The Willow Society

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Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Nothing eventful happened between then and Saturday.

Winston stopped by around eleven in the morning Saturday. Came upstairs to get Taylor, much to June Zachary's obvious pleasure. She tried to hustle the grinning, handsome boy inside, but Winston delicately played her off, saying a car waited downstairs to take Taylor and himself to the Hamptons. They had worked out the story between them, as a way to get Taylor free from his parents for the weekend. Winston had convinced one of his household staff to call June, pretending to be Winston's father. She nodded and brushed hair out of her face, smoothed her dress out.

“Alright then.“ June said, “You boys be careful now, no foolishness!“ She waved goodbye, William behind her grumbling and angry about not being allowed to go.

At Chatham they were greeted by a cheerful Mrs. Jones, who wore a turban and a voluminous, robe-like dress. “It's a caftan, dearies.“ She said when Winston asked. “Pretty don't you think, boys?“ She spun around in a surprisingly graceful circle, cackling in what Taylor assumed was supposed to be a giggle.

Taylor laughed and Winston shook his head.

“Everyone is here with you!“ Mrs. Jones said, waving them on.

Inside, the HQ was bustling as Myth scuttled around turning on computers. No sign of her anger from two days before was evident. She beamed just as much at Winston as she did at Taylor, handed each of them a Boost Mobile phone. The phone was smaller than Taylor's, a little flip-phone, rather than an iPhone, but weighed about the same.

“The number is on a label on the back.“ Myth said.

A few seconds later Izzy came in from the direction of Myth's lab. Lou came shortly after from the same door Izzy had used.

“Myth, can you pull up the layout?“ Izzy asked.

Myth didn't respond, but seconds later one of the huge television screens fizzled to life and a large architectural diagram flashed across it.

Winston snickered. “Gracie Mansion.“ he mumbled.

Taylor looked over the diagram, and was surprised at how large the place was, he stopped counting rooms after thirty.

“I see you know the layout already?“ Izzy asked Winston. “Good.“

“So, what's the plan?“ Taylor asked.

“You and I are going to stay together.“ Izzy said. Taylor blushed furiously, feeling suddenly, completely happy. “Lou and Winston you two will stay together. One pair should always stay in eye-contact of the security guard. We need to learn his name and what his function is within the Mayor's Office. It will help to know if TwinStar is involved, but I don't see how we can do that. Lou and I will keep our phones in our purses. Winston, you and Taylor will need to keep yours outside. Phones aren't allowed in.“

“Then how can you two have yours?“ Taylor asked. Myth grunted.

“Myth shielded our purses somehow from X-rays. They won't be searching inside our purses, most likely.“

Taylor wanted to let Myth know how impressed he was, he had no idea she could something so cool, like shield a purse from x-rays. What else don't know about Myth, about the others, even Winston?

They spent a few hours going over the event, rehashing information, trying to make sure everyone knew what to do in case something bad happened. Izzy wanted everyone to know the basic layout of the mansion, how to get out quickly, if necessary. Eventually she was satisfied. Myth said next to nothing the whole time.

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