The Four Lands Of Arravan: Bloodline

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Kaydence Banshaw, a Fae that stands out as a sign of treachery and the War not long passed, avoided by most and cursed by others. From the burnt ashes and resurrected buildings, another battle shall rise, one that strikes Kaydences home and murders the only family he's ever known right before his very eyes. Forced to flee for his life, injured and alone with nothing but his last name as comfort, he must seek out help to survive. Time is of the essence as the dark forces grow under his very nose, can he reach the High Council before the rest of Arravan falls? Or will it be brought to the brink of chaos once again?

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Trinity War.
A war that began between humans and fae.
King Solon alongside his wife Florenta, ruled the four clans of Arravan with honour and Equality, each soul they protected followed them blindly.
The four lands were prosperous, Ignis the fire clan in the North known as the country of Alden, with their abilities to manipulate the flames sparked by the sun, controlled the raging wildfires helping the local mundane farmers and residents.
Alden’s capital known by all as the city of Embers was renowned for its strict laws and regulations but not unfair.
Under the eye of Sorin Ribaya, Leader of the High Council, they lead the country with their heads up high but never turned a blind eye to their people, not even the humans with who they coexisted since the first war over a millennia ago.
With its sky-high, gleaming, glass buildings it never went unrecognised as one of the most wealthy and known amongst the clans, drawing in a lot of travellers from afar.
Terra the earth clan, in the king and queen’s reign, saw more crops and healthier lands in the East than they had seen under any other rule in the past decades, their rolling, luscious fields now green and gold and their trees never had seen so much fruit or life.
Businesses flourished with the aid of their abilities to utilize the very earth beneath their feet resulting in no need for tools or technology the humans were creating as if to become equal with the fae they lived alongside, jealous that they were not chosen by fate to wield such powers.
Trading ships docked and departed almost daily from Nirvariten’s harbours, filling their holdings with corn, vegetables, fruits and the finest cotton and silks only the Terra clan could provide.
With the council, lead by Braylen Ackroyd, looking over the lands from Crestfold, the stronghold with its impenetrable defences and lordly features, the country of Lirren had strong connections with the surrounding clans, each one sharing their knowledge passed down through generations.

To the South of Lirren lay the lands of the Aqua clan, mostly keeping to the sandy shores of the coastline that surrounded the entire lands of Nirvariten with the addition of the small lakes dotted throughout.
Rivers snaked through the entire country connecting each lake and village, cascading down rushing waterfalls and alongside intrepid pathways through dense, green forests and rolling hillsides.
Being so close to the Terra lands these two held a strong alliance, more so than the other two clans, the people of Nirvariten ensured and vowed to the people of Lirren to keep their lands away from the deathly barren grips of the sun, they vowed to protect the lands from droughts that would compromise the growth of the crop and ultimately bring the four clans downfall seeing most of their food and produce come from Lirren.
Salatia was their capital, protected and cared for by High Council leader, Nerina Barika, the small town-like place consisting of buildings both attached and standing alone, all adorned with blue rooves like the waters they could manipulate.
With the power to use the water that resided in all life forces they aimed to improve the lands and with the strong alliances between the clans, each provided assistance to the other, they were strong as one, humans and fae as one, coexisting as one.
The final and highest among the four clans, the Aer clan.
Residing up in the angelic mountains of Himiratia in the West, the people showed the utmost elegance always seen with their heads and wings held high.
They were the most ancient among the four clans, they bore the secrets and wonders of the universe in the palms of their hands, scrawled down on the frail pages of the books they read.
Although coexisting with the human population of the country, they didn’t hold out hope for them, that was no secret among both species.
The Aer clan were wise but arrogant, they stayed isolated in the summits villages or the city of Evangelis itself, their arrogance is what sparked the revolution and the riots, people of both species stopped seeing the city as the pinnacle of the lands and instead, they looked to it as a place to avoid.
The hatred was never towards King Solon or Queen Florenta who had tried talking sense into the High Council of Himiratia and their narrow-minded chief, Vallen Harkhallow, but he and his Council were too blind in their knowledge and obsession of proving right or wrong to make any compromises or to listen to reason.
They saw themselves as the highest among the Clans, some named them the angles of the mountains but others mainly the humans that were made to live beneath them and their magnificence, created the name: The Fallen.

That’s when the Trinity War began.
Riots began with the human population of Himiratia. First, they attacked the surrounding villages using new weapons no one had witnessed before.
The weapons wielded iron forged bullets and being up in the mountains the Aer clan stood a chance and simply barricaded themselves within their palace walls.
Those in the surrounding villages who weren’t offered protection in the fortified walls by Vallen were forced to retreat and flee for their lives to the neighbouring clans.
Although being welcomed with open arms they didn’t forget what their people had done.

