The dragon kingdom

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A beautiful kingdom but a sad queen A defeated king but a brave princess A giant dragon but a sick girl Solve the dragon mystery

Adventure / Fantasy
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The kingdom

Once upon a time in a far land ,there was a kingdom named Dragon Kingdom . On the far side of the dynasty there was a sea in which a water dragon lived .The people of the kingdom feared it , hence they never went over there .

Many times the king with his army went there to find the dragon but returned unsuccessful . The king also took the neighbouring kingdoms help but still returned defeated

The king’s queen was sad as she longed to have a baby .But couldn’t for years . One day she was out in her rooms balcony while praying to have a baby ,a fairy heard her wish .And fulfilled it .

Soon the kingdom had a pretty newborn baby girl . The queen named her Lisa . She was loved by her parents dearly .

Lisa grew up to be a bright , pretty ,brave and a talented girl .She did everything archery,sword fighting e.t.c.

She also had a dream to adventure the world but her father did not let her out of the castle because he feared that the water dragon might harm her .she used to go to her father and ask for permission to go and explore the world but her father said no it is not safe after the world she asked the kingdom, but the king still said no.

When she became 18 she insisted to go out .Her parents agreed .The next day she packed her belongings and went ,to find the dragon about which she was heard many stories many times since childhood . She went there searched and searched and searched for the dragon but did not find it , Suddenly , while crossing her the sea ,she saw light and bubbling in the water .

She pulled out her sword . The majestic dragon came out of the water , Lisa first got scared and ran in fear . She went back to her castle and told her parents about what she saw .

The king ordered to prepare for a war and also said to take help from the neighbouring kingdom but his daughter stopped him and said that she just needed some men ,some weapons and also some horses .

Soon she went to the same spot and made some noises to attract the dragon. The dragon came out and it wasn’t the way the people described it was . She ordered the people to attack . But then she thought that no animal would harm people on purpose.

She went near the dragon gradually and threw her sword aside .She went and patted the dragon .

The dragon made the princess sit on its back and rode her to a place which was dark and foggy .The next thing Lisa saw was a girl lying over there .

Later Lisa came to know that the dragon had been taking care of a sick human girl on the other side of ocean ,and whenever it came out everyone ran because of being frightened .The dragon picked up the sick girl and took her to its back .

Lisa and the dragon rode back to the kingdom , Lisa took the girl to a hospital.

Lisa named the dragon Thunder , Thunder and the princess became best friends for ever.Whenever there was an adventure Lisa and Thunder went together soaring height above in the sky over mountain,valleys,oceans and seas .

The End

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