The Four Lands Of Arravan: Bloodline

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Chapter Thirty: Unexpected Alliances

Body after body feel around Kaydence, Acuere sliced effortlessly through bone and flesh.

His hands were splattered and smeared with the blood of men as was the bleeding tip of his blade, plunging his sword into another’s chest he yanked It out before bringing it up and slicing down as he spun his body around slashing across his attacker’s chest.

As the next body dropped the sight of vehicles pulling up to the top of the hill took over his mind and his feet started carrying him hastily towards the King.

“Solon! They’re here the others are here!” he yelled as he hacked down another victim.

“Solon and Halda’s head whipped to the main street then back to Kaydence.

“Regroup I’ll take lead!” he called again before taking off charging at Zack who was walking up the road.

Acuere raised, gripped in both hands, his bare feet padding against the floor no longer with any feeling besides the cool numbness and the silky texture of blood between his toes.

Calmly and composed Zack unbuckled his holster and removed his pistol, cocking it with the all too familiar click he raised it aimed to Kaydences chest, he peered down the barrel checking his aim before his finger pulled back the trigger.

Kaydences approach halted as he checked his adrenaline-fuelled body for a bullet wound.

Looking at Zack he watched the man stare back, no emotion on his features but caught the drop of his gaze accompanied with a thud behind him.

On the floor behind him lay a man clearly dead and unmoving, turning back to thank his saviour he realised he and his group were already setting off into battle but not in favour of the mundanes.

Realising they had new allies in the battle he took off in search of the King, things were taking a turn for the better and they had a chance of getting out of it alive if everything went to plan from here on out.

With ragged breathing, he stumbled continuously over people as well as around them trying to dodge swinging weapons and flinching at the sounds of bullets coming all too close.

Plunging his blade into the spine of an assailant that had a fae pinned down he carried on, trudging through the chaos and trying to keep track of everything around him and keep his guard up.

“My King!” he yelled over the battle cries. “Those with a Raven Mark on their uniforms are allies, not enemies!”

However, the Kings reply was lost in the booming explosion to his left causing him and many others to duck and recoil from the noise.

The cracking and deafening tumble of stone as the side of a building collapsed into the crowd and the rumble of the ground beneath his feet, simultaneously partnered with the screams and cries of fae soldiers that had dropped to their knees.

It seemed the chances were turning against them in the rushing rapids of war, they were losing the ability to swim as the opposition-dominated and dragged them slowly but surely to the depths as they tried desperately to fight back and gain some sort of platform to fight back on.

* * *

“Helena, Everette you’re alright” Zack sighed, relieved to have found them in one peace, he encompassed them in a tight hug feeling their sibling bond reconnect.

“We’re fine but Rowan needs help getting back to the van” Everette informed him breaking from the embrace.

“I can’t believe you made it, I have to say it’s good to see you again Rowan” he said

“It’s a pleasant surprise to see you too” Rowan replied

“Right let’s get moving”

taking Rowan’s arm, his pistol held ready in his other hand he turned to backtrack his steps to the main road.

Rubble on the ground made moving harder not to mention the gushing rain and dark skies that made it hard to see a lot of what was going on, at least clearly.

Scouting the areas he moved his eyes fell on a man a good few meters away who had pulled the pin of what looked like a modified grenade and had his arm raised ready to throw it in their direction.

Without a second thought, Zack pulled the trigger sending a bullet flying straight into his chest bringing him to the floor.

He watched with the air trapped in his throat s the grenade rolled out of the man’s hand straight towards them.

On impulse, he pushed Rowan to the side behind a chunk of stone before leaping onto Everette and Helena providing them shelter with his own body.

The sound of the bomb detonating and the searing pain of shrapnel shredding his shoulder and side that had been mostly exposed in the rubble, blinded him.

All his sense were muffled, his sight disorientated and a high pitch ringing consumed his hearing as he rolled to the side.

He could hear voices around him although not able to make out words or distinguish between the voices he still recognised two of the what seemed like many that were calling out and yelling.

“Who are you?” Everette called out to Kaydence who had glided over to help having seen the man whose name he did not know- take a majority of the blast.

“An ally, he saved my life I’m here to return the favour,” he said, working his arms under Zack’s body before lifting him to his chest much like the way he carried Mayfel that night he fell asleep under the Willow tree and when he was bleeding out in his arms, both very different circumstances.

“Everette, Helena, what happened to Zack?” Aveline yelled running over, keeping a close eye on the winged man holding her lover.

“He covered us from the blast, we need to get him and Rowan back to the van” she said

“What’s your name?” Aveline asked turning to the two men.

“My name’s Kaydence, I mean no harm to any of you, I believe we’re on the same side” he replied

“It seems so” she muttered “Let’s go, things are escalating and they need to be safe when it does”

As a group they manoeuvred through the carnage, Aveline in the lead, Kaydence carrying her injured raven-haired lover, Helena flanking their left and Everette covering their backs.

“Evan clear a way to the vans!” Aveline hollered to a panting brunet who nodded in response prior to calling over a handful of his team who pushed back a few of Horatio’s men, enough to make a clearing.

Making it to the vans Kaydence layed Zack down in the back of one.

“I have to go now, he should be alright the wounds aren’t bleeding all too much and the iron won’t affect him as it affects me” Kaydence said to those who were listening.

“Thank you for helping him” Helena said

“I owed it to him, take care of him” he said

“Ut ventos dux nobis” Aveline said, directing it to Kaydence who gave her a considering look.

“Ut ventos dux nobis” he repeated back to her before taking off into the swarm of battling bodies.

