Casino of life and death

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Wren was always different. She never liked to be controlled an never wanted to be stuck in her city forever. She is finally sent away, but not in the way anyone ever expected...

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1: Introduction

As I trudged along the blackened road of gun street, I looked at the half burnt map.

It said to turn left at the statue.

I looked up and in front of me was indeed a statue. Or what was left of it.

People had burnt the metal and scribbled cuss words on it.

I laughed.

This was a town of mayhem. A town of disaster. A town of freedom.

I cocked my head to one side as I heard a sound.

Loud music was making its way towards me.

I picked up my tattered bag and slung it over my shoulder.

Walking towards the music I started to notice signs.

They were all pointing in one direction.

Finally I reached my destination.

The building in front if me was huge.

It would be of course to be able to accommodate all the men who had betted on their lives, and lost.

It was my turn.

My turn to take my place among those who had won the battle but lost the war.

My time to take matters into my own hands.

Life or death.

Let the Casino decide...

This is my first story and I know this was super short but I want to know what everyone thinks!
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