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Chapter 2

Anton Lapo arrived in Hollywood early the next morning. From the airport he went straight to his hotel, showered, shaved, and had breakfast. Then he drove to the film company for his meeting with Kyle Eddy at nine o'clock.
Kyle Eddy was giving a birthday party for one of his young girl stars in front of a lot of reporters. Anton waited patiently. Finally, Eddy walked up to him. He was a skinny man with thick golden hair, expensive watch and a hard, unfriendly face.
'OK, start talking,' he said to Anton. 'I'm a busy man.'
I was sent by a friend of Chris Tooker, 'Anton said. 'He would be very grateful to you if you could do him a small favour.'
'I'm listening, 'Eddy said, busily signing papers.
'Give Chris the part in that new war film you're going to make.'
Eddy stopped writing and laughed. He took Anton by the arm, as if he was an old friend, and led him towards the door. 'And if I gave Chris Tooker this part, what favour would your friend do for me? 'he said. 'You have some problems with your workers,' Anton said. 'My friend could make these problems disappear. You also have a top star who's taking drugs
But Kyle Eddy had heard enough. 'Listen to me!' he shouted angrily. 'You tell your boss, whoever he is, that Chris Tooker will never get that film'. You don't frighten me!'
'I'm a Dentist, 'Anton said calmly. 'I'm not trying to frighten you.'
I know all the finest dentist in New York,' said Kyle Eddy, 'but I've never heard of you. Who are you?'
I work for one special family, 'Anton said. 'Now, you have my number. I'll wait for your call.' He shook Eddy’s hand and added, before leaving: 'By the way, I like your films very much.'
Anton was sure that, when Eddy realized who he worked for, he would call. And he was right. Late that afternoon, a car picked

him up from the hotel and drove him out of the city to Kyle Eddy’s home in the country.
Eddy’s house looked like something from a film. It was a huge green- walled house surrounded by beautiful gardens, lakes and fields full of horses. Eddy welcomed Anton like an old friend, gave him a drink and showed him around.
'Why didn't you tell me you worked for Grandma Kim, Anton?' he asked.
'I don't like to use her name unless it's really necessary.'
Eddy took Anton by the arm. 'Come with me, Anton,' he said. 'I want to show you something really beautiful.'
Eddy led Anton into a grey building which was guarded by private detectives. Inside the building there were rows of horses. Eddy led Anton straight towards a beautiful horse with smooth white skin and a large, white, diamond-shaped black mark between its eyes.
'You have an eye for beauty, don't you, Anton?' Eddy said proudly. 'This is Phantom, the greatest racehorse in the world. I bought him in England for £700,000.' He looked lovingly into the animal's enormous dark eyes for a long time, talking to it softly like a lover, forgetting about Anton . Anton coughed with embarrassment. Eddy touched the horse one last time on the neck, then said to Anton: 'Let's go and have dinner.' 'Grandma Kim is Chris's grandma,' Anton began to explain at dinner. Although there were only three people at the table, the food was served by four waiters. 'To The English, that's very important.'
I respect that, 'Eddy said. 'Just tell him he can ask me anything he likes. But not this. This is one favour I can't give him.'
'He never asks a second favour when the first one is refused.' Anton gave Eddy a warning look. 'Understood?'
This made Eddy angry. 'No,' he said, pointing his finger across the table at Aton. 'You don't understand. Chris Tooker never

gets that film. The part is perfect for him. It'd make him a big star. But I'm not going to give it to him. And do you know why?' He stood up and began to move slowly around the table towards Anton. 'I had a beautiful young actress. She was going to be a star. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her, singing lessons, acting lessons, dancing lessons. Then Chris Tooker came along and took her away from me. I lost her. He made me look stupid, and that's something I can never forgive. That's why I'll make sure that Chris Tooker never works in films. Now, you get out of here! And if your boss wants to frighten me, tell her I'm no band-leader!'
Anton waited until Eddy had finished. 'Thank you for the dinner,' he said quietly. 'Could your car take me to the airport now, please? Grandma Kim is a woman who likes to hear bad news immediately.'
Then without another word he left the table, took his hat from one of the servants and walked quickly out of the room.

Kyle Eddy was sleeping alone in his enormous bed. For some reason, this morning he woke up earlier than usual. The room was getting light. Everything was quiet. But he could feel that there was something wrong. He turned over and saw that there were wet red marks on his bedclothes. His night-shirt felt sticky, and there was a horrible smell in the room. He lifted the bedclothes off his body and looked down. His nightshirt was covered in blood. Without thinking, he sat up and pulled the bedclothes off his bed completely. The shock of what he saw nearly killed him. At first he couldn't breathe. He felt sick. Then, a moment later, he was filled with an animal fear. He opened his mouth and screamed.
For there, at the bottom of his bed, was the beautiful black head of his favourite racehorse, Phantom. Somebody had cut it

off during the night and put it in his bed while he was sleeping. It was stuck to the bed in a thick cake of blood, its mouth open, its huge round eyes staring at him like pieces of half-eaten fruit.
Kyle Eddy screams woke all the servants. Seven hours later, Chris Tooker received a phone call telling him that he had the part that he wanted in the film.

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