that decision. Honestly, everything would have collapsed for that ridiculous decision alone but Abraham stood firm on it. Luckily the man’s way with words was unparallel and everything didn’t come to an end over that ridiculous decision. Mato has helped us greatly ensuring those who only want to tarnish America would meet their end. Thus… brings us to why he wants your head. You threatened the land of Delidaware by killing the one you claimed was responsible. This made things difficult for us to find the other accomplices living among us. We managed to expose and capture a few but many of them escaped Delidaware after hearing you killed one of theirs.”

“Sorry for making trouble for you. But I couldn’t stand the thought of that bastard living.” I finished my drink and looked Grant in the eyes. “So? You plan to keep me locked away forever?” I asked.

“No, didn’t necessarily do anything bad. Nor are you a man who’s a threat to Delidaware. However, I would like to ask you to leave Delidaware as soon as possible. I’ve heard about your reasoning for coming here and from the look in your eyes you’d be bad news for Delidaware.”

“I’m bad news for Delidaware and not the child killer?”

“You know, Mato already holds that over his head for the rest of his life. It’s the reason why he works day and night to at the very least pay for what he’s done. But Mato will never forgive himself.” Grant stood up and prepared to leave. “Besides, it’s simple for people like us to judge when we weren’t in his shoes. Being born into a nightmare witnessing and experiencing terrible atrocities. Could you truly see yourself remain sane after surviving hell? Because I sure as hell would have become an absolute drunk and probably kill myself in my own indulgence.” Grant finished speaking to me and left.

Although Grant was possibly correct that if I grew up in the most terrible of situations for years, I’d probably go insane as well and become utterly selfish to all. However, the reasoning in being unable to judge unless one would live through what Mato did seemed too much of a defensive excuse for having him protect Delidaware. At the same time, I realized building America from the ground up without sin would be impossible since history has shown that those who aren’t willing to put their foot down for what they believe in will just get crushed by someone willing. Perhaps, that’s the reason why someone like Abraham and Grant whom I heard later had many young men die because they followed their orders. It’s because they both knew the American dream would be short-lived if they weren’t willing to accept blood and sin in their hands.

Either way, I was released from the prison cell and given a horse to be exiled once again. I no longer let such thoughts bother me about Mato and America. It wasn’t going to have anything to do with me. So, I’d just consider Mato’s past as something I’ll look away in exchange for him having saved my life from Uisai. About to start riding I was called out by James who ran like his life depended on it just to see me off.

“LEEEVVII! WAAIIT!” James yelled out loudly while everyone looked at him like some madman.

Once James caught up, he took a moment to catch his breath before speaking. I respected the kid and was willing to wait for him a bit longer despite a few guards who escorted me giving me mean looks for sticking around when Grant exiled me.

“Try making it quick before I get shot,” I told James as he took too much of a breather.

“Sorry… I just… wished to ask if you’d return? After you finished your journey?” James asked wanting to see me again.

“… James, you should forget about someone like me. As I told you before, I’m already a walking dead man.” I told James as he set high expectations for me. Even though I am not deserving of such a thing from anyone.

“I’m aware, sir. But I still would like you to return. Before your journey comes to an end.”

Seeing the expression of James made me wonder why he was going so far for me. And recalling back on what James said he accepted the fact that his implication of my journey coming to an end meant I’d kill myself once I confirm Logan Campbell’s death. James asked for me to keep holding onto life for a bit longer just to visit Delidaware one last time. It almost felt like James was confident that I’d possibly change my mind once I return and see the progress of America but I was very doubtful. However, it wasn’t much of a big deal to make one last stop before going to the afterlife.

“Fine, I’ll return. Under the correct circumstances.” I said about to start riding off.

“Correct circumstances?” James was confused.

“If I don’t get killed or find Logan Campbell dead. Take care of yourself James and good luck.” I said and galloped away while James wished me the best on my journey.

There was still one last stop to make and it was Vornil Town. I owed a lot to John for preparing me for the times I nearly met my end. Without John’s knowledge prior I’d probably be Nahr’Shak dinner. Wanted to thank him before leaving Vornil Town and all of the other towns belonging to Delidaware. Upon arriving, I noticed some new faces including new guards with a few being High Rollers. Unfortunately, I arrived at a bad time as Vornil Town had been attacked by a gang of Beaners one day ago who were quite successful in inflicting plenty of damage. They spent all day putting out fires and gathering the folk who died some of which were children. The guards who weren’t High Rollers aimed their guns but those who were High Rollers told them to put their guns away. Seeing that I had no ill intent towards them and were wary of being hostile against a High Roller with a rare soul. It was such a scary advantage that I could make them see a false intent if I was evil but luckily for them, I was on their side.

“Levi? You’ve finally returned!” A familiar voice called out to me.

I turned to my right to see it was Eric, the man who didn’t like me but turned a new leaf after I helped him regain his manhood to escape the Nahr’Shak gang. Was surprised Eric managed to make it out alive but I guess it didn’t matter since I didn’t care if he lived or died. Eric along with a few others who escaped rushed over with lit-up eyes.

“Thank you, Levi. If it weren’t for you, we’d be dead in that godforsaken cave!” Eric told me.

“Yeah, we owe ya!”

“Thank you very much!”

They gathered around me and I could sense their intense gratefulness for treating me like some kind of savior. I did very little on that escape since the rest came down to Mato having appeared killing the Nahr’Shak. Their gratitude was misplaced but they insisted especially Eric who told me how I gave him the courage to confess to Betsy and is now his woman. As heartwarming as it may sound, I cared not for it nor the others about their change of heart. Thankfully, John came around to disperse them away from me.

“Alright, that’s enough! We got a lot of work left to do!” John told everyone as he approached me.

It was the first time I witness John’s soul which turned out to be a normal one which made me realize that just because one has a rare soul with special powers doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win against those with normal souls. After all, John lived a long time with no home within the wild side of Velorian and survived.

“Come, I know you’re in a hurry but there’s something I’d like to discuss.” John simply said and I followed him to his home which had bullet holes.

“Sorry, for what happened. If I had arrived sooner, I could have probably prevented more people from dying.” I told John who placed his hat on his desk.

“Don’t worry about it, the people here understand what they signed up for and are prepared to face loss,” John said although I could sense something else that bothered him. “You’re heading out to Velorian, right?” He asked.

“Yeah, I stopped by to thank you for everything you have done for me.”

“Normally, I’d let that be all and you’d be on your way. But I must ask for something more than a thanks.”

“… As long as it doesn’t interfere with my purpose.”

“It depends whether they interfere with it or not.”

“Sounding like you want me to kill people?”

“A gang of Beaners. The ones who attacked Vornil.”

“That’s a big favor you’re asking of me, John. Especially if I consider how badly they damaged the town. These guys don’t seem like a simple gang.”

“And it’s exactly because they’re not a simple gang that you might find some information regarding this Logan Campbell. So, it might benefit you to ask them some questions.”

“… John, I respect and appreciate what you have done for me. But don’t treat me like some fool who would easily be swayed over such a simple thing.”

“… Sorry, it wasn’t my intent to treat you like a fool. But I’m sure you can see that I was being serious. Some Beaners were shouting Viva Rojo which means Live Red or Long Live Red. Something along those lines. But if they mentioned red then it means their gang is called Rojo Locos or Crazy Reds in English.”

“Crazy Red… are they known throughout Velorian?”

“Somewhat, in Velorian it’s rare for a gang to be known but their gang has grown and operated in different areas around the land. Which is stupid, they’re making themselves weaker splitting their forces and attempting to conquer everything at once. Got beans for brains those Spanish-speaking morons. But we’re lucky they’re idiots or I doubt Vornil would have stood a chance if they were smart.”

“Well, I don’t need to know the details much. If you only want me to kill a portion of their gang that’s lingering around Vornil territory.”

“I hope this won’t change your mind but… you won’t only be killing those Crazy Red bastards.”

“What do you mean?”

“They took Pithra hostage when they fled and I’m sure you can guess where I will go with this.”

Took me a moment to remember who Pithra was but remembered it was the woman whom I first met when I was washed ashore on Velorian. Pithra lived in Vornil being helped by a few to head out n search of her son but wouldn’t venture out far. Not having found a single clue the last time I heard of Pithra she was willing to explore the depths of Velorian herself to find her son. However, John and many others didn’t allow her to do something reckless when she wasn’t exactly a fighter.

“I doubt Pithra would be alive but if I do find her, I’ll do what I can. Just don’t expect me to put her life as a priority.” I told John and didn’t have a single care about saving Pithra or if she died when I encounter the gang of Beaners.

“There’s still one more thing, Jackson Reed- “The moment John said that name which I remembered I immediately became disinterested.

“Dammit, John! You’re starting to push this favor too much!” I started to feel slightly upset I had to deal with that fat bastard.

“It’s not what you think. Jackson Reed headed out to try saving Pithra. Though, truth be told. Jackson Reed has decided to leave Vornil Town and explore Velorian. Despite his claims of calming down so long there’s food and a roof. Jackson changed his mind deciding to live a more… heart racing life.”

“That fat idiot became a High Roller?”

“No, at the very least. He wasn’t a High Roller when he left.”

“… Whatever, I’m not working with that prick. And I’m more inclined to possibly putting many bullets into that disgusting belly of his.”

“It’s unfortunate that I could see you’re not lying.”

John walked over to a cabinet but didn’t open it and instead crouched down and reached his hand underneath it. John took some seconds to get something from a hidden compartment and took out a very old dusty journal and a big folded sheet of paper.

“In exchange for at least cooperating in killing that Beaner gang. After that, you can just leave Jackson and Pithra if they’re still alive on their own.” John said and reached his right hand out to give me that journal and paper. “It’s my journal of my time being out in Velorian along with recent things that I have been informed of happening. My writing may not be the best but should be readable. As for that paper, it’s a map drawn by me and a few others who helped me in my time out in Velorian. Just like my writing, the drawing is poorly done but it should definitely help you find your way around the cursed land.” He explained the contents of what he was giving me.

“… You know if I take this, I can simply change my mind and decide to kill Jackson,” I said not knowing why John expected so much from me.

“You can… but I know you’re not that kind of person. Otherwise, you’d have already been dead.”

Hearing John’s words didn’t hit me right away and realized what John meant is that if I was the typical person whether it was a mild liar, coward, or plain evil. I wouldn’t have survived those life and death situations if those traits applied to me. At the time, I was still hesitant but figured it wouldn’t hurt to just do my own thing in taking out those Rojo Locos and leave Jackson to his own. And if he dared interfere then I’d kill him without hesitation.

“I won’t make any promises,” I told John and accepted the journal and map.

“Shouldn’t consider that information too reliable. After all, it was from years ago and in Velorian many things change quickly. And I don’t get that much new information regarding further west of Velorian. Who knows what’s happening on the other side.” John warned me.

“Thanks for everything,” I said and reached my right hand out after putting aside the journal and map to shake John’s hand.

“I wish you luck in finding Logan Campbell. Try not to end it too quickly, savor it.” John said and shook my hand. Saying he wanted me to live as long as possible for John knew I’d end my own life upon finding Logan dead.

“Keep the people in Vornil safe.” Is all I said and left John’s home.

Didn’t stick around any longer to say goodbye to others and rode off with my horse to hunt down some of the Rojo Locos and find Logan Campbell.

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