The Willow Society

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Wow! This is crazy cool. You broads are like the Upper West Side Ladies Auxiliary Mafia!“ Winston Fillmore said. Lou watched Isabel frown, clearly wondering if she had made a mistake in agreeing to allow Winston to be briefed. Myth hovered behind the boy excitedly. Lou saw the crush in her eyes. The dark little girl's infatuation would need to be discussed. Hopefully it had not unduly influenced Myth's judgment.

“I've never seen anyone attack so fast!“ Winston said, as he clacked away at the keyboard, after Isabel had agreed to see what he could do. He seemed happy about it. In fact in the small amount of time Lou had known the boy she hadn't seen him appear unhappy about anything. He's always smiling. Always ready with a joke, or flat out laughing. It was infectious in way, not that Winston elicited smiles or laughs regularly from Lou, but she saw his affect upon others. Just watching him smile so much made her mouth hurt. She might have found him annoying if he wasn't also so obviously brilliant.

Despite his jocular tone and vague smile he was focused on what he was trying to do; steadily working away at a window full of text, programming code no doubt, and glancing back and forth between multiple displays, one of which was mirrored to one of the huge television screens.

“Got it!“ Winston said. Myth flat out cheered. Izzy glanced all around, finally satisfied. Sue-Ann and Isabel made eye contact, about all the tacit approval the women would give beyond their words. The two women left the HQ.

“Very good, Winston.“ Izzy said. “You're in, if you still desire to be.“

Winston beamed. “Right-o! This is nearly as fun as a good B and E!“ Izzy's face fell considerably at that.

“That was amazing, Winnie!“ Myth said going in for a hug with the boy. He pulled away, forcefully. His expression changed, it was shocking to Lou. Lou knew how to gauge someone's rage, and Winston for all his affability was dangerous. He should understand how lucky he is to be wanted. Anyone who could shift so fast, so far must be dangerous. But his face fell back to his usual smiling self and the moment passed. “I hate that nickname, Myth.“ Winston said, nudging the dark girl, her hurt vanished.

“But it's cute!“ Myth said. Izzy shook her head, and rolled her eyes. Apparently she had finally clued into Myth's crush. Maybe she always knew and just now showed. Izzy is cleverer than I give her credit for being. Lou had to admit it was something of a cute nickname for such a sunny kid, though not at all for the angry version of Winston who had come out when that nickname did.

Winston didn't reply to Myth's comment, he just turned back to the screen and went back to work. He blocked attack after attack, seemed as-good as Myth said he would be. Hopefully it was enough. The Willow Society had grown on Lou, she valued these people as friends, as the closest thing to family she had ever known. The attacks raised the thought of losing that, of someone trying to take it from her, which in turn made her fists ball up uncontrollably.

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