Different colours

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Chapter 3

Late that night, Malik and Faye were coming out of a theatre. Although they were staying in Los Angeles, Malik had told his family that he was in New Hampshire, over a hundred miles away. 'If I told my family we were in Los Angeles, we would have to see them right away,' he told Faye. 'Then we wouldn't be able to be alone together.'
The night was freezing, and Malik and Faye held each other closely as they walked slowly along the crowded pavement.
'What do you want for Christmas?' he asked Faye.
Faye laughed and kissed his frozen cheek. 'Just you,' she said.
They walked a little further, then suddenly Faye stopped. Malik,' she said, looking behind her, her face white with shock.
'What's the matter?' He said, confused.

She took his hand and led him back to a newspaper shop they had just passed. She pointed to a newspaper. Malik picked it up. 'GRANDMA KIM SHOT THREE TIMES' he read on the front page. Opening it, he saw a photograph of his father. 'KILLERS SHOOT UNDERWORLD BOSS'.
Without looking at Faye, he ran across the street to a public telephone and rang Shakoo.
'Shakoo?' he said. 'It's Malik. Is she all right?'
'We don't know yet, but she's hit bad, Malik,' he said. 'Where have you been? We've been worried.'
Malik suddenly felt guilty about lying to his family about New Hampshire. 'I called. Didn't Anton tell you?'
'No. But come home, Malik. You should be with Mama. We need you.'
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