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Mara and the travellers

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Mara and the travellers

Once upon a time, some Travellers was traveling with a boat including a young girl
Named "mara".
They started thier journey it was a crazy experience they ate and drink and threw empty bottles in the sea after drinking, the meanwhile the sea is full of Wonders and amazing creatures said Mara.
So Mary decided eat her lunch while Mara was eating her lunch a man approched ad grab the food rudely from her hands.
Then Mara ask why did you take my food away for me the man ignored and went his way. Mara had enough of this and gave him the hit of his life and they started fighting,so while they were fighting they heard something under thier boat,not knowing it was a shark. they tried to escape but it was impossible for them to escape because the sharks were closer. So as quickly as mara saw the shark she was frightened ad afriad suddenly,a miracle happend ,the rest of the Passengers saw a dead shark flying out of the water.
They were shouting thinking that matter and the man must have been eaten bno.the shark .mara and the rude man don't know what happened,they got out of the water as fast as they could....... But they were still in shock.
Here comes the Savior a beautiful young mermaid called Angela. she asked the captain of the boat if he knows where he is going the captain said yes instead of no.then the marmaid told him to turn back but he refused ad went his way. So he went to the wrong direction and they saw something strange,then suddenly a light came up they were relife that they have reached thier destination.
But not knowing wat is coming to them .but it was too late to regret cause a big giant monster was in front of them. Then he held mara , all of a sudden a squad of marmaids came and fought the monster And killed It.
So the marmaids told them always listen to someone dont do what u want and now you see what coursed your stubborness

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