The Willow Society

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“He's a thief.“ Sue-Ann said slamming a file down in front of Izzy and Lou. Myth was busy overseeing the installation of equipment in her new lab. “He's unstable. He has a criminal record and he's only fourteen. Clearly he aims to be some sort of catburglar, although why I can't understand.“ The file had photos of Winston scaling walls, opening windows, exiting darkened buildings; each time wearing all black, his face-uncovered. He was bold if nothing else. The women must have had a private investigator follow him. It might have astounded Lou, this hyper-rich, white kid, from a high society family, who made a hobby of breaking into extremely secure places. But she was a juvenile delinquent herself and it was hard to judge others from that position. Isabel seemed to be thinking something similar because she made eye contact with Lou as Sue-Ann spoke and she nodded decisively.

“A thief is right person to thief-proof your house. Much as a hacker is the right person to block a hacker.“ Isabel said in her stately tone, clearly aiming her words at Sue-Ann. Lou grimaced. Izzy sighed loudly but eventually nodded as well. Sue-Ann looked from face to face, threw her hands up in mock disgust.

“Fine! We'll give him a chance. But it must be made clear to him: his activities must cease.“ Sue-Ann said.

Lou wanted to say something but she didn't, She wanted to tell them it was foolish to expect him to stop on command. It wouldn't have worked had it been her and she had the distinct feeling it wouldn't work on this Winston Fillmore. But it wasn't her place to be so contradictory. Izzy is our leader. There was no need anyway.

“I hardly think that will work.“ Isabel said.

Izzy was crestfallen.

“I have some experience with teenage boys that perhaps you do not, Sue-Ann. We will have more success if we let him know we disapprove and urge him to be cautious. Give him ample reasons to do so. An outright ban will only make him sneakier or outright dismissive. And we need him, frankly.“

Izzy's mouth worked but she said nothing. Sue-Ann growled under breath and shuffled the file back together inside its light brown manila folder. “Fine!“ Sue-Ann said again, harder this time. “Do it your way. Izzy invite the boy over.“

Lou went to tell Myth, knowing the girl would be ecstatic.

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