The Willow Society

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Izzy's face was unreadable. Winston chortled.

Myth had chimed in with something else. “I get to go, right?“

Izzy's face did change then, she frowned. Taylor was sure the pretty girl had already decided who was going and who wasn't and that Myth was out.

“It has to be couples, Myth, and I have to go, and we need Lou there, in case...“ Izzy began, but Myth cut her off.

“In case of what? Yeah Lou is a kick-ass fighter, but she can't fight inside Gracie Mansion! She'll end up in jail, if not dead! I mean...”

Myth is right, there certainly won't be any fighting. Izzy had to have known that. She must have another reason for wanting Lou along. Izzy had drawn herself up on the sofa, she sat iron-straight, her nose tilted up. “It's going to be Lou, Myth. I'm sorry.“

Myth sighed. “Well, I...“ But whatever she was going to say she swallowed and thought better of it, instead she flounced backwards on the sofa, a petulant look on her face. “Fine. Whatever.“

“So, Taylor, Winston, you guys will need tuxes, it's probably going to be a formal. Lou and I will get dresses this weekend.“

Izzy, plainly ignored Myth's sulking.

“But I will need you to do something, Myth. I'll tell you while we go clean out your lab.“ Izzy said. She and Myth rambled off towards the lab behind the HQ, Myth obviously working hard to suppress her disappointment and annoyance. Lou said goodbye, stiffly, and was gone shortly after.

“What was that about? Since when does Myth care about parties? I don't think she's ever talked about wanting to go to a party, much less one for Philomena and Phaedra. She hates those girls.“ Winston said. “Its not like we're going to be do anything that exciting, I mean, it's Izzy. She'll just want us to watch, have one dance and leave. Not exciting at all. She's the least fun person I've ever known aside from Sue-Ann.“

Taylor knew what Myth had wanted likely had little to do with Philomena or Phaedra, or security guards or even any of what the now-defunct Society was currently mixed up in. What Myth likely wanted, what she had probably been imagining from the off: was herself in a pretty dress, dancing with a tuxedo wearing Winston in a lavishly decorated ballroom, the two of them sharing a long overdue magical moment.

Of course, Taylor imagined something similar between himself and Izzy. He couldn't help but feel sorry for Myth, sorry because he knew Winston would never return her affections and sorry she couldn't see that and move on. Why can't she see it? Winston had even told her so. Taylor pictured Izzy again, in his mind they were already on the dance floor, twirling around, pressed in close together, his cheek next to hers, the sound of a slow, bass heavy love song playing. Izzy's voice saying his name snapped his reverie.

“Taylor.“ Izzy said. She had come back from Myth's lab. Winston was trying hard not to laugh.

“Um. Yeah?“ Taylor said. “What?“

“You don't have a cell, right?“ Izzy asked.

"Yeah. I mean. No. I don't.“ Taylor stammered.

“OK. Well, Myth has one for you back in the lab. I'm gonna go start making arrangements. Go talk with her and make sure all of you guys are out by 9, we don't want Sue-Ann and Isabel snooping.“

Taylor nodded at her and waved Winston off before heading to Myth's lab.

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