The forces of retaliation grew, humans of the other clans that saw sense and enlightenment in the plans to overthrow the fae and so did some of Himiratia’s Fae who were cast out by their own.
Many of the villages that bore no threat, fell under attack seeing as they were easy targets that would cause an uproar and draw attention to their cause.
In doing so, they broke the once existing harmony throughout the four lands.
The Fae fought back using their elements, something that they were prohibited to do by the Elder Book they all worshipped yet had never seen or touched, but it was what gave them purpose and so they never questioned its whereabouts or contents.
No one knows who created the book or when it originated from but it was sacred to every clan, no one could disagree it was part of their beings, not even the Aer Clan.
But with the desperation of the war, they had to, they had no other choice and so in self-defence, they went against everything they deemed sacred.
They used the elements to protect themselves and their futures but in the process broke a binding rule of the elders, the Elementum.
With one member from each high council of the four lands wielding the relics forged in the blazes of Ignis itself by the first fey to occupy it: Ludicium (Trial), Ludex (Judge), Ludices (Jury) and Veredictum (Verdict), they fought treating every victim they cut down as a treacherous life.
The swords were serving their purpose in ridding the battlefield of treason but on the mass scale, it made one think if it was right or if they were close to breaking yet another ancient and binding rule.
The war raged on for months, each time progress was made the opposition would push back, fae and humans slaughtered one another the lands soaked in the blood of both enemies, the skies filled with the ash of homes, bodies and livelihoods.
Cries and screams were constant, mothers and children cowered in fear of losing fathers, husbands and brothers their cries were quiet compared to the war cries and pain-filled howls from the men battling for their lives and the lives of the future generations.
They watched long-time friends and family members fall, watched others collapse to mutilation and watched deaths grip tighten around them and drag them into the depths below.
A year passed and the war slowed, both having wasted their resources.
Food was low and both sides were at the breaking point, yet they carried on, both sides refusing to be the ones to wave the white flag and surrender, to end the suffering.
The city of Evangelis was the only city left standing whole, fortified up in the summits shielded with clouds they stayed, not one council member budged to help or even take in helpless children and mothers, not even Vallen Harkhallow, a man many labelled as heartless after his blind gaze.
They shut out the world and thus the alliance between the four clans was broken, trust was lost and so was their respect for the winged folk.
With those thoughts and resent the war continued. Ignis was the main battle zone, the scent of scorched and burned corpses polluted the very air they breathed desperately into their strained lungs, further poisoning their tired, broken and injured bodies.
The sand-littered, red-tinted grounds their feet walked and ran across became increasingly tainted, the scent of iron in the blood stung their noses and muted their senses.
That was until the eleventh day of the sixteenth month, the fae were falling fast, their bodies pierced with iron weapons.
They fought back, still refusing to back down, but using their elements were exhausting and growing increasingly harder to do with all of the strain on their bodies and minds.
Fire whipped at the human soldiers, singed hair and burned flesh were common to see, it held off the attacks for a while giving some enough time to aim their weapons and push back.
It was disastrous, the entire country scorched, houses burned to the ground along with the only thing they had to look towards, their only signal of hope, the city of Embers fell.
They watched the once bright country of Alden crumble to the ground, watched numerous council members executed along with their families, they watched everything start and end.

A light.
A great light.
Amidst the battle a blinding ethereal light graced the four countries, Alden being the first.
It came from the sky, it was dusk and setting into another black starless night, the battle was still tiresomely going until the skies lit up.
The entire country was doused in pure white heavenly light, with no source to be located.
All weapons evaporated along with the fae’s abilities to control the elements.
The war had ended with a flash of light, everything reset people were placed back into their villages, the ones who had been lost to the war remained gone, their soles just a whisper in the wind to comfort their loved ones, houses remained burned and collapsed and the cities they looked up to for protection and guidance were crumbled and broke.
The war between the fae, humans and the anonymous light may have ended but both species alike were left to pick up their lives and their villages, to rebuild and find their way back to the paths they were following before the Trinity War.
However they could only do so much, lands began to regrow and food was slowly increasing but without their abilities to control the elements, life grew difficult having to adjust their ways of life.
It put a strain on the three remaining allied Clans, trade became slow and without their alliance with the Aer clan winds became soft which proved no help for trading ships to sail.
Veterans of the war resided at Haven’s Gate as well as families who lost too much to go back, they made their home alongside their king.
Humans and fae after the war kept to themselves neither one daring to cross the borders into the territory of the other, it was forbidden amongst the fae to go near the mundanes let alone talk to them or have relationships and yet after everything, there were cases of some fraternising with the enemies even after the accords were signed, a mutual agreement to erect borders splitting the lands.
With a new council and city, all three clans saw new rules enforced by them in order of the king and Queen who had narrowly escaped the war with their own lives, King Solon had joined the battle not allowing his people to fight to the death with no leadership, whereas his wife took control of sheltering mothers and children within their kingdom that lay in the centre of all four countries like a compass.
The king fought with malice and anger- with his trusty blade Justo (Righteous)- wherever he could, mainly taking part in the worst areas as he sent troops to the others across miles of bridges stretching brutally from one country to the next, he was praised for his bravery and determination to stand by his people while facing death and the time creeping up to the birth of his firstborn and yet, he did not surrender or run he stood his ground like the other brave souls with fear in their eyes.
As years passed, times got better as new traditions and new generations lead the lands into prosperity once again, lives somewhat back on track.
But the memories and nightmares were still fresh, it had hit the lands hard and would leave its scars for years to come, but with jobs expanding it allowed the people to apply their thoughts to work stopping their wandering feet from trailing down the dark paths etched into everyone’s minds.
The children were saved from the unspeakable horrors and that’s all the parents could ask for other than the war never happening, but they knew they couldn’t go back, they could only push forwards and make a good life and future for their children.
As for the Aer clan, no one saw much of them.
A few paid visits from the surrounding villages but no council members or rich folk came down from the summits.
Whispers were heard that the city of Evangelis had fallen like the others and that the council members and anyone fortified within had perished from starvation, others said they couldn’t live with what they had done, others merely said they were still in hiding, too afraid of the consequences they’d suffer from king Solon for abandoning their race.
No one knew the true reasoning but their minds were focused on more pressing issues, so for years after, the Aer clan was forgotten merely drifting into the past, a blur merged with the war and the fact they had betrayed their allies.

Ut radices ligare nos
May the roots bind us
Ut sodales coniunger nobis
May the embers unite us
Ut ventos dux nobis
May the winds guide us
Ut fluctus ferre nobis homee
May the waves carry us home.

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