Acuere drew from its sheath and held readily in his hand he swung it, he used moves and positions he’d learned in his and Dalamis’ brief sparring game.

They fixed together with his own preferred strategies and seemed to complete his sequences and Acuere was not holding back.

As the rain increased tenfold, sight became minimised further evidentially evening out the chances of their win although they couldn’t say for sure that they had more of a chance with the weapons he humans possessed.

Water dripping into his eyes from his den hair, drenching his clothes he pursued the goal of taking down his targets, he swung left and right switching the blade between both hands as he spun and dove his wings helping to keep his body balanced as he relentlessly took down body after body.

As the body before him dropped like the others it opened up his view to one of Horatio’s men pinning Halda to the ground attempting to drive a blade into his chest.

Halda was fighting and holding the man and blade an inch above his chest but his grip was slipping, the blade inched closer and closer as he struggled beneath him attempting to gain leverage to roll them over but it was clear to Kaydence that the attacker had the upper hand.

Taking a run-up he jumped onto the crouching back of the enemy and leapt into the air letting his wings unfold, they carried him through the stormy air until he dropped down to stand over Halda and the man.

Grasping the collar and yanking the body up to relieve the weight on the captain of the guard, he drove his blade through the military-like vest of the man until the tip of the blade pierced through the front of his chest.

Discarding the now still body to the side he offered his free hand to Halda ignoring the slight crimson stain of blood.

Unexpectedly the gesture wasn’t appreciated, Halda defiled the kind gesture as he spat on the hand that offered him assistance.

Almost like a show of strength and arrogance he got to his feet b himself and ignored Kaydences existence with not so much as a thank you as he barged past heading for the King.

Wiping off his hand on his drenched trousers he turned to rejoin the battle only to see the impending end as a grenade hurtled towards him, pin removed and active.

Without knowledge of the time he had to run or dodge it he closed his eyes accepting his fate and wrapped his wings tightly around himself waiting for the shrapnel to hit.

He heard the booming of the explosion, felt a warm presence surround him as he was pushed down to the waterlogged, rubble infested floor.

Ears ringing he opened his eyes to hazy vision, he slowly peered down at his chest expecting to see shredded flesh and torn fabric with gushing blood.

Instead, there was a body, dark wings sprawled out limply to the sides, cut up and missing feathers sprouting from a mangled and bloody shirt.

The body moved jerkily off of him to sit amongst the brick and dirt, granting Kaydence the ability to sit up too.

“Dalamis what are you doing here?” he questioned aggressively, his hearing still muffled resulting in him speaking slightly louder than necessary.

“I’m here to help you and everyone else, did you really think I’d just let you wander into battle alone?” he grumbled agonizingly.

“To be honest yes, I never asked for you to come here. You were supposed to take Mayfel back to be healed that was it!”

“And I did he’s with our healers right now, but I had to come I couldn’t just let you take this on alone not when I’ve just found out you’re still alive. I can’t lose you a second time” he explained wholeheartedly.

“I’ll thank you if we survive and if Mayfel does too” he said.

“Fine have it your way now take me to the King I need to speak with him” Dalamis demanded.

“If you haven’t noticed we’re in a battle nota meeting room so you’ll get to him when we can not when you want and besides you’re hurt you should hang back at the vans with the ally group.”

“I may be hurt but I am not dead brother, I still have use in me and I can ignore the pain. As for getting to the King what are we waiting for, we have enemies to kill” he mentioned with a sly grin.

Both on their feet they fought, side by side they battled against the evil, blades swirling and slashing in sync as they manoeuvred around each other with unmatchable precision and timing.

Dalamis took to the skies, gliding low into a small match of unfair sides leaving Kaydence to take down those behind him.

Seeing the King a few bodies down, Dalamis glided over knowing his brother wasn’t too far behind.

“King Solon I come bearing good news” he said.

“You must be a relative of Kaydence I see” the King replied breathlessly.

“How do you-?”

“The eyes you and Kaydence share the same colour” he clarified.

“Oh well I needed to inform you that the Aer Clan will be allying with the crown and therefore ask for forgiveness and a chance to regain its position In the Four Lands” he said

“That’s good to hear however now is not the best time for a meeting on your lands part in the union, maybe after we clear this mess up then I’ll hear you out” he replied

“About that” he said wittingly, resulting in confused looks from the King and Kaydence who had joined them not a moment before.

With a smile he looked to the skies to see silhouettes diving down through the air, stopping barely a second before the ground where they snapped open their wings sending a dozen humans flying.

Kaydence watched in amazement as Horatio’s troops were swiped from the ground and carried beyond the clouds where they were dropped and left to fall, others were cut down where they were standing and any attempt for the grenades to hit the flying fair folk was crushed as they were reflected back by the flap of their wings.

Things were looking up- besides the weather- and the chances were now in their favour.

The real battle was about to start, the battle for the win was in sight and he’d be damned if he let them take it.

“This is our chance men, gather your courage, gather your weapons and fight back! Fight with everything you have left! For the Four Lands of Arravan!” Solon bellowed to his ranks.

The troops all rallied for the King, newfound strength and courage swept through them.

Just as the trio were about to charge into battle to join their troops Kaydence dropped.

His knees hit the ground, chest heaved as a wheezing breath escaped his lungs, the sight of everyone fighting and scrambling for their lives made him feel no emotion.

Collapsing further onto his back the front of his shirt began to pool red, running down with the stream of rain.

Everything happened in slow motion through his eyes, Dalamis dropped his weapon and was at his side tearing apart the little fabric left.

There was no wound detectable to explain the blood flow, his vision began to fade and the last thing he saw was his brother’s worried face and the roaring of the battle’s end.

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