Clockwork and a Mechanical Heart

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Viriginia Piefore had only one plan since birth. Take over and rule the work. Except life had other plans. Confined to an all girls boarding school till she reached 25, the age of maturity. Her plans can never blossom because of constantly being thwarted by her teachers, classmates and, worst of all- her mortal enemy: Lola Kinelle.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

I looked in the mirror, eyes focusing. The Victorian dress making me look like I was in a steam punk cosplay. Spinning on my heels I stomped away in my burgandy combat boots my only reprieve from gray hue that covered the whole school.

“Virginia Piefore stop all that stomping and racket you little uncultured unkeemped heathen!” My den mother let out from down stairs. I could hear snickers from the other girls in her ‘den’.

“oooh hoooo. you won’t be laughing when I obliterate this place and all of you” she muttered to her self as her roommate rushed pass giggling. I watched full of malice as the stupid girl slammed the door.

“Virginia!” Called out the ugly little gremlin of a den mother. Sighing I moved over to the window bending down and pressing a button under it 4 times. My old roommate’s flower lights begin to light and blink. Touching little buttons I had installed into certain flowers I input the code and the huge mirror on the wall spun open. I then threw myself into the abyss, mirror closing behind and welcome the familiar feeling of falling into the void.

“Hello Ms.piefore have you found a way to get rid of roommate 7 yet?” A voice called out.

“Not yet AIA. She’s doesn’t seemed to be scared by spiders, snakes, mechanical axe murderers or a knife to the kneck. I’ll have to try harder”

“Ms.Piefore, you have biology in 10” AIA said.

“10 what AIA?!? 10 nanoseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, YEARS?” I exclaimed.

“Minutes, You better get going miss”


I stepped into the teleporter. Steam surrounded me and I ceased existence for a few moments before I was standing in the forest beside the school just off the stone path. I calmly walked down the path.

“Hey freak, have a quickie with the fae” My head swivelled to see an average looking trio of girls walking on the road.

“Oo, I’m guessing I was right because I can’t imagine any other reason you’d look like that” Said a blonde girl with an unusually big nose.

“You didn’t have to do her like that Amy” replied a ginger with a forehead as big as the road on which she stood.

“Ah, with a nose like that I can see why you’re in busy. Just tell megamind over there to come up with something more creative or realistic next time.” They looked shocked and that’s when the final person in the trio opened her big mouth.


“Flap those lips any faster, big mouth- and you’ll start flying” I let out.

Her face turned as red as a fire hydrant and they all started approaching me quickly.

“I’m going to beat you to a pulp” ‘Amy’ said. Before the could reach me however someone shouted.

“BREAK IT UP” the voice was soft and melodic like a chorus of demons in my ear. Lola approached us red in the cheeks and face scrunched. Her gold student council id pass shining around her neck. Amy and her duo of skinks slink away but not before jumping at me like it would scare it would scare me. Lola and I just stood there for a moment before she spoke.

“It feels like I have to stop someone everyday. How do you get yourself in so much trouble Ms.Piefore” her voice was low and firm like she was scolding a mere child.

“I just have my way. Kinelle.” I said stomping off to class with Lola walking quietly behind.

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