The Willow Society

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Chapter 55

Chapter 55

So they planned.

“What are we going to do?“ Winston asked. Silence.

“They're expecting me to go to the TransClarion Building on Sunday at 3PM.“ Taylor said. “I think that's when and where we have to move.“

Winston blinked at him. “Move? How? They'll have guards, guns, security apparatus. What do we have?“ Winston became business-like now there was a building in which to break and enter. “I need the building's plans...“ Winston mumbled. “The data! “ He turned his attention to a computer, typing furiously.

“OK, then.“ Lou said, rolling her eyes. “Now. What're we going to do?“

Myth's face pulled the same transformation as Winston's, she squeaked and ran off towards her lab. Helen also moved off and was gone. Tate stood up and hovered behind Winston. Lou was looking, not at Izzy, but at Taylor. Wanting an answer, maybe.

A plan had formed in his mind. It was risky, and all but impossible to imagine pulling off, but he had to try. There was no other choice. As the planned formed it took on realness, seemed less mad, less daunting. In fact, it almost seemed it might be exciting. Fun. He didn't realize he was giggling softly.

“What.?“ she said, "What's funny?“

Taylor's giggle wavered and he shrugged. “Nothing. So here's what I think we should do.“ He laid his plans out. It didn't take long.

Izzy sat back after he finished. “It'll never work.“ But she didn't say they wouldn't try. She looked thoughtful.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?“ Lou said.

Taylor considered her question. Was this really what he wanted to do? It seemed clear-cut: save my brother, stop the bad guys, help everyone. But Taylor wasn't a baby. It was never going to be that easy. And even if he pulled it off, even if he got William back; it was likely one of the Society members was going to be hurt in the doing. Can I risk it?


“Taylor?“ Izzy said”We lost you for a second. I think this can really work.“

Taylor's blood raced. “It will. It must“ he said with a smile.

“Found it!” Winston said, triumphantly. “I knew I saw these!”

He had found a set of architectural plans amid the data from the Mayor's Office, for an the entire TransClarion Building – dated only two years prior. “They just renovated this place, I remember seeing all the construction.” After they plotted out the building's layout and interior, located the exits and entrances they discussed methods of breaking past both. What they would need and what they were likely to face. Tate surprised everyone but Taylor with the breadth of his suggestions.

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