Murders In Morocco

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"Thirteen murders.. Yeah that's the count." People are getting killed everyday. The police isn't enough sometimes. And detective Sabrina Brown makes sure she let's no case go untouched. The killers on the loose... and so is the detective. These are the amazing adventures of Detective Sabrina Brown....

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"This is a tricky one." Sabrina spoke up, shuffling the case papers. "The reason it's unattended," Jack, her case partner replied and shrugged.

Sabrina chuckled and Jack's chuckles followed.

"But isn't it too heartless for anyone to commit?" Sabrina said back. Jack nodded in response. A phone rang up. Jack checked his coat pockets but found nothing. He pointed at Sabrina's clutch and resulting in Sabrina checking it.

Yes it was Sabrina's phone.

She picked the call and a female voice called out. "Hello?"

"Hellooo!" The voice tried to sound ghostly. "Is that you, Madilyn?" Sabrina wanted to confirm if it was her daughter calling from the landline telephone. "Yes Miss Sabrina." The girl, Madilyn giggled.

"How many times have I told you not to call out your mother's name?" Sabrina tried to sound strict. "Sorry momma!"

"How's Robbie?" Sabrina asked for her elder daughter. "Sis is fine,"
Sabrina cut the phone and talked to Jack more about the case she was studying.

"The killings started in October, mid. And first girl killed was from a strict Catholic family. So, all Catholic Church members are mourning. Second killing appeared in October end. And the exact same time as the first killing. Six by four o' clock evening." Jack explained.

"Any similarity in the killings?... Except for the time and pattern." Said Sabrina.

Jack checked the file and added a few hints. Like the killers killing place annd killing weapon. "Let's go to the doctor, the last autopsy should've been completed." Jack picked up and both headed for the autopsy room.

Jack knocked on the silver door which read autopsy theatre and went inside with Sabrina following. "Hey Jonathan. Long time no see?" Jack greeted his old best friend, Jonathan nodded. "Are the postmortem reports ready?" Said Jack, rubbing his palms. "Yeah, I can give you the basic details for now. The proper paper file will take time." Jonathan reasoned, leading them into a glass lab.

"Okay so, I studied the deep wound on the first victim, Roxann's neck. I can tell you for sure that the murderer is right handed. This will be added in your file. And also, we found a strange thing. It might be possible that the victim was kidnapped, tied with ropes and then killed. Because she had an empty stomach." Jonathan explained, moving his pen here and there. Thanks to technology, he had digital watch. A blue piercing light popped up and the light including the details and the victim's mere body zoomed in to give a perfect view of her slit throat and jute rope marks in her hands and ankles.

"Oh, and the Cheif of police wants to have a talk, Sabrina." Said Jonathan. Sabrina left the room leaving Jack and Jonathan in the room chatting. Sabrina met the Cheif on her way to his office. "Aye officer! I'm Samuel Villin, the Cheif of Police. I got a clue from my nearest off-duty informer. It might be, helpful. According to a witness, the killer wears a dark cloak and hat. When our police team inspected in the murder scene, they, found a Cigarette lighter socket, a used Cigar, the victim's body and a trash car. I think you, should inspect the murder scene once.. it is possible that our team might've left a evidence." The Cheif, Samuel ordered.

"May I know the murder scene? The landmark would be enough." Sabrina asked. Samuel passed her a paper with all information related to the question she asked.

Sabrina and Jack headed to Muffin Street aka the murder scene. "Muffin Street. Seriously? We're they out of names?! Unbelievable." Sabrina complained about the street name. Jack chuckled, his eyes focused of the road. "Relax Sab, it's just the street name. Doesn't relate to your life in any way." Jack explained. "Whatever." Sabrina groaned, ending the conversation.

"We're here." Jack spoke up as he untied his seat belt. "Good to know," Sabrina exited the Jeep and started looking around with her Detective Lens. They found a Cigarette, a tyre, maybe of that trash car. And a wood torn fabric covered in blood.

"Yes Sabrina, this is the clue." Said Jack, sliding some sanitary gloves down his hands to hold the fabric. Jack studied the fabric roughly and placed it in a transparent evidence pouch. "Let's get a closer look of this hmm, let's go back to the lab. Rosa and Derek, my assistants will take care of the side evidences. We need to get this stitched and let's see what it looks like," Jack explained, Sabrina nodded nevertheless.

"Come in, Sabrina and Jack Reyes." Samuel called out. "Either you're gonna be my wife or my sister." Jack whispered in Sabrina's ear. "None," Sabrina whispered back and they entered Samuel's office. "So, the blood soaked fabric you got was actually a football jersey and when it got stitched, it had a number seven logo on it. So far so good officer, you doin a great job." Samuel explained and appreciated Sabrina at the end.

"Cool to know." Sabrina smiled and left for her house. On her way, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around, found nobody. She turned back, knowing it was some stalker. She put her hands in her pocket and felt the sharp knife in her right pocket. Her insides smirking. The footsteps coming closer. She turned around again, just to trick the stalker. Turned back and quickly snaked her arms in her pocket, slides the knife and pointed it-

"Whoa whoa- it's just me!" Jack, the stalker surrendered. Sabrina face palmed herself. Jack walked with her to her home, talking about previous cases she solved best.

"Goodnight," Sabrina smiled, closing the entrance door of her house. "Bye." Jack slid his hands into his pockets and replied. Jack went off

"Mommy! I have many things to tell you about!" A girly voice exclaimed. "Sure Madilyn, where's Robbie?"

"She is sleeping!" Madilyn giggled. "Good, you had dinner?" Sabrina asked her daughter, who wasn't exactly her daughter.. Sabrina's sister, who died in a car accident is the real mother of Madilyn. While Robbie is Sabrina's friend. Sabrina's 23 and Robbie is 20 but age doesn't matter in their friendship. "Oh yeah."